Saturday, November 3, 2018

The Dems Are In Denial, And It's About To Get Much Worse

Friends, it's no secret by now that the Democrats will do anything to avoid the awful truth that they straight-up lost the 2016 election.  Oh no, they say -- we were cheated.  In fact, the whole Trump presidency is an illusion, a mistake, a passing fancy, a criminal conspiracy which will soon unravel. In short, Democrats are in denial, and once they lose on November 6th their condition will dramatically intensify. Read all about it in Part Two of my "Stages of Grief" analysis:


  1. Dr. Waddy: I think your presentation of possibilities for leftist mayhem should they be thwarted in their cherished blue wave dream (as they almost certainly will be in the Senate)is well argued. Though I know your exposition uses the Stages of Grief model plausibly, lets further consider what form leftist irrationality may take if they prevail (or if they think they have or if they determine to act as if they have).

    The celebrated commentator Rob Reiner once opined that the leftist view was "of course the way everyone should think" and that is an accurate statement of the left's mindset and an accurate prediction of what they would ENFORCE should they acquire the raw power to do so. Accordingly, when in power, inspired by their perception of things having returned to normal and mindful, by their frequent but "undeserved" rebuffs by the detestable opposition, they hasten to build upon their triumphs with a terrible resolve. Should Andrew Cuomo be reelected Governor of NY and inherit the rubber stamp legislature he has always sought, both real possibilities, an example will be set for this manner of presumptuous onslaught on the real America. He'll never be President but his crusade to turn NY into a radical leftist island will be exemplary for those whose electoral chances are enhanced by apparent lack of his aristocratic smugness.

  2. Jack, I both agree and disagree. Yes, NY is a laboratory of leftist lunacy (like the alliteration?), but Cuomo is also massively constrained by the fact that the federal government, especially the courts, are watching over him. He might LIKE to line up all NRA members against a wall and have them shot (delicious irony though that would be), but he can't do it. He might LIKE to deport all pro-lifers, but he can't do it. If the Dems were ever to gain a national monopoly on political power, though, there would literally be no limit to what they could do to dissenters, and they could define "dissent" as broadly as they pleased (much like "white nationalism"). This is why we absolutely, positively can never yield the field again in national terms. Democracy itself is on the chopping block, but of course you already know this.

  3. Dr. Waddy: Good point about the courts reminding Cuomo that we do have a Constitution and that even he is beholden to it. My perception of him is that he has decided to test his limits. To him: if he wins, good: if he is stopped, then he will yet have broken ground for future enactments to his liking. I've thought he had given up on running for President but someone who knows him well assured me he is yet hopeful. Building an image as a relentless leftist bigot is probably not going to help him in that Quixotic quest but any notion that he is at all palateable to the real America is equally wrongheaded. His father fell and so will he at some point; he will have done very much damage before it though I fear, for us. If the great political and geographical core of our nation can be convinced by him that he is a model for leftists in power and a fair prediction of how it would be if we fail to confront them at every turn, then he will have inadvertently done us good. As you attest: they are fundamentally totalitarian in promise and would be in practice, ideologically, "legally" and physically should we ever foolishly accomodate them. I like the alliteration, especially when it links words organically connected.

  4. Jack, I share your hilarity vis-a-vis the idea of a "President Cuomo," but one thing gives me pause: it's such a band of misfits that appears to be contemplating running in 2020, and the general quality of Dem prospects is so low, that one could almost imagine Emperor Andy as the last man standing... Or am I totally off base?