Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Is Merkel's EU Army Coming for...YOU???

Friends, don't miss my latest interview with Brian O'Neil on WLEA's Newsmaker Show.  This week we dissect the midterm results, including the Florida recounts and the Sinema victory in Arizona, we talk about the 100th anniversary of the Armistice that ended World War I, and we discuss the potshots that European leaders have been taking at President Trump.  I also assess Angela Merkel's absurd claim that the EU needs a "true" army of its own.  If you ask me, the EU would be better off sticking to its core competency of promoting free trade.  The more it gets into foreign policy and military affairs -- and the more it asks right-thinking Europeans to give up control of their borders -- the less likely it is to survive in the decades ahead.  My prediction: Britain will be the first country to leave the EU, yes, but it won't be the last.  And an EU Army?  A pipe-dream!  Nothing more.


  1. Dr. Waddy: Re: your broadcasts: I recall when Senate votes on legislation required a majority; now its routinely a supermajority in order to counter routine filibuster. Similarly, I think election recounts are becoming established by the Dems as an integral part of their effort to bypass the democratic process which so often insolently denies them the dominance to which they "feel" morally entitled. Your comment that Dems often receive a boost from final vote counts merits serious consideration that this reflects purpose on the part of the fundamentally undemocratic "Democrat" party and its totalitarian leftist core. Incompetence in Broward County is obvious from past and present performance but it could be a mask for actual tampering.

    I saw four possibilities for new Dem idols - O'Rourke, Gillum,
    the Dem gubernatorial candidate in GA and Sinema. Three of them have probably gone down but Sinema emerges as a prospective neoObama.

    I laud President Trump for frankly stating the truth - France was twice unable to contain German onslaughts and America, at the cost of many ever dead and denied the joy of post war, Americans, delivered them. Our President has no compunctions about defending the nationalism of a country which has done so very much to advance the good of the world against monstrous evil.

    Petty, ungrateful and wrongheaded European integrationists such as Macron and Merkel discredit themselves with their haughty responses to our unbearably frank and unpolitical President. We saved France and we refrained from turning Germany into a farm field and he is right to defend us against their calumny.

    When I consider MSM criticism of President Trump for any aspect of his Nov.11 commemoration I am reminded of the shameful and presumptuous presence of draft dodging, military loathing, baby boomer unimpeded voluptuary and ingrate William Clinton at the 50th anniversary remembrances of the never to be forgotten struggles of our WWII vets. They were too patriotic and courteous to protest the presence of the "President" but I cannot but think they mourned. As a Boomer I'll always regret that outrage to them. MSM, you who went to the wall for Slick Willy, my co-generationist, chew on that ! You have no moral authority to attack President Trump - none!

    Its reasonable to think that successful corporate and business leaders like Donald Trump are possessed of formidable management skills which have heretofore been lacking in the Executive Branch. Its right of you to point out the biased scrutiny the President receives for his cabinet choices and changes from the MSM but I think that competence may be the salient factor.

    Merkel: My, my, such an intemperate and, frankly, disingenuous reaction to President Trump's verifiable statement of America's mortally earned credit for France's salvation, especially from a German. Re: your proposal for an EU Army. For what? Defense against an improbable Russian onslaught. Ehhh, NATO? What else then? Actually, you have lent justification to those, notably in self reliant Britain, who saw in the EU the probability of incremental totalitarian bureaucracy. The ultimate forceful bureaucracy is an army. Can you imagine the Brits tolerating a force possibly commanded by a German General, on British soil? Dream on!

    I support your high regard for Nigel Farage. He has delivered his noble country from incipient leftist control. And I'm glad you pointed out that popular support throughout Europe for the EU has decreased. They perceive eventual dictatorship and they are right.

  2. A sagacious analysis, as always, Jack!

    I respectfully disagree, though, about "saving" France. Sure, on a certain level it's true, but the question is...should an American President go to France and remind the French that we "saved" them (twice)? I think not. It's clearly something the President said in a fit of pique, and to me the real problem is that FRANCE never insulted the President or America in the first place. The French President did. To Trump I say, therefore, save your barbs for Macron and for Merkel. They are the "enemy", not the people of France and Germany. I love Trump, but there's a time and a place for tactfulness.

    Yes, I remember Slick Willy at the 50th anniversary celebrations of D-Day, and presumably V-E Day too. It was bad enough that a draft-dodging peacenik won the presidency in the first place. Not America's finest hour!

    I'm not prone to conspiracy theories in the least, but I do think the pattern of vote-counting is suspicious. If you were paying close attention, as I was, you would have noticed that many of the close House races that have been called for Democrats in the last few days were, on election day, showing a lead for the Republican. Once again, the last votes to be counted put the Democrat over the top. Either there is fraud going on, or, as I suggested, Democratic election officials are measurably less competent than their Republican counterparts. There is an irony in that, of course: logistical problems in the conduct of an election are often cited by Democrats as proof that their precious voters face insuperable "obstacles," and thus have been suppressed. Many of those logistical problems, in turn, are caused by clueless Democratic election officials. The Democrats are thus in a position to manufacture a pretext for their own skepticism about the integrity of U.S. elections.

  3. Dr. Waddy: Your differentiation of France and its President is well taken and your comments based on that better reasoned than mine.

    Dems purport to think that production of an ID to vote is both logistically too demanding ( obviously designed for suppression) and morally bereft. So their protestations of logistical problems are not creditable or credible. They are, I think, committed to dominance using any method which works, even temporarily. We can be sure, should they obtain complete power, that very definite rules will be prosecuted with vigor and fell purpose, in sought control of all aspects of American public and private life.

    Your suggestion that the suspicious trend of convenient Democrat resurgence in some doubtful House races is indicative of incompetent electoral administration, is plausible. That Broward Co. Fla. Elections Commissioner stands exemplary of this possibility.

  4. You're very kind, Jack. Yes, incompetence COULD explain some of the vote-counting patterns we see, but I wouldn't rule out other explanations. We need an aggressive investigation into the facts. And I wholeheartedly agree about Voter ID. So many countries have it already. Are all of them racist? Nonsense! And I have yet to meet a liberal who can answer the elementary question: if it's "racist" to ask a black person for ID before they vote, isn't it equally racist to ask them for a driver's license before they can drive? The truth, of course, is that it's ACTUALLY racist to assume that black people are incapable of proving their identity, or filling out a form correctly, or standing in line... I could go on.