Sunday, March 6, 2022

What To Do About NATO?


Friends, there isn't much in the Russia-Ukraine war to take heart about, but here is an optimistic sign: the Ukrainians now appear to be open to exploring a "non-NATO" future for their country.  In other words, they correctly perceive that Russian aggression might have been avoided simply by taking Ukraine's potential membership in NATO off the table -- and now, with Ukraine ravaged by Russian forces, it might still be able to reestablish its sovereignty and territorial integrity (kinda) by forswearing NATO membership in perpetuity.  I suspect NATO would be thrilled!  Anything that both sides could claim as a "win" would be welcome at this stage.  Might cooler heads prevail?  I hope so.


Trump, meanwhile, has renewed his criticism of NATO.  He calls it a "paper tiger".  Well, it may be, and it may not be.  Technically, NATO, as a defensive alliance, has no role in the Russia-Ukraine war.  That conflict simply doesn't involve a NATO member.  On the other hand, if Putin made a move on Estonia, or Poland, or Romania, he would be challenging NATO directly.  Trump is suggesting that NATO is ill-prepared to respond, and might not have the will to do so.  There's only one way to find out, in the final analysis...  Also present in this article is some frank discussion about the rift between Trump and Pence.  Apparently Pence is beginning to think of himself as a rival to Trump for the 2024 nomination.  Good luck with that, Mikey! 

Here's another article about how, by freezing Russia's foreign currency reserves, we may have inadvertently signed the death warrant of the Western-backed global financial system.  Among other things, if other countries flee the dollar as a reserve of value, this could worsen our problems with inflation.  Just what we need!


Elon Musk, who shows a growing inclination to buck the establishment view, is advocating for an increase in U.S. oil and gas production -- and this is from a guy who makes a living hawking electric cars!  If Musk can see that the Democrats' anti-energy policies are misplaced, you better believe a lot of swing voters are thinking along the same lines. 

Finally, Secretary of State Antony Blinken says he's okay with Poland sending Ukraine fighter jets -- and, if they do, we'll make up the difference by sending Poland more jets in turn.  Personally, I would tread carefully.  Don't give Russia an excuse to intercept these jets en route, or, worse, attack them on the ground in Poland.  Then NATO would truly be on the hot seat!


  1. Too late to get out of NATO now. Our current regime in the holy city of Washington, D.C. have revived the Cold War, and made it almost impossible to have good relations with Russia again for a very long time, even if Trump becomes president again.

    On the "positive" side for our ruling elites here at home, the military technical complex will provide that political cartel with never ending big bucks through contracting profits with NATO. Conflict with never ending (created) enemies makes some people rich. That's were the money is. War Pays! Conflict Pays?

    Sound gloomy? Sound grim? That's because it is. Welcome to reality.

  2. Putin has done our political elites (here in the U.S. and elsewhere) a huge favor by helping the former to revive NATO and The New Cold War. Huge profits to be made for the "golden" boys and girls everywhere.

  3. You're not wrong, Ray, but I wonder how massive and sustained the increase in defense spending will be... The Biden Administration had planned a decrease in defense spending, in real terms. Will they throw money now at the Pentagon willy-nilly? I dunno. Plus, arguably, there's no need to spend billions on armaments when you know in your heart that you haven't the gumption to fire a shot!

    1. Nick,

      Not my point. What President Eisenhower called, and warned about "the military - industrial complex", has been big business for some time now (you can go back to WW 2 on that).

      A beefed up and revived NATO (considerably reduced since the end of the old Cold War), means more U.S. forces in Europe and elsewhere to counter the threat, real or imagined.

      Contracting makes huge bucks for The a lot of people. Take a look at the connections of our current Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State in that area and you will see what I am talking about.

      War pays, even if we are not directly involved in a conflict. To expand, build and supply new bases means CONTRACTING, and that is the fat hen that lays many golden eggs, and for long periods of time.

  4. Oh, sure, Ray. I get the idea. I know you're right, but I'm just not sure how big the new wave of defense spending will be. In Germany, apparently, it's going to be HUGE! Here, the verdict is out. For instance, ARE we going to boost our force numbers in Europe...or just shuffle a few battalions around to make it look like we care about Ukraine?