Thursday, March 24, 2022

Strange Bedfellows?


Friends, the Russia-Ukraine conflict is producing very intriguing ripple effects, some of them a lot less salubrious for the West than the patina of "unity" we've forged in response to Russian aggression.  For one thing, Western measures to freeze Russia's sovereign assets, and to impose "crippling" sanctions with which much of the world disagrees, are fostering creative efforts to evade the sanctions regime.  We all know that China is suspected of helping Russia behind the scenes, but as you'll see in this article India is doing so openly -- and the West is taking no action against the Indians whatsoever.  One has to wonder whether, in addition to permanently damaging Western finanicial dominance, another legacy of the current conflict will be the blossoming of a tripartite alliance between Russia, China, and India.  Probably not, but all three powers do have one thing in common: they're sick and tired of the West and the U.S. dollar ruling the roost.  Moreover, increasingly they have the power to take effective actions to knock us off our collective perch...  You've been warned.


Putin is doing his part, not surprisingly, by insisting that Western countries buying Russian oil and natural gas pay in rubles rather than dollars.  It's not clear how serious Putin is about this demand, but if it comes to pass it would be another nail in the coffin of the petrodollar, for sure. 

Speaking of the Western elites' current and longstanding dominance over world finances, you may have heard that there are efforts underway to turn the U.S. dollar into a digital currency, under the complete control, naturally, and constant supervision, of the U.S. government.  In my view, the digitization of the dollar is already well-advanced -- I mean, consider how many of your own "dollars" even exist in physical form -- but a truly and exclusively digital dollar would be an important step, and one which would ease the path of those who wish to use economic pressure as a weapon against those who dare to disagree with them.  Republicans, when they take control of Congress in January, should keep a close eye on this issue.


Finally, NATO countries are meeting in Brussels, and Generalissimo Biden will be the guest of honor.  What will they agree on?  More weapons for Ukraine, no doubt, and a few paltry "battle groups" for Eastern European NATO members, but on the all-important question of whether Europe continues to buy Russian energy we shouldn't expect much.


  1. "Republicans when they take control of Congress in January." Really? You are optimistic aren't you?

    This is not a "done deal" by any stretch of the imagination. Elections are seven (7) months off, and I firmly believe that the Left will tamper with them, once again. My guess, is another pandemic or strain of the one we already have, followed by mask mandates and lockdowns, once again. This means more mail in voting and so on.

    If that doesn't work, another crisis will be created somewhere. For the time being it is The Ukraine, but it's a big globe, so anywhere else is possible.

    In any event, you can count on any one of a number of buckets of shit to hit the fan in the next few months.

    Also keep in mind that the RePOOPlicans will not necessarily do anything to change the direction of the country in a sane way, any more than the DemoCRAZIES have failed to do it.

    Sorry to burst bubbles on this, but I no longer trust either side. Lots of RINOs out there. We have reached a FUBAR state.

  2. Nick,

    I have always liked the title of Generalissimo. With that said, I think some kind of impressive military type uniform should be designed for Biden in his role as head of our armed forces. I'm counting on you to design that uniform. It would certainly be a first for our presidents, but it is high time for this, and with things getting hotter and hotter on THE EASTERN FRONT. Let's get cracking on this project Nick.

  3. Ray, I agree that the Dems will try their shenanigans again in the Fall, but I don't believe they will be enough to stifle a Red Wave. I sincerely believe we will win big in November and would be shocked if we don't. I'll bet you a Coke...

    Now, whether it means much, in the final analysis, which party wields the Speaker's gavel, say, is another question.

    True: the Eastern Front is once again looking decisive, isn't it? Generalissimo Biden deserves a suitable outfit, to be sure, but one which reflects the fact that his only weapons are his wits, since he's unwilling to fire a shot in anger against anyone. Maybe a monkey suit?

  4. Dr. Waddy : I would, though, love to see a vital bond of mutually beneficial economic intercourse between China and India; as teeming nations emerging from destitution such could be a joyous development for their peoples! Russia could be included because it has proximity and natural resources both countries need. A Eurasian "commonwealth" might establish peaceful bonds all involved nations would be loath to sacrifice to war. I've read that both China and India have increased their naval power to guard in part against each other. How terrible that would be for them to clash! In Robert D. Kaplan's The Revenge of Geography and The Return of Marco Polo's World one can find much well informed and plausible suggestion of future positive relationships in greater Asia. How the world might benefit and we need not fear such competition. Is not economic competition a proven and treasured maxim for us?

  5. Jack, as you know there are strong historical reasons why China, India, and Russia should be at each other's throats. And yet...former enemies sometimes become fast friends. Is suspicion of the West enough of a unifying theme to solidify such an alliance? I dunno. Maybe the joys of capitalism and steady growth will do the trick. It's hard to imagine what any of these countries would have to gain by fighting each other. Having said that, if we were smart in the West, I believe we'd be working feverishly to drive a wedge between Russia and China, in particular. Sadly, there's no danger that we'll wise up anytime soon.