Thursday, March 17, 2022

The Snowiest Snow Job of All Time


Friends, there are so, so many ways to steal an election.  Stuffing the ballot box, or hacking voting machines, isn't necessary, in point of fact.  Instead, you could simply...suppress all mention of a bombshell news story -- one based on truthful, accurate reporting -- in the weeks leading up to the election.  You could pretend the story is "Russian disinformation", and you could conspire with other establishment actors to ensure that most Americans remained completely ignorant of the underlying facts.  You could do all this, and our media, our intelligence community, and our political elite did so in 2020.  I speak, of course, of the Hunter Biden laptop saga.  


Get used to that favorite new catchphrase of the powers-that-be -- DISINFORMATION -- because, given their success in deploying it during the 2020 election and in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we can expect that pretty much all information prejudicial to the interests of our overlords will henceforth be impugned as "mis/disinformation", and in many cases it will be censored accordingly.  And when, as it often the case, the elite has to backtrack and admit that they misled us from the start, expect those stories to be buried in the small print.  After all, when Trump "misinforms" us, i.e. tells uncomfortable truths, or, more rarely, makes innocent mistakes, it's a dire emergency for "democracy", but when the New York Times or CNN lie through their teeth, well, it's a minor blip that, if it served to discredit the baddies, i.e. you and me, was a blessing-in-disguise.  And all is forgiven!  


Hey, no one ever said that life was fair...


  1. Americans are mostly pawns of "propaganda pimps" supposedly representing opposing points of view and ideologies. What they really get is various media elite types commanding astronomical salaries who give them entertainment. Tune in to Fox, CNN or any other media outlet, and you get different brands of b.s. delivered by the same breed of cat. Think about it. Most of what is talked about is based on their egotistical opinions, with so called facts thrown in. All of them (regardless of station) probably sit around and slurp their drinks in the same luxury complexes.

  2. That's true, Rsy, and it's increasingly true of Fox! Fox generally pushes the GOP, yes, but the GOP that Fox wants you to vote for is a poll-tested, focus-grouped, ever-so-slightly-right-of-center band of milquetoast RINOs who, if placed in positions of power, will accomplish little or nothing, except maybe slowing down, very incrementally, our subordination to neo-Marxism. The way most of the media has fallen in line with the Zelensky-is-the-Second-Coming fable has opened my eyes, I can tell you. Let's remember: there are dozens of conflicts unfolding all over the world, right now, and none of them elicit the slightest interest in the halls of power, except this one. Why Ukraine? Why now? Get a clue, people!!!