Saturday, March 12, 2022

Biden Immortalized



Friends, Dear Leader Joe Biden reached a level of infamy this week that few of us could ever dream of: a prehistoric proto-octopus/sea monster was named after our 46th President.  It's the Syllipsimopodi Bideni, and suffice it to say you wouldn't want to meet it in a dark alley -- much like Biden himself.  What's so funny about this turn of events is that the eggheads who named the Biden monstrosity thought doing so would be a neat-o way to honor Biden as a champion of climate change mitigation.  Ha!  This is what happens when your closest relationship is with a petri dish, apparently...


In Ukraine news, the Russian invasion presses on, and signs are appearing that the Russian Army intends to besiege the capital of Kiev rather than storming it.  One would hope that the (eventual) fall of Kiev would signal that the war is winding down, and the time has come for the Zelensky government to capitulate in some form.  Then again, there are forces in the West that would probably like this conflict to drag on for years, regardless of how many Ukrainians fall in battle and how prostrate their country is by the end of it.  Let's hope that won't come to pass. 

Sleepy Joe is "sick of" being blamed for inflation, when everyone knows that it's old Putin's fault!  Ha!  Yeah, good luck with that argument.  Our inflation problem predates Putin's move into Ukraine by a year or more, and frankly you, Joe, bear responsibility for precipitating the current conflict in Ukraine too!  I mean, isn't it your job to maintain world peace and prosperity?  Heaven knows that if the same adverse events had occurred under Trump's watch you and your Dem allies would have wasted no time in declaring that "the buck stops" with Trump.  Well, now it's your turn to feel the heat.  Enjoy!  As Tucker opines, inflation is, and should be, Biden's cross to bear. 

Finally, Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis is taking a lot of heat from Disney and from leftists.  Republicans passed a bill in Florida to prevent teachers from introducing the topics of homosexuality and "gender identity" in kindergarten classes through the third grade.  And lefties, naturally, view this as a gross violation of human rights!  I mean, what's to become of us if we can't indoctrinate small children in woke ideology re: gender and sexuality???  What's the alternative?  Let parents choose how to address these topics?  That's a non-starter!  In all seriousness, I applaud DeSantis's direct broadsides against Disney, and Disney's shameful capitulation to the LGBTQ+ lobby is yet one more reason for parents to avoid Disney products.  Take note that the Left's position on LGBTQ+ issues is now very simple: openly endorse our warped worldview and be an "ally" to gays and the transgender movement, OR you'll be considered Nazi scum.  Well, I hereby cast my lot with the scumbags.


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: How very many levels of grim ironic humor derive from the grotesque naming of this antediluvian critter by these fawning academics!

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: A thought: what if Nato was to announce to Russia that it will presently conduct a Berlin Airlift style drop of humanitarian only supplies to a beseiged Kiev sans any military protection? Ukraine is still a sovereign nation and would certainly accept this. Russia, even under Stalin, did not attack the Berlin airlift. It would of course augment Kiev's ability to withstand a siege, which might increase the possibility of meaningful negotiation.

    1. What if NATO were disbanded, and the damn Euro-Weenies take care of their own stinking defense? How about that? What a bunch of corrupt assholes all of them are, with two devastating world wars caused because of their Euro bullshit. Fuck Europe!

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: By any objective standard, Biden bears responsibility for this inflation, which is approaching UNENDURABLE levels That is because it is much exacerbated by skyrocketing fuel prices, which are directly attributable to far leftist willed, Biden enabled, insane "environmental" concerns. That these measures are meant only disingenuously for "environmental" salvation is of very plausible concern to the real America. We are right to regard them as yet another leftist power grab for complete control of our public and "private" lives, through dictatorial institutions, much practiced by Covid presumptuousness, for totalitarian control of every phase of our lives!

  4. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I have always loved traditional Disney! But their present degradation is manifest! For Gov. DeSantis to attack Disney's cringing submission to totalitarian political correctness in Florida, for which Disney is such an important location is gutsy and tactically correct. Big business looks only at the bottom line (bless its yet prosperity generating importance). It must be convinced that support of the far left may wellresult in boycott and that, in any case, Madame Defarge bides her time against a possible far left takeover still very much in intent!

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Reported Russian importation of "Syrian mercenaries" suggests much frustration on their part. Could this lead to their use of far more dangerous weapons?

  6. Jack, a NATO airlift to Kiev would presume a lot more moxie in most of the NATO countries than actually exists. It would be an intriguing gambit. I'm 99% sure it will never happen.

    I tend to agree with Ray that the time has come for the U.S. to disengage from Europe. That would put the Germans, French, Brits, and other major European powers on notice that, in future, they'll need to provide for and coordinate their own security. They're eminently capable of doing so.

    Jack, I'm pretty sure the Dems will have to face the music re: inflation. It will be the main factor in their humbling defeats this fall.

    Darn right, Jack: what we just learned is that Disney fears the LGBTQ+ lobby more than it fears 74 million Trump voters, or the GOP. And, while I hate to say it, they're probably smart to look at it that way, since the Left is fully mobilized, relentless, and merciless, and the right is quiescent to a fault.

    Jack, I doubt the Syrian mercenaries will make much of an impression on the overall conflict, and the threat of their use is probably meant to terrorize the Ukrainians into submission. It may suggest, though, that the Russians are pondering where to find the personnel for a long and grueling occupation, which means they haven't ruled out playing hardball. Of course, they have a much "harder" ball to play: nukes.

  7. Dr. Waddy from Jack: In your view: what has motivated the importance with which we have regarded the welfare of Western Europe since 1945? A new isolationism at least from Europe: what a startling thought but one worth consideration.

  8. Jack: I don't gainsay in the slightest our commitment to Western Europe during the Cold War. I believe, in that context -- geopolitical and ideological -- only we could have saved Europe from Bolshevist tyranny. Unfortunately, we taught the Europeans to be dependent -- and thoroughly ungrateful to boot. Now, Russia poses no clear ideological threat, and it poses much less of a military threat...and yet the Europeans still look to us to guarantee their security. Like Ray, I've had enough!