Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Canada To The Rescue?


Friends, in a strategic masterstroke, Ukrainian President Zelensky is calling on Canada to institute (along with NATO) a no-fly zone in his country.  Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, in response, praised Zelensky to the high heavens -- but held back his many squadrons of fearsome fighter-bombers in what might be considered a classically Canadian strategem of bashfulness.  Will Canadian fury soon be unleashed, though?  Stay glued to CNN for minute-to-minute updates on this evolving story!

I jest, but the absurdity of the West's adulation of Ukraine and Zelensky, combined with its unwillingness to do anything meaningful to assist it/him, is growing painful to watch.  There won't be any no-fly zone.  Period.  Any Ukrainian who thinks or thought otherwise was either deceived by the West, or deceived himself.  And, in fact, there are signs that even President Zelensky is starting to understand this.  His most recent statements essentially convey submission to Russia's core demand: that Ukraine desist from its efforts to join NATO.  That's a start.  Russian forces seem to have paused their offensive.  Could they be under orders to hold fast, while negotiations proceed?  Time will tell. 

In other news, leftists are hurling accusations of treason against conservatives, Republicans, and Trumpers -- and even against a few of their own -- with such abandon that it's beginning to feel like the aftermath of January 6th all over again!  This outstanding article explores in depth the consistent escalation in intolerant rhetoric in American politics, and in particular the Left's use of charges of "treason" -- uniformly bogus -- to tarnish the reputations of its critics.  Sadly, as we see here, RINOs like Mitt Romney are also major offenders.


Progressives tell us that they care ever so much about the poor, but have you noticed that some of our bluest states and cities are also the most unequal in terms of the distribution of wealth?  They're also commonly places where, for the vast majority of people, including the middle class, home ownership is out of reach.  Is this a result of defective leftist policy...or is it a sign of leftist policy that's working exactly as intended: to enrich the already wealthy?  It's a question worth asking. 

One of the perverse side-effects of the Russia-Ukraine War, and the West's declaration of economic war versus Russia, will be that the decline of the U.S. dollar as the world's reserve currency will accelerate -- and countries like Russia and China will step on the gas.  They would be foolish not to!  Now, in my view, there is a silver lining: it's the dollar's reserve currency status that allows us to live, in the good ole USA, way beyond our means, individually and collectively.  Maybe it's time we came back down to earth?


Finally, say what you will about Russia and Ukraine, about the border, about COVID, or about Sleepy Joe's personal and political foibles, but none of these factors explain why the Dems are going to get hammered in November.  There's one factor, as a matter of fact, that trumps everything else: inflation.  Americans hate it, they fear it, and they blame it (correctly) primarily on Democrats.  Could it magically disappear in the next few months?  Sure, and pigs could fly, too!  Don't bet on it, however. 


  1. Dr. Waddyfrom Jack: A declaration of a "no fly" zone would surely be violated by Russia. What then? Nato certainly has the stand off missile ability to engage Russian planes from Nato country. The missile bases would certainly come under Russian attack and . . . there it is: Nato vs Russia. WHAT THEN?! Does anyone on Earth know? One thought, if Nato and Russia slug it out, China could emerge the world's most powerful force!!??

  2. DrWaddy from Jack: Thank you, thank you. The Greenwald article is brilliant!!! I have wondered; when might the leftist basilisk gaze be disengenuously fixed on provincials such as you, I and our correspondents ?At the heart of this is Clintonesque preemption: "why they attempted treason accusing condemnation of Bill for his anti Vietnam war stance and expression of disdain for our military then fighting the NVA and VC! Let us, though we loathe US defense of "freedom", turn their determination against them". Problem with that is that American leftists like Slick Willy and Kerry enacted, condemnation of our cause in Vietnam certainly contributed to defeat of our very creditable effort in Vietnam! N. Vietnamese General Giap confirmed it when he chortled "why the American "antiwar" movement kept us going! " "Antiwar!! he might have said:they were antiAmerican and we KNEW it! Of course, being Marxist, we were antiAmerican! Its the fount of capitalist and imperialist oppression. We thank our foolish American toadies. We would have killed such as them in our land.

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Leftist and pusillanimous Rino attack on Lt. Colonel Gabbard is a product of Slick Willy's continuing cynical pollution of his party through his pathetic "mate". "Deniah, deniah, deniah, baybee! Whatevah they throw at us , deniah! !" " Say whatevah, deniah anything they say! "

  4. Jack, I imagine the Chinese would love every minute of a NATO versus Russia war -- well, until the nukes started to fly. That might be bad for business.

    I must say, Jack, the Left's denunciation of conservatives as "traitors" is brilliant, on one level. Attack your enemy at his strongest point, and it's inevitable that you will humble him. Lefties know, in their hearts, that it's they who hate America, and would be loath to fight for it, but by turning the tables on the right, the true fount of patriotism, they can muddy the waters sufficiently to get themselves over the finish line in many an election. I mean, let's be honest: many Trump haters hate him PRIMARILY because they see him as a cynical agent of a foreign power -- a narrative which is wholly false, but mighty powerful when deployed against an "America First" man.