Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Trump Haters' Plan B

Friends, don't miss this week's Newsmaker Show with me and Brian O'Neil. We dive deep into the impeachment quagmire. It's clear that the Dems won't succeed in ejecting Donald Trump from the White House, but they've decided to whine about the process and drag out the wrangling over evidence and witnesses so as to inflict maximum political damage on the GOP and the Trump White House. The American people, though, are rightly nonplussed.  Half of them want Trump convicted and removed, of course, but even they know the trial in the Senate is mere political theater. It's only realistic purpose, in fact, from the Dems' perspective, is to chip away at Donald Trump's legitimacy and support so as to alter the results of the 2020 election. Good luck to them! They haven't put a dent in Trumpland yet. I doubt they will now. The Dems would be better off concentrating on their own field of candidates for the Presidency. Somehow, from that crop of duds, they have to find someone who can stand up to President Trump. Impeachment, therefore, was the easy part. Winning the 2020 election will be much harder.

Brian and I also talk about the Trump-Thunberg rumble in Davos, Switzerland, the right-wing coup that failed to materialize in Richmond, Virginia, as well as the controversy over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's secession from the royal family. Historically, Brian and I cover the arrest of Andrei Sakharov in 1980, President Carter's pardoning of Vietnam War-era draft dodgers, the death of Queen Victoria in 1901, and the Supreme Court's 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision on abortion.

We leave no stone unturned! Check it out.


  1. Impeachment- The only cover up is the dems talking point(s). Finally, after nearly what 14 hours of testimony yesterday (and a few hours today) the truth is out; Trump is to be removed and never allowed to hold office again. I agree, maximum damage will try to be done. I am disturbed by the fact they are trying to null and void my vote from 2016 and trying to interfere with the 2020 election. I have to say, kudos to Judge Roberts early morning slam--which certainty woke me up--I might have been dozing off by 2 am (grin).

    I believe this will be a rollback on the dems for the 2020 election, at least that is what I have been reading. I dont think this impeachment trail will end, not even by the election. Do you honestly believe the dems will let this go?

    VA Rally- I am very surprised that there was no violence. All news reports had so and so attending to cause problems. Conservative folks can only pushed so far; the 2nd Amendment is one of those subjects that is near and dear.

    Thunberg-I still hold firm that my belief her parents need to be held accountable. Kudos to President Trump.

    Harry and Meghan-You really don't want my opinion, grin. I agree, being a royal is a difficult job and often the British refer to it as an "establishment". It saddens me that he doesn't have his grandmothers "stiff upper lip". I would like to shake both of them into common sense, alias, I am but a American commoner.

    Roe v Wade- I probably shouldn't say anything about this...but here goes...Unfort. women in general are hysterical when it comes to this subject. I like to shake a lot of folks into some common sense; no one/ the "bad orange" guy isn't coming to take your health rights way, no one is coming for your body/parts and Roe v Wade won't be repealed etc. I'll step out and say -I think it should be a state rights issue, not a federal government issue. I just kind of proved my thought about hysterics, LOL.

  2. Dr. Waddy and Linda: I tried every which way to access the broadcast but was denied access. Any reprise from me of an observation on your part to be found on the broadcast is unintentional.

    That picture shows Schumer displaying his characteristic dismissiveness. That and his monumental hypocrisy about the impeachment process (re Clinton: "let's get this ridiculous procedure over") is as much as to discredit any thing he says. I'm glad he's the Dems' spokesman; it makes it so easy to ignore their statements, one and all. What shame he brings to our state; no wonder the real America hates and fears NY state (more on that below).

  3. Dr. Waddy and Linda: I watched close to real time broadcasts of the gunrights rally. How redeeming it was to see the real America standing up and howling. So the temporarily Dem dominated legislature thumbed its nose; come election time they will rue.

    I loved this quote from a participant: "Tell your carpetbagger legislators to shove their gun control back up North where it belongs". It doesn't belong anywhere in the US of A but I cannot blame anyone from an up until now free state from seeing it that way.

    Here is the main argumentative advantage to be derived from the rally and I hope President Trump expounds on this point (and I thank him sincerely for saying "Dems mean to take your guns"and (to hell with the Constitution). ITS THE FUNDAMENTAL, BOTTOM LINE TRUTH!. Do they really think we trust their deceitful concern for the safety of the law abiding public from gun crime when we see their relentless efforts to free criminals of their personal responsibility for their crimes?! When they feign such concern, they lie and they actually expect to be believed! Their purpose in gun control is to discredit gun owners and our NRA in order to savage the Conservative movement which unforgivably thwarts them in their crusade to right a" so very wrong America".

  4. Dr. Waddy and Linda: I temporarily lost track of my main point and THIS is the message I hope is communicated to Americans of good will who sincerely believe that because of a perceived overabundance of guns, that restrictions on gun commerce, exchange, design and ownership will advance the decline of violence using guns:

    The rally in Richmond showed many people carrying guns and I could tell, my being a gun owner from a gun owning area, they were people who know how to use guns, yet, no gun violence. The gungrabbers maintain that it is what they believe to be the "easy" availability of guns which generates today's insane gun violence.Guns were easily available at the rally and at the myriad gun shows I have attended and know of but, no gun violence. When I was growing up in the '50's, guns were far more readily obtained or already owned. In my suburban town they were openly brought to the school by the Rifle Team and for people growing up in rural areas then, why of course they were brought to school, any thought to the contrary would have been understandably ridiculed. How many of students at those schools were shot?!

    Present day gun crime is the expectable product of the moral relativism of the same people who now attack gun owners' Constitutional rights. It is a MORAL problem, not one of gun owner "insensitivity" or of reckless availability. Gun crime criminals think they are justified because liberal moral relativists have told them they are OK.Leftist leaders do it because they know we gun owners, now aroused especially in real America settings like most of VA, are one of the pillars of a Conservative movement which opposes them on a wide range of issues even beyond gun rights. We know that the over all purpose of the American left is to dictate all aspects of public and (sic) private life. We are in the front ranks resisting its existential assault; listen to us!

  5. Dr. Waddy and Linda: Once again the left proves itself to be reflexively iconoclastic. "Why of course a 16 year old schoolgirl is far more creditable than the detested President of the U.S. He is beneath contempt and she's so, well, like you know,RELEVANT - yeah that's it".

  6. Linda, it sounds like you're keeping a close eye on the Senate trial... You're a better citizen than I am. I just can't muster much interest. The vote on witnesses will be a bit of a cliffhanger, but I honestly don't expect any witness to make a shred of difference to the outcome.

    On Roe v. Wade, I wouldn't be so sure that it won't be overturned. The Supreme Court is afraid of its own shadow, so it might demure, but if we get even one more conservative justice I'd say Roe v. Wade's days are numbered. And I won't be sorry either. You're right -- it should always have been a matter for the states.

    Jack, Schumer is a wonderful (i.e. ugly) "face" for the Democrats, I agree. Schiff is even better!

    Jack, you're right about the gun culture of the 50s, but the gun culture of that last three decades proves the point equally well: gun ownership is up, and gun crime is down!!! Case closed. The Left has never had a leg to stand on, of course, but that's never stopped them before.

    Will impeachment boomerang on the Dems and cost them the House? There's some evidence that generic ballot polls are getting tighter. Whether the effect will last, we shall see. Frankly, I think people will forget about impeachment pretty quickly...unless the Dems decide to pull the trigger again, and again, and again.

  7. Dr. Waddy: For many of the guys who went through unshirted hell incountry in Vietnam, I think Carter's pardon was a devastating blow. What really got to me was when a draft dodger was elected President. "Why did any of us serve?" I thought. I see some state Governor is going to pardon thousands with marijuana convictions. But it was the law at the time of their convictions, it was the LAW, as were the draft laws dammit. Not all those draftees went to Vietnam anyway. Why wheeler dealer Lt. Slick Willy would probably have gotten himself assigned as close to the stews of Amsterdam as possible. That he would stand on principle for anything is unlikely.

    If former Prince Harry and his wife have gone resolutely left, perhaps they are doing Britain a service by giving up their right. Britain may well be on the cusp of a return to common sense with the success of the Conservatives.

  8. Linda: I share your outrage at the Dems trying to nullify my vote (though, in a sense, being in NY our Presidential vote doesn't count anyway). But we are MISrepresented by the one of the two most disdainful snobs in Congress. To him, conservatives are as so many insects. Thank goodness there is a real America and its being heard all over this week, including at WaddyisRight.

  9. Dr. Waddy: So very many times in my Correctional Dept. career I heard criminals say "it wasn't my fault" or "I have a right . . ." Where did those (mostly) lowlifes get those ideas? From the '60's left of course. And being the very, very objective people they are, they quickly saw the advantage to be had for them in the widespread acceptance of these concepts, both in feeding their (YES!) abundant egos and in about bleeding heart public policy which they, believe me, eat for lunch, along with those who advocate them. I know from personal experience that there are criminals who genuinely regret their misdeeds but society must act on a working model of most of them as semi or fully sociopathic thugs; society has to make a draconian choice between the completely innocent and the probably guilty. The choice is obvious.

    This applies to the gun control issue in that leftist apologists, with an influence incalculably wrongheaded malign in the last 50 years, have provided the criminally minded extenuation, both personal and often legal for their monstrous misdeeds. "I'm mad at the world and its not my fault, its the world's fault and so I have a "RIGHT" to take it out on any part of the world I choose. Its my thing and my thing is, well, my thing, hear wot I'm saying?" Gee, is it any wonder that those who could get the guns they wanted despite ANY measure of control directed at the lawful, think they have a green light they DID NOT have before the emotionally captured left debuted?!