Friday, January 31, 2020

Britain is Great Again; Britain is British Again!

Congrats to the people of the United Kingdom, who hours ago formally left the European Union and reasserted their independence, after more than three long years of elite procrastination.  Feelings in Britain are mixed, to say the least, but I have total confidence that the U.K. will be stronger, freer, and richer in the years and decades to come.  Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson -- you, more than anyone else, made this day happen.  Hats off to you, God bless you, and may the British people finally come together in the days ahead!


  1. Cheers! Hip hip hooray. Like my husband said this morning, "Well, the USA is still standing after the impeachment debacle, Great Britain is still standing after Brexit and Korea nor China nor Iran have blown us up yet, life is great!"

  2. Ha! Well said. All of Trump's recent speeches have hit the same theme: America is strong and life is good! That's a great antidote to the pessimism and moaning of the media. Generally speaking (in politics), a happy/optimistic message will beat a sour/embittered one. Let's hope that holds true in 2020. I have little doubt that the media's negativity is one of the main reasons people are tuning it out. Let's hope they tune Trump in.

  3. Dr. Waddy and Linda: What a glorious day for Merry Old England! Farage is a hero and Johnson is a downright hombre. My guess is that Madame Thatcher smiles on them.