Thursday, January 30, 2020

He Takes a Licking and Keeps on Ticking!

Friends, there's no better pick-me-up than a Trump rally!  On Tuesday I watched President Trump's rally in Wildwood, New Jersey with Rep. Jeff Van Drew, who recently switched to the GOP.  It was a humdinger!  My latest article reflects on Trump's visceral connection with his base, and on the incredible tenacity of Trump and his movement, which have been constantly assaulted by the media and the political establishment for more than four years now.  It's a remarkable phenomenon, and our beloved President is a remarkable man.

Read all about it at WND:


  1. Dr. Waddy: What a great article. C'mon any leftist researching real America's perfidy: let's hear the inevitable comparisons of Trump's inspirational qualities to those of Hitler! C'mon do it and get yourselves ever deeper into marginalization. We are ready for it, bring it on!

    The very BEST evaluation I know of of our good President's assertions came from a friend of mine in Austin, PA. She said: "he says what I want to say!". Yes he does and I'm going to be displaying that quote on my truck right through election day.

  2. Well, the rally wasn't on any cable channels here in Hornell. I am greatly disappointed in FOX who hasn't been showing the impeachment hearings in its entirely. We have had to switch to either MSNBC, CSPAN and CNN (shocking, yes, I know).

    Great, thought your friend had, Jack! Smiles

  3. Linda; I would also be loathe to access any of those leftist mouthpieces for any purpose. Maybe Fox has limited its coverage in order to reflect the disdain its viewers have for this shamefully initiated event. But its starting to look like the Dems have monumentally fluffed on this one; they may soon desolve into full panic - it would be redeeming to watch.

    1. We def. have our reservations about watching these channels, Jack. I think FOX's new leaders; the Murdoch boys and Paul Ryan are leaning left, not right anymore, sad to say.

  4. Why, thank you, Jack!

    So Fox isn't carrying the rallies? For shame! The way I watch them is on YouTube via a Fox stream. There are many ways to watch. Don't give up! We Trumpers need to stick together, and the rallies are one of the best ways for us to find camaraderie and recharge our batteries. We get so used to being HATED. When I watch a rally, by contrast, I'm reminded that I'm not alone, and that the MSM doesn't speak for everyone. It's good for the soul, in other words.

  5. Dr. Waddy and Linda: I'm disturbed by plausible observations, like those of yours, that Fox could be compromised. I'll be watching; we can hardly do without them. Paul Ryan is long lost in my opinion.