Friday, January 10, 2020

Getting to Know Our Neighbors to the South

Friends, some of you may have noticed that WaddyIsRight has not been as active lately.  That's because your conservative hero is on a tour of Mexico.  Right now I'm in the charming colonial/indigenous city of Oaxaca.  It's been an education to experience Mexico up close and personal.  There's a lot about the country that I like.  It's got a fascinating culture, and the food is outstanding.  The climate also beats Western New York hands down!  Mexico is still a developing country, though, with plenty of problems, and, for now, a socialist president.  Needless to say, I wish the Mexican people well, and I have always wanted to see a solution to the problem of illegal immigration precisely because this will create the conditions for improved relations with Latin America.  Wouldn't that be nice?  Good fences make for good neighbors, in my opinion.  Fingers crossed!

For those of you who are my Facebook friends, you can follow along with my travels there...


  1. First Florida and now Mexico over the winter break, you lead a very exciting life, Dr. Waddy, grin.

    It has been a good 30 years since I have been to Mexico, Cancun, Acapulco. One piece of advice, don't drink the water (just kidding, not sure if that has changed in the 30 years or so, grin).

    Have fun and stay safe. P.S. I have been enjoying your photos on FB. SO sunny and warm there, smiles.

  2. I get around, Linda! I'm glad you've enjoyed the photos. :)

    The weather has been heavenly, but I did manage to catch a cold, which has weighed on my enjoyment somewhat. I'm on the mend, though.

    What did you make of Acapulco? I understand that few Americans go there anymore. I suspect I'd like it. It used to be a playground of the Hollywood elite. I assume there's some great architecture and heritage there.

    1. I actually prefer Acapulco to Cancun. Cancun is way to over populated with tourists. To bad you don't have time to visit La Paz, upper Mexico on the California Big Sur. When my husband was stationed in San Diego-we would fly down. Those were the days, smiles.

  3. The Pacific Coast is breathtaking, Linda! You can't beat it... Too bad Nancy Pelosi rules there with an iron fist.

    I'll look into Acapulco. There's plenty more of Mexico I want to see.