Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Why Employers Continue to Hire Illegal Immigrants -- In a Nutshell

Friends, for once, the Washington Post isn't 100% wrong.  This article neatly summarizes the reasons why President Trump, the Republican Party, and many state governments have not enthusiastically embraced the country's E-Verify system for preventing the employment of illegal aliens.  As you will see, only 10% of employers even use the system -- and virtually no businesses are ever punished for hiring illegals.  The conspiracy of silence is alive and well.  As the article points out, as the unemployment rate declines, the temptation to hire illegals -- and to ignore federal labor and immigration laws -- increases.  I suggest that this is a major test for how serious President Trump and Republicans are about cracking down on illegal immigration.  If we choose to give employers a pass, then we can justly be accused of a lack of seriousness, or even of dishonesty...  Let's commit to complete border security, national sovereignty, the rule of law, and a zero tolerance policy on illegal immigration, shall we?


  1. Dr. Waddy: Once again I was, in effect, denied access to the article. Pop ups and my Neanderthal aversion to them are the reason. That said: This President has guts. He's willing to face issues that his predecessors avoided out of ideological hostility or out of a perception that sometime in the future America would have the political will to resolve them. Your concluding sentence summarizes what must be done and it can be done now if President Trump is supported and reelected.

  2. I hope so, Jack! Trump is clearly our only real hope of tackling illegal immigration. He's tightening the screws all the time...and that's a good sign.