Wednesday, May 30, 2018

More Grist for the Mill

Friends, President Trump's attitude towards China has been somewhat ambiguous of late, and perhaps purposefully so.  He wants to send the message that we can and will have a positive relationship with the Chinese, but he also wants to keep the pressure on China's government, so that, when we strike a deal, it will be the best possible deal, from the U.S. perspective.  Put simply, he wants to be tough, and yet he also wants to be conciliatory.  As he walks this tightrope, his key advisors are pulling him in opposite directions.  This article will give you some insight into where we stand.  My hope is that President Trump will ultimately go to the mat with the Chinese and force them to make major concessions.  As the saying goes, sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind, and I believe in the long run our relationship with China will be much stronger if we set the right tone now and prove to them that we will not be pushed around any longer...

The second article I would like to recommend is about the consistent liberal/mainstream media bias on race.  Not only do leftists feel entitled to be blisteringly racist themselves (hating white people is just common sense, after all), but they also report the news about race in very selective ways.  In a nutshell, if a story about race supports the narrative of the evils of white racism, then it gets blanket coverage.  If it doesn't, it will often be swept under the rug.  In this way, and in so many others, we are poorly served by the journalistic community.


  1. Dr. Waddy: So Charles Schumer has a problem with the President "helping make China great again".I'm sure the Chinese are grateful to Charles for showing their three thousand year civilization the way back to the greatness which has eluded them for so long. Also that guy that was decrying the President's "saber rattling" with the Chinese: I'd say the President's show of strength in Far Eastern relations has had some very promising results so far. I learned alot from my twenty years working in state prisons by experiencing inveterate inmate playing, wheeling and dealing. One of the types I observed was the "prober". He advances tentative positions until he meets resistance and then he backs off at least for awhile. Our President is a skilled player and uses this tactic, I think and he also does some thinking out loud, again probably to his advantage. We can get major concessions out of China if we can get them to see it being in their best interests and if they do not feel shamed before the world. A positive and scrupulous relationship on intellectual property, if it is couched in terms of a desire on their part for credible, mutually beneficial intellectual and cultural intercourse with the world,rather than as a public admission of bad faith, is a promising area for negotiation, I think.

  2. Dr. Waddy: Bernie Goldberg always says it all and says it well. With his experience in network news he knows about media bias and shames the MSM with what he points out.

  3. Well said, Jack! A deal with China could indeed be couched in language that emphasizes the benefits for both sides -- and there are so many billions involved that plenty of benefits should accrue. What a coup it would be if we could seal a major deal with the PRC! I believe it can be done, and sorting out NK could make it even more feasible...

  4. Dr. Waddy: There would be incalculable good in our getting along with that great nation, as long as we do it from a position of strength and an insistence on mutual respect. This President is capable of fostering such a relationship. My guess is that the Chinese take him very seriously.