Friday, May 25, 2018


Friends, did the Obama administration/the CIA/the FBI/theDOJ conspire to frame the Trump administration for colluding with Russia?  Did they gin up a FISA warrant, a dossier, and an FBI investigation so that they could use them all as an "October surprise" to stymie the Trump campaign?  Maybe.  Or maybe they all hate Trump so much that they find it hard to imagine that he's NOT in bed with Putin.  Certainly, when it comes to Trump, the Left's faculties of critical thought seem to have deserted them...  All this and much, much more was discussed in my latest interview on WLEA's Newsmaker program with Brian O'Neil.  Check it out!


  1. Dr. Waddy: Two random comments: I think Trump is hated so intensely because he robbed leftists of their fully expected ultimate triumph - the moment (perhaps forever lost now) when they could be certain that they had tipped the scale permanently to their side. For Hillary's persistence through a decades long ordeal of humiliation at the hands of her disdainful husband and of delayed gratification of her dream of vindictive sway to have culminated in this cruel and comic rebuff - "at the hands of . . . Donald Trump (?!)" - was for them indescribably oppressive. That dolorous scene in the Javits Center, where they probably had hoped to literally shatter the building's glass, said it all. I believe too that Hillary thinks she ought to have won and would have thought that even had she lost the popular vote. That's because she held herself the standard bearer of the unquestionably just - as she saw herself at the pulpit at her college commencement and has seen herself ever since.

  2. No doubt you're right, Jack -- in the eyes of the Left, Donald Trump's greatest sin BY FAR was winning the 2016 election. They could forgive him almost anything but that...