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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Getting to the Bottom of the "Collusion Delusion"

Friends, don't miss my latest interview on WLEA's Newsmaker program.  Brian O'Neil and I consider Rush Limbaugh's bombshell allegations that members of the Trump campaign were set up by people working for the FBI...not to engage in real "collusion," but merely to talk about "Russian emails" so as to provide a pretext for an investigation, FISA warrants, leaks to the press, etc.  The implication is that the whole "Russian collusion" narrative was cooked by up shadowy figures on the left long before the election happened in November 2016.  If this is true, it's one of history's most successful conspiracies...not in the sense that it succeeded in destroying the Trump campaign or the Trump presidency, but in the sense that it's captivated the world's attention and hoodwinked millions, and possibly billions, of reasonably intelligent people.  Conclusion: the "deep state" knows what it's doing, and no one should underestimate it.

Brian and I also talked about North Korea, illegal immigration, the resurrection of Last Man Standing, and more.  The sound quality is better than ever, and you can listen in right here:


  1. Dr. Waddy: I certainly agree with you on the continued danger of the deep state. I worked for a deep stater and I know that person, who delighted in using their office to advance their political agenda, would hard to counter. Makes me think of the Battle of the Bulge. Some senior allied officers thought the allies would win by Christmas. Then the Germans reminded everyone of what vicious and formidable fighters they still were.

  2. Jack, I hope that's a very apt analogy, because, if it is, the Deep State is in its death throes... In a way, it's amazing how far the establishment has gotten with its ridiculous "Trump Russia hoax". On the other hand, given the power of the forces involved, it's amazing Trump has survived. Some great books will be written about this debacle when it's all over. The ground of American politics is shifting rapidly under our feet.

  3. Dr. Waddy: For sure. I think it compares with the 1850's.

  4. Now that's an ominous analogy! I'm not so sure. I suspect most leftists are too fat and happy to take up arms, so complaining and vilifying may be as far as they go... For sure, though, a small number could become openly rebellious.

  5. Dr. Waddy: The intense mistrust and antipathy between the two sides reminds me of the 1850's but another actual Civil War would seem unlikely.