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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Earth Day and its Discontents

Friends, believe it or not, I'm no expert on biology or climate science.  Nonetheless, I have found the predictions of doom about climate change/global warming dubious for some time.  Partly, this is because predictions of doom are a dime a dozen on the left, and especially among environmentalists.  The left also routinely ignores all the progress that has been made in cleaning up the environment.  Above all, I believe we need to guard against the danger of groupthink when it comes to dealing with environmental problems.  We need to base our assessments on ACTUAL reason and science, rather than hysteria and intolerance.  I recommend to you these two articles, which provide a different perspective on environmental issues than you're likely to see in the mainstream media:


  1. Dr. Waddy: "How dare you post these articles or attribute to them any measure of credibility or worse, sensitivity toward those whose psyches are irreparably damaged by the certainty of global warming? Don't you know that this conflict is settled?" The far left and those who trust it, having been tragically discredited by its quixotic forays into politics and economics, seeks redemption in the "global warming" chimera in its never ending quest for a clear path to leftist totalitarian sway. To them, the articles you cited simply do not exist and why? Because they say so and they are unquestionably just. In their desperation they have hitched their wagon to a spent horse. Al Gore, their comical spokesman, whose physical resemblance to Hermann Goering continues apace and who shares Goering's material lust and insouciant dismissiveness, exemplifies their airy disregard for facts. He has followed up on the tenth anniversary of his "naturally" (so to speak) academy award winning (why of course) prediction of world wide hurly burly with an unrepentant reprise of the same. You know, "W" may not have been the best card in the hand but he sure did have this guy's number. Natural gas production in the U.S. is the obvious answer both to "environmental" concerns and those of people who wish to see us bound to the whims of 8th century desert lords. Its clean and its THERE.

  2. Jack, natural gas certainly does have its merits. I'm partial to nuclear, as you know. Realistically, we need a mix of "all of the above" for the time being.

    And may I add that any comment with a Goering reference earns you a gold star? Goering was a larger than life character -- even his failures were grandiose. I don't think Al Gore could walk even a short distance in old Hermann's giant riding boots.

  3. Dr. Waddy: Definitely agree on including nuclear in the mix. Those articles were excellent. Gads,its appalling to think how close we came to having Gore in the White House. No doubt he would have denounced the automobile daily while adding to his collection of gas guzzlers. I guess his sort endorses earthly store only for the correct and elect. I rode on a bus with an earnest young man who advocated depopulating the Adirondacks in order to preserve them.( a real Pol Pot avatar) presumably so that he could sojourn in sylvan detachment for such time as he wished sans the presence of the unwashed. I wonder what the "Loretta Lynch - lets turn doubters of global warming over to the criminal justice system" types think of this winter. Maybe the local weather forecasters should lawyer up.

  4. Ha! Good point, Jack. Anyone who notices an abnormally cold day -- or even just a pleasant one -- could be accused of counter-revolutionary, reactionary tendencies... President Gore. Now that IS a scary thought. On the other hand, President Obama achieved little environmentally except all-time records in U.S. fossil fuel production. My impression is that environmentalism is mainly just a cloak for the left. Their real passions lie...elsewhere, as you know better than anyone.

  5. Dr. Waddy: Good point about Obama's "counterproduction". Its like when his type talks gun "control". People just buy more guns and ammo, join NRA and keep on keeping on. I forget sometimes just how deep freedom runs in the real America. Its encouraging.