Thursday, April 26, 2018

Doing My Part

Friends, this may shock you, but I am notoriously unwilling to part with my hard-earned money.  Nonetheless, the future of America is a pretty good investment, and in the last Presidential election I gave repeatedly to the Trump campaign, because, as we all know, the outcome of that election was IMPORTANT.  Personally, I consider the upcoming midterm elections almost as important, because they will help to define the success (or failure) of the Trump presidency.  They will also impact President Trump's ability to appoint conservative judges and Supreme Court Justices, which is arguably the most momentous task before him.  Now, there isn't much that little people like ourselves can do to help determine the future of the nation -- nay, the planet -- but we CAN vote, and we CAN donate our time and money to causes and campaigns that we support.  I encourage each of you to give, according to your means, of course, to the candidates you believe in, and above all to the Republican Party, so it can target resources strategically to ensure that the House and Senate remain in responsible hands.  It doesn't take much, assuming we all pitch in...  Thank you.


  1. Dr. Waddy: Good point; I have refrained from contributing to the Republican National Committee because I thought it to be a prime vehicle for RINOS. But the committee you commend is much more to the point now. In this district, of course, it is paramount that we support Congressman
    Tom Reed as he continues to truly represent us and frustrate the Ithaca barbarians. No matter how it may have frustrated us at times, the Republican Party is still the vehicle by which conservative interests, absolutely indispensable in thwarting the totalitarian left are realized.

  2. Well said, Jack. The flaws of the Republican Party are myriad, but it's still the best (viable) party around. I don't think supporting individual candidates is a bad idea, but arguably money donated to Tom Reed is money wasted, in the sense that he's not likely to face meaningful opposition... After Trump's tweet today, I could see sending some dough to Jon Tester's opponent! Honestly, I don't donate much, but when the spirit moves me I chip in a little.