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Friday, January 26, 2018

Keeping the U.S. On Top

TGIF!  You may recall that a while back I wrote an article about Qualcomm, and its dangerous tendency to rate chumminess with the People's Republic of China as more important than keeping U.S. technology secrets under lock and key.  This is a much bigger problem than Qualcomm: sadly, capitalism and national security do not always mix, since many corporations are far more interested in making money than they are in protecting the American people.  Under President Obama, moreover, standing up to countries like China, which are continuously trying to acquire our sensitive technology, was not a priority.  Now, happily, there are signs of progress, as the U.S. government, with President Trump in the lead, moves to protect our position as a technological powerhouse.  Keep it up, Mr. President -- and let's keep the pressure on Congress to follow his example.

Read more about it here, in Independent Journal Review, which I thank for publishing one of my articles for the first time:

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