Thursday, January 18, 2018

It's getting interesting!

Friends, Democrats and Republicans are in the midst of a colossal game of chicken in Washington, D.C.  Both sides say they're potentially willing to shut down the government, if they don't get their way re: spending priorities, DACA, the Wall, etc.  In fact, neither side is sure it wants to take that risk.  Republicans are particularly exposed: they know that the media will surely blame THEM (and Trump, most of all) if a shutdown occurs.  My two cents: fortune favors the brave, and we can't let Democrats push us around forever.  Nor can we we pass endless continuing resolutions, putting off all the tough decisions for another day.  What do you think?  Should we shut down the government, and force Democrats into line?  I'd love to hear your views...


  1. Unfort. Dr. Waddy, both are acting like children. Glad to see the Dems blinked first, I am afraid, though, we are headed into another shutdown next week. It seems nothing is getting done, and according to my Humanities II class, its designed by default to be like this. I'm on the fence with that thought. You are right, endless resolutions are not the answer. smiles

  2. I'd be surprised if we have another shutdown, but one never knows. Sometimes, a shutdown may be necessary to use what leverage you have. I'd like to see real cuts to government spending, and a shutdown may be the only way to get Democrats to agree.