Friday, March 29, 2024

The Baby Deficit


Friends, my latest article is an essay on the incredibly bright future that humans now seem to have in store, thanks to technological advances, but it is a future that is clearly imperiled by our seeming disinterest in our "prime directive" as a species: human reproduction.  In other words, I ask the perenial question: babies, what are they good for???



In other news, check out this article, which examines the economic consequences of New York State Attorney General Letitia James' legal crusade against Donald Trump.  Increasingly, progressives are stretching the law to its breaking point in order to attack their political enemies.  Some New York businesses are worried that they could be next on the chopping block.


Finally, Elon Musk likes to ponder mankind's long-term future, as I do, and what he has to say in this interview is quite fascinating: 



    More than a few people in the U.S. these days (men and women) who in many cases are a bunch of selfish yuppies. I'm talking about young professional couples who make big bucks and who could easily afford at least one child, but regard producing other human lives as cluttering up their self-centered lives.

    So now we are looking at the future through whatever Elon Musk or some other self appointed "prophet" of secularism tell us what they think or wish it to be. So what about God? Does he have anything in store for the human race, or has Musk, Gates taken over in that area.

    Nick! How much do you give a shit what Musk or some other techno tinker says about things that are not even in the realm of the toys they have invented. In other words, take Gates for example, he came up with a computer, and now he is a f*g genius in food production and all sorts of there "plans" for his fellow humans.

    The last sentence should read "in food production and all sorts of other plans for his fellow humans."

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: As NY state's descent into totalitarianism continues apace, pioneered by this insouciantly dictatorial AG,it makes sense that anyone or any entity for which freedom is vital, would do well to shun NY. Capitalism and free enterprise in NY have already been fixed in the basilisk gaze of the neo Marxists who now rule our state with arrogance and presumption. No further offense is necessary in order to assure their eventual subjection to comprehensive attack using all the coercive power of rogue government. For most of us, emigration is probably advisable; for America ,sequestering of NY as a pariah state is a prudent measure.

  4. Dr. Waddy from Jack: In order to assure to all NYers and legitimate NY businesses the customary democratically established rights accruing to Americans, a period of direct Federal rule of the state, similar to that imposed during Reconstruction , may become unavoidable. A process comparable to post WWII denazification might be necessary. Of course this would be possible only under a Federal administration which is itself unpossessed by neo marxists.

  5. Dr. Waddy from Jack: For very many people, probably the majority, having kids is life at its best. That alone probably ensures that it will continue to be very common. Though Japan has willingly adopted many of the accoutrements and practices of other cultures it remains, I think, a unique and in many ways insular (eg. its language, which is very much unlike that of any other people)civilization. Perhaps those Japanese who think preservation of Japanese ways is vital, see in a declining population some danger of foreign incursion(?).

  6. Ray, I agree that self-centeredness is at the root of all or at least most modern ills.

    Sure, Musk isn't necessarily right about everything, or most things, but when his yammerings start to sound like something I would say, I sit up and take notice!

    I've always been amazed that, by and large, commerce and general prosperity persist in deep blue hellholes like California and New York. What sensible businessman would do business in either place? The truth, I suppose, is that many a businessman isn't remotely sensible, at least not when it comes to ideology or partisanship. Quite a few will gladly pay a pretty penny to continue living in what they consider to be "enlightened" oases of progressivism. And, as long as they go along with leftist orthodoxy, they can even feed at the trough along with everyone else. Maybe these businessmen aren't so dumb, after all.

    Ahh, is there any way that our fellow Americans, deluded by leftism, could be "deprogrammed", without their democratic and individual rights being made forfeit in the process? Must some kind of right-wing dictatorship be instituted to purify America of its progressive inclinations? I dunno. I think a more gradual transition is conceivable, but also next to impossible given how conservatives have lost ground in all our major institutions so consistently and for so long. I find it hard to imagine that this essentially cultural momentum could shift without extreme coercion from the top down. Extreme coercion, though, as everyone knows, can end very badly...and is much more likely to be used AGAINST the right than by it.

    Yes, Jack -- the Japanese are unique. For one thing, despite their crashing population and fertility rate, they steadfastly refuse to admit significant numbers of immigrants. I give them credit: they are bound and determined to keep Japan Japanese, even if it kills them, socially speaking, as it probably will.

  7. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Denazification was initially imposed by conquering armies. The delivery of long oppressed countries from marxist oppression was, I believe, except for Rumania, done peacefully. Was "demarxism" purposefully enacted? Hungary outlawed their communist party. Hungary and perhaps some other freed countries might present test cases on how to defeat utterly unprincipled domestic totalitarian power. Victor Orban may be showing the way in this (?). When a militant movement clearly, publicly, demonstrates its fanatic intent to destroy our country and makes clear that it believes it will not be resolutely opposed, are we not justified in using our laws to disempower it? Must we ,rather than "betray "our democracy, countenance their cynical misuse of our laws (eg. election and immigration law) to undermine and eventually destroy our fundamental institutions? Are we as spineless as to simply stand witness to the destruction of our painfully evolved, indescribably precious civilization, which has afforded
    us never before experienced miraculous well being ? Really? Or will we resolve to deny misplaced tolerance to the intolerable?!

  8. True: many a democracy has banned certain types of opposition. Maybe they were right to do so. As for the punishment and reeducation of former communists in Eastern Europe, except for the odd bit of "rough justice" at the beginning, as far as I know the "purge" was fairly mild. It's hard to think of any former communist overlord who ended up incarcerated, much less killed, unless we're talking about the Ceausescus... And perhaps that was wise, because a totalitarian regime leaves very few people completely unstained by guilt.