Saturday, March 23, 2024

Forbidden Fruit


Friends, some mighty interesting things have been happening the last couple of days.  For instance, the Department of Justice decided to bite the hand that feeds it, i.e. Apple, one of the wokest of Big Tech companies.  I was amazed to learn that about two-thirds of all smartphones sold in the U.S. are Apple products.  What are you thinking, America???  Apple doodads are way over-priced, and in any case every dollar you give Apple goes straight to the sacred cause of destroying Western Civilization and replacing it with drag queens playing women's sports.  I mean, come on!!!  On a more serious note, I agree with the DOJ's decision to go after Apple, and frankly I think most of our Big Tech companies have attained monopoly positions in their various fields.  What's curious is the timing of the DOJ's suit, because you would think it would undermine, potentially, Apple's loyalty to Team Blue.  Then again, maybe it will reinforce it, by underlining for Apple the consequences of disobedience...  After all, anti-trust cases come and go, and this one could easily go bye-bye if Apple plays ball.


In other news, we here at WaddyIsRight wish the Princess of Wales the very best as she recovers from cancer treatment and abdominal surgery.  Now, I'm not sure that having cancer, or admitting that you have cancer, is all that "brave", as per Rishi Sunak, but Kate is a lovely person, or seems like one, so I hope she makes a full recovery. 

Another disgruntled Republican is resigning from the House, which means that our already scant majority is getting scanter.  Could the Dems really win back control of the House even before the November elections?  It's not beyond the realm of possibility, especially if we don't learn how to hold our own in special elections!


Finally, former RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel has got herself an analyst's gig at NBC/MSNBC, which is, as any observant conservative will tell you, where Republicans go to become Democrats.  This strongly suggests that Ronna was a RINO all along, and that we are well rid of her. 


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: If the House flips before the election it could throw the election to Biden! What the blue blasted blazes are these people thinking when they just up and leave?! When is the whole GOP going to join with Maga and muster the fortitude necessary to keep antiamerica from finishing America?The House dems, with their totalitarian party discipline ,would direct lawfare nemesis on anyone in their conference insolent enough to desert them.

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: If McDaniel is of conservative conviction it must be of the pusillanimously apologetic ilk to enable her to abide the snide vicious ambience of MSNBC. The term "collaborator" is brought to mind.

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Our thoroughly politicized DOJ must have a partisan reason for tasking Apple. Maybe its just good old neomarxist determination to wreck any institution which smacks exemplary of any justice in capitalism.


    With regard to The Princess of Wales and her cancer, she will receive the very best treatment that money can buy, and she belongs to a family that can afford the very best.

    Meanwhile, millions of people around the globe have the same type of cancer she has, and will never receive any treatment at all, because they are not as important as the dear princess. In most cases, they will have to "bite the bullet," suffer through it, and die, and without a state funeral.

    With regard to Ronna McDaniel, there are probably more RINOs out there than we can ever imagine. I suspect there are lots of "turncoats" who have been bought off with huge salaries and all kinds of perks if they embrace the Left. Her ideology must be: "if you can't beat them, join them." Expect more of this in the future.

  5. Hmm. I hadn't thought of that, but you're right that the House and Senate would need to vote to confirm a potential Trump win in the electoral college. Would every Dem vote to stymie Trump? Maybe. Might some Republicans vote to help them? Maybe! Might the election, if thrown to the House, produce a result other than a Trump presidency? EXTRA maybe! Honestly, a large part of the GOP caucus in both chambers would probably be thrilled to be delivered of Trump, although Trumpism is another story.

    I'd like to think that Ronna will bring a breath of conservative fresh air to NBC/MSNBC, but my guess is, if she does, she won't last long.

    True, there's a vein of anti-capitalism that runs through the modern Left, but it's mostly for show at the highest levels. To me, the case against Apple smacks of a shakedown.

    Ray may be right that more elected Republicans will defect to the dark side in the months and years ahead, ESPECIALLY if Trump wins. A nominal majority in either House could easily become a working minority, if you catch my drift...

  6. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Apple's travail: that's a perceptive observation that its a shakedown but I think it is enabled by a far left resolve to punish success in anything the government does not control. It may also be an attempt to draw attention away from the DOJ's increasingly obvious recent reduction to a neototalitarian engine of political repression. It may be as one with the lawfare directed at DJT in that it is the motivation for the misuse of unprecedented legal tactics for partisan purposes. The antiamerican left is playing for keeps!

  7. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Is it possible that some Rino's are as outraged by DJT and we Maga primitives as to deliver the election to Biden, should it be a near run thing?! The prospect is appalling beyond measure; four more years of a dem administration might well work irreversible and catastrophic advancement of antiamerica's totalitarian dream, especially should Scotus be subjugated by fate. And you perceptively noted that should RFK Jr. garner an appreciable portion of the vote, that the Congressional choices made by his supporters could be decisive. My guess is that the majority of them would vote dem. Third party efforts at local levels are probably very difficult to execute because such efforts typically center around a person with a national following. It's hard to imagine anyone who would consider voting for any Kennedy going Maga and though some GOP Congressional candidates hold Maga at arm's length, their election obviously could empower a GOP certainly dominated now by DJT America. I like Marjorie Taylor Greene a lot but now is the time for a united effort; lacking that just now we court disaster unlimited. "TAB" must be our clarion call! Stifle the internal strife until the post war aftermath.

  8. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I remember reading about a sign posted in one of PolPot's charnel houses during his "fundamental transformation" of Cambodia :(this fate is yours) "because you are a chap who dare to thwart the revolution!" Today, in our very country, its the MAX for anyone who "dare to thwart " the antiamerican left.Radicals have always been willing to go nazi but when it was only apologetic rinos vexing them, they saw no urgency.Now they'll game the legal system in order to assure that you lose your property or get the longest possible sentence (and a nice big fine too) though they blithely excused Slick Willy for comparably serious offenses. Meantime your everyday street thug is tasked with brief custody, half hearted admonition and leave to bustle anew, ad infinitum. Indescribably vicious monsters are released from what should be lifelong separation from humanity for heart rending compassion, an emotion utterly foreign to them and denied their victims. Illegal immigrants are enabled ,extolled and empowered. A once and possibly future President who unforgiveably persists in "thwarting the revolution", is subjected to a quasi legal onslaught directed by hate filled totalitarians. Yet again, antiamerica gives us clear and ever more insouciant preview of how they fully intend to"rule". It is futile to protest human rights to these vindictive Red Guard avatars. They MUST be disempowered, for our national life itself! Do we have the integrity to preserve this incalculably precious American civilization from these barbarians?! By this time next year we will know.

  9. Jack, I guess the question is: how do the leaders of a company like Apple interpret their sudden legal jeopardy? Will it cause them to recoil from their support of leftists, or redouble it? Time will tell.

    Would some RINOs root secretly (or not so secretly) for Biden? Depend on it! That's true for ideological reasons, for personal reasons, and even for the sake of their own ambitions. Remember, a second term for Biden would probably be wonderful for GOP prospects in 2026...even if the country went down the drain in the long-term. Many politicians only think two years ahead.

    Would RFK backers vote overwhelmingly for Dem Congressional and Senate candidates? I wouldn't be so sure. I'm a good example of a potential RFK voter who would never vote for a Dem. The West and Stein voters, on the other hand, are almost certainly going for Dem candidates at other levels. I personally regard it as likely that Trump will win the presidency (not that that guarantees he'll be president), but, in my view, it's a tossup whether or not the GOP keeps control of the House.

    Jack, I agree that Dem lawfare must be defeated, and decent Americans should consider it an existential threat -- to decency, to America, and of course to the rule of law. It's a bad sign that few high-powered lawyers want to represent Trump, and no multibillionaires have offered to help him shoulder his (various and ridiculous) fines. You and I "get it" on the question of lawfare. I fear not nearly enough of our countrymen do.

  10. Dr. Waddy from Jack: But you sir, are a thinking RFK prospective voter. His attraction for some people is the very dregs of nostalgia for a 'Camelot" which never existed. For others it is just novelty, no more significant than turning over when sleep is difficult. In local elections habit and community may well be the dominant factors and I would think it mostly customary dem voters who might consider RFK. So many down to earth people think any Kennedy to be a silly Martha's Vineyard type swell (except possibly for Caroline; she is truly dignified, just as her mother was). I would doubt his organization can equal the long established and well tried powers of the two main parties in local elections.

  11. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I watched him announce his VP today with a preamble as prolix as to approximate some earth shaking Presidential revelation! He talked "unity" and "just getting along with each other "and "talking things out" and that was all well and good, yes, it shows him a man of good will, BUT, when one side has demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt ( even since the ever more distant '60s )its fanatic intention to force vindication for long since reasonably addressed historical wrongs from a despised and unrepentant America; that, and then "fundamental transformation "on the catastrophically historically condemned marxist model; such amity is ruled out. Like the criminals they enable and so closely resemble in their convinced amorality and frantic expeditiousness, antiamerica can only be prevented from working its hellish intent by steadfast opposition free of any illusions as to its fundamental malice. "Bobby's" renascent mid '60s style idealism would be met by the radicals with some bemused, disingenuous cordiality until they had gained all the advantage available from a by then exhausted process. Then they would casually move on toward their unmitigated totalitarian ever objective, utterly unmoved."Bobby" appears to think that sweet reason and good will are the solution to our country's profound disunity but he is long since gainsaid by inescapable reality.

  12. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Finally, NY's enthusiastically partisan AG James has met rebuff and from a court no less. On Monday she had eagerly anticipated publicly gloating over the financial travail she had visited upon DJT. She was going to "hit him where it hurt" by initiating seizure of some of his most valued property. Well why not after all, by her lights he deserves only the worst and she has the untrammeled power to bring it to vindictive fruition. Can't trust them flighty voters; why given the chance they might even elect him again. So take the choice out of their ignorant unwoke hands. Attack him, discourage him, disqualify him, ruin him and above all teach anyone who would emulate his heresy, commenced by derailing our darling in '16, to fear our unshirted wrath. That's the ticket! I mean, we call ourselves democrats but we lie.But gee, by cutting deeply into his yes, undeserved legal liability( oh yeah we know it is and we don't give one or even two hoots - RESULTS are all! ) and giving him more time to ante up, that Appeals court has thrown a right old spanner into our works. Oh well, we'll keep on keeping on; the alternative is for us unthinkable! For us, if he wins, time ends, 'chaos is come again', expansion of the universe is reversed and well, you get the picture."

  13. Jack, I doubt RFK, Jr. would even try to influence his supporters' choices in Congressional and Senate contests. Anyway, I agree with your assumption that the majority of voters in November who support third party presidential candidates will probably support Democrats for the House and Senate, which is bad news. Trump could end up as president and might lack control of either house. Then his herculean tasks would get that much more herculean.

    Is RFK, Jr's amiable centrism utterly unrealistic, given today's political ecosystem? Probably, but it hardly matters. He won't be president. The only interesting question is: how many votes can he amass, and who will he take them from?

    I must say, I'm truly gratified by the amateurish farce that this campaign of "lawfare" has turned out to be. Maybe there's a little justice left in this "justice system" of ours? Not much. Just a little.