Sunday, March 24, 2024

Alternative Viewpoints? Who Needs 'Em?


Friends, in a fascinating development, NBC/MSNBC is now affirming that it has no plans to put its recently hired commentator, Ronna McDaniel, former RNC chairwoman, on the air...ever!  That's because the networks' on-air talent, which leans extremely left, won't abide sharing the limelight with a Trumpist.  I guess you could take the view that, as alleged journalists, these news personalities have an obligation to hear out even people whose views they find objectionable.  You could take that view, but if you did you'd be embracing a vision of "objective" journalism that withered and died long ago...


Lastly, I highly recommend this essay, which asks an increasingly relevant question, not just socially, but philosophically: would most people prefer to live in the "real world", or in a digitally contrived simulation that gives them everything they want?  Would YOU, more specifically, prefer the one or the other?  Think carefully, because, if you stew in one-sided news coverage, or scroll through cat videos on YouTube all day, you might already be living more in an alternate reality than you are in the real deal.  For that matter, if you've always got your nose in a book, the same applies.  People have always wanted to escape from reality.  The difference is that, now, the forms of escape are more ingenious, convincing, and comprehensive than ever before...and they will only get more so.  It puts mankind in a fascinating predicament. 


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: MSNBC has one objective only; that is to support to the full the antiamerican left. Their provision of a forum to Al Sharpton confirms their willingness to accommodate anyone who advances their totalitarian agenda, ANYONE! My guess is that their "employment" of Ronna McDaniel is a lame campaign gesture meant to convey a completely false (and for them almost unbearable)image of "balance " and an objectivity they despise. What's with her anyway for playing their game? Does she expect breaking of bread and kumbayaa sing alongs in good willed response to her overtures?

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Another factor in the, I agree, virtually ubiquitous pursuit of pleasure inducing escape from harsh verities is the fact that probably for the first time, much of humanity is largely free of the unrelenting physical labor which was inherent in most people's lives . That affords us the time and widespread prosperity the means, to access entertainment and recreation divorced from grim reality. Eg,: right in our area, the intense devotion to an essentially meaningless sport (football) stands exemplary of this (and I go along with it without hesitation). Considering the appalling conditions of day to day life for everyone in the relatively recent, well recorded past we are blessed beyond measure to enjoy such well being.

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Perhaps it helps to consider what motivated those who endured indescribable hardship (really; an account of it is astounding) to get to the Yukon to try their very much unassured luck in finding gold, in the relatively recent late 19th century. It was because only wealth could afford them relief from unrelenting, spirit destroying drudgery and some mitigation for the chronic , miserable health problems which were the lot of everyone .For the freedom we have from that , I'll risk the hazards of technology, yes, even though I don't get along with it.Though I am fascinated by history and would visit it if I could,I am very glad not to have to inhabit it.

  4. Jack, the leadership of NBC/MSNBC may have miscalculated the willingness of their "talent" and their viewers to countenance alternative views. The other possibility is that Ronna was hired purely to keep her OFF the air, which, if true, would be a downright diabolical ploy.

    Right, Jack: the precondition for our descent into un-reality is our prosperity and our leisure.

    I agree: modern technology has its drawbacks, but at worst it can only be accused of enabling some of the worst tendencies that were already present in human nature. It also has made our lives almost incalculably easier, longer, and more pleasant. Plus, if anyone pines for physical toil, or mental drudgery, or buboes or tropical fevers, they can still be had! You just have to work at it a bit.

  5. Dr. Waddy from Jack: The horror with which MSNBC's culture warriors greeted the imposition of Ronna McDaniel on their comintern yet enforces the truth of their long since proven and insouciant antiamerican left partisanship. If that totalitarian movement prevails, why ,they can each expect a room of their very own in the proliferating "communalkas" which would be forced on us over the ruins of our unforgiveable privately owned homes to end forever all problems of denied "equity" in housing.