Wednesday, September 4, 2019

James Comey Pulled a Fast One on America

Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show addresses some major news items, as you would expect.  First and foremost Brian and I tackle the Brexit fiasco.  Will Parliament pass a law forcing the Prime Minister to accept endless Brexit extensions, thus potentially scuppering Brexit?  Will P.M. Boris Johnson call a new election to obtain a safe, pro-Brexit majority?  Will opposition parties try to obstruct an election, out of fears they might lose it?  All this and more will be analyzed on this week's show.  In addition, we cover the dangers of "gun control" and the news that James Comey, former FBI Director, will NOT be charged with leaking secret and confidential information to the press.  This last development concerns me greatly, because, if no one is charged with a crime in connection with the plot to frame President Trump for "Russian collusion," these sorts of dirty tricks -- and worse -- will be perpetrated again.  Here's hoping the DOJ had some very good reasons for showing mercy, and that it will come down hard on other big fish in the scandalous machinations to surveil and then smear a major-party candidate for President.

Brian and I also cover some fascinating historical items, including the 1957 integration of Little Rock High School and its constitutional and foreign policy dimensions, the anniversary of Britain and France's declarations of war against Germany in 1939, the pattern of recovery in Europe after the war, and the death of Ho Chi Minh in 1969.

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  1. Dr. Waddy": Ok, so Johnson calls a new election? What assures the British people that their will be followed in this yet, another test of their will? I don't blame Johnson, what else can he do? But what can they think?What is in store?

    The machinations of the British left are analogous to those of the American left. They are desperate to avoid the separation from the leftist EU bureaucracy they count on to subject their country to permanently politically correct control of all aspects of British public and private life.

    Similarly, the American left sees in the prospect of a second Trump term an end to their dream of SCOTUS imposition on America of their elite presumptions.

  2. Dr. Waddy: Is yesterday's switch to the opposition side permanent? Who can say?

  3. Dr.Waddy: I agree that leftist indoctrination on college campuses is inappropriate. On private campuses it is less assailable but still questionable if Federal funding is involved.

    Our strategy

  4. Dr. Waddy: If on American and state state supported campuses we can yet resist the leftist attack upon free intellectual controversy we may triumph in that, if we succeed, we negate the discredited leftist view that all opposing views are condemned.

  5. Dr. Waddy: State Governors and Legislatures can cut funding to public colleges in which leftist bias is obvious. Enough of that and leftist totalitarians could become persona non grata on many state campuses, especially in conservative states.They would have to find jobs at private schools, which would consequently become ever more extreme. At what point would this and the always very high cost of a private school combine to cut attendance enough to pose an existential threat?

  6. Dr. Waddy: The left displays consummate bad faith on gun control. They demonstrate this by, eg. maintaining that machine guns are available to the general public. With very few exceptions they are not and have not been since the 1930's; they mislabel civilian ARs "assault weapons"; assault weapons by definition have a full automatic function selectable but civiian ARs do not, they are semi automatic only - its like calling a humvee a tank. Their relentless insistence on ever stricter gun laws makes obvious their final intent, that of completely disarming Americans. We gun owners have seen enough! We know we cannot trust the left to negotiate with us in good faith. The only way to preserve this Constitutional right is to politically and legally defeat them.

  7. Well said, Jack! I'll speak more about Brexit on the blog in a post today, but a lot of your specific questions are hard to answer, because they are making up some of the rules as they go along... No P.M. has ever been in the position Johnson is in now.

    Your suggestion that red states exercise better oversight re: the public colleges and universities they pay for is a good one. I know that in some cases that happens. Arizona, for instance, tried to ban "ethnic studies" classes that were effectively tools of anti-white indoctrination. The problem, though, is that there is a tradition of self-governance in higher ed, and legal changes can't impact the institutional culture very easily. If all your administrators and most of your faculty are determined to marginalize conservatives and embrace leftist radicalism...they'll find a way! Many states banned race preferences, and colleges and universities found ways around those restrictions. Don't forget that leftists on campus can also go running to the nearest federal judge, if they feel that conservatives are imposing on their "liberties"... Don't get me wrong -- I totally agree with your view and believe that state legislatures should get MUCH more aggressive about cracking down on intolerance in higher ed. It won't be easy, though.

    The thinking about guns on the Left is sloppy...but possibly sloppy by design. Once the American people agree that "military-style" guns should be banned, next the campaign will be against "police-style" guns, i.e. semi-automatic pistols? The gun control people are playing a long game. They will never relent.

    1. I am afraid, the powers that be want to outlaw all guns, period. As for higher ed., I don't have any answers and offer up no ideas. Intolerance is real and it mainly comes from the left.

  8. Dr. Waddy: My understanding is that the Enlightenment marked a switch from deductive to inductive reasoning. Today's leftist academy appears to have regressed to pre Enlightment standards. Certain verities are unchallengeable.At least the medieval university employed the disputatio, in which skillfully reasoned discourse was thought to establish truth.

  9. Dr. Waddy: I think President Eisenhower ordered federal troops in to Little Rock in 1957. Gov. Faubus went on TV and said "we are now an occupied state".

    I was on a carrier in the Tonkin Gulf when we learned of Ho Chi Minh's death. He opposed European colonialism, sure, and then tried to force his Marxist hell on South Vietnam. In 1954, 400,000 Vietnamese fled the North to the South. They knew what was in store. The boat people were a tragic reconfirmation of the evil he wrought.

  10. Linda, I don't have any answers for academia either. When the culture becomes this degraded and delusional, where does one even start? As Jack pointed out, though, academia does have a "business model" that relies on massive amounts of public funding. I suspect, despite their contempt for capitalism, it would get their attention if we were to slay their cash cow...

    Jack, we shouldn't be surprised if the ivory tower intellectuals start debating how many Warrens and Sanderses can dance on the head of a pin -- that would be the type of trivia and nonsense they're used to. An honest debate about the future of the country, though, would set off way too many alarm bells. To debate Trumpism, for instance, would imply that there IS an intellectual, moral argument to be made FOR Trump -- and can you imagine how many snowflakes would be discomfited by such a conversation? Better to burn the quad down, surely. (Just a smidge of sarcasm there.)

  11. And I couldn't agree more about old Ho. He was an annoyance to America, but an absolute disaster for his own people. Millions of Vietnamese died to satisfy his utopian fantasies and unquenchable bloodlust.