Thursday, September 5, 2019

Brexit Makes Britain Go Bonkers (Boris to the Rescue?)

Friends, recent days have seen some high drama at Westminster.  The opposition and 21 rebel Remainer Conservatives have taken over Parliament.  They are close to passing a bill that instructs the Prime Minister to request yet another Brexit extension from the EU -- and it more or less requires him to accept it.  The bill is designed to take a no-deal Brexit off the table, and thus, according to many Brexiteers, to sabotage Brexit itself.  This is because, if Britain can never threaten the EU with a no-deal Brexit, the EU can say in response: okay, then take the Brexit deal we offered you (a very soft form of Brexit that effectively binds Britain permanently to the EU customs union) or cancel Brexit!  It's a complicated picture, but in essence a Remainer Parliament has just pulled the rug out from under its own Prime Minister.  They want to ensure that, either there will never be a Brexit, or it will be postponed indefinitely, and if it ever happens it will be so mild that no one will notice its effects.

Boris's response?  He finds Parliament's actions outrageous, and totally at odds with the June 2016 referendum in which the British people chose Brexit.  He believes that the government -- his government -- no longer enjoys the support of Parliament.  It doesn't.  He believes that the only solution is to have another parliamentary election, so the British people can decide, hopefully once and for all, whether they want to elect Brexiteers or Remainers.  Based on the polls, in which the Conservatives have a solid lead, Boris expects that, if an election is held, he will win it, he will obtain a safe majority, he can repeal the law forcing him to seek another extension from the EU, and Britain can leave the EU on schedule on October 31st, either with a deal (struck by him, applying maximum pressure given the imminence of no-deal), or without a deal.

The opposition's position?  They have sought an election for years, believing it would give them the opportunity to capture power.  Now, though, in the face of the polls, they are hesitating.  First, they say, let's get that precious extension, and then we can talk about elections...

The upshot, I believe, is that Parliament has steadfastly refused to implement the people's will.  Now Parliament is undermining the Prime Minister.  The best solution is an election.  We must hope that the polls are right and that Boris will be the victor.  Then Britain can have Brexit at long last, and the British people can get on with their lives.  Hopefully, some decorum can also be restored to British politics.

The only question is: when will this election be, and how much mischief will Parliament get up to in the interim?

Also, apropos our discussion about leftist tyranny on college campuses, check out this shocking poll:

Those numbers ought to shame any liberal academic who dares to mouth the words "tolerance," "diversity," or "inclusion"!


  1. It is scary what is going on over in Great Britain. I see Winston Churchill's grandson, Nicholas Soames, was kicked out of the Conservative party for voting against Johnson. I suppose Parliament will indeed not honor the peoples vote. Why have another election? They are not going to allow Brexit, simple as that. They have already proven that.

    As for the docking of grades, been there and done that and it came from ASC (he also acknowledged it via a email). I have long since learned not to voice my opinions or even state facts.

    On another note, we have the honor of being labeled a terrorist organization by San Francisco for being NRA members. It just keeps getting worse, sad to say. Talk about intolerance. I wonder how many people are really buying into this nonsense that the left continues to spin? Then you have Kamala Harris and others endorsing limiting meat and setting federal guidelines to how much eat or what foods to eat. Starting to sound like Communist China.

    Scary times that we live in.

  2. Dr. Waddy and Linda: Back in the '70's I was told by a good professor that party discipline in Parliament is far more strict than in Congress. Apparently, if you voted against your party on a critical issue, you were finished. Perhaps that still obtains today(?). Just waiting, day by day, to see what transpires.

    An article today describes the perceived intention of the NY State Education Dept. to assume extensive "power of review" over private and parochial elementary and secondary schools. One can just imagine the suffocating profusion of politically correct decrees, requirements and scolding these schools would have to endure. The result would be the transformation of institutions which unforgiveably outperform public schools into the swamps of vindictive leftist bigotry and totalitarian control which characterize too much of the American "university" now. The article says this is "yet another power grab in a state which is always grabbing more power".Meanwhile Prince Cuomo wants to raise prison inmates'pay, so that, well, they will "feel better" when they leave and be less likely to reoffend.

    1. That's King Cuomo, Jack, lolol. I can tell you, I had to take all these extra classes "just because it is a liberal arts degree and you have to be well rounded and versed in said subjects"--nonsense. Suffocating is the word. Like, having to take all these Math and Science classes, I'm a History major, what does that have to do with a hill of beans? Nothing. Lets not even discuss the public school education. sigh

  3. Dr. Waddy and Linda: The author of the article on Republican college students' hesitation to be frank about their views for fear of open hostility and detriment to their academic records may miss some key points.

    It says, in effect, that leftist politically assertive Profs "should refrain" from such intimidating indoctrination and that Republican students would benefit thereby from a unrestrained exchange of ideas.This assumes good will on the part of the essentially totalitarian left and that is foolish.

    In my opinion: this is an utterly forlorn hope. It would be like saying to the 13th century Mongol horde sweeping across the Middle East and Eastern Europe "come let us sit down and reason together" Say what!?

    The American leftist mind snapped shut in the '60's and that determination has never wavered, no, not to this day. From then on they have considered NO regrets or even a hint of any regard for opinions with which they disagree. Show me any evidence to the contrary. The Russian communists famously invoked in the '70's the "ratchet" concept, which held that any communist advance was irreversable, that no retreat would be tolerated.To them that would be an unforgiveable sign of weakness and lack of resolve. And we have seen the corporal consequences of that in those countries cursed by radical leftist governments.

    The left has built strategic bases for itself in the American academy, in the bureaucracies of the Federal and several of the state governments and even in the elected governments of such disgracefully compromised states as NY, CA and other pretenders.

    In the Academy itself,consequently, the predominant left is way, way beyond any countenancing of free inquiry, academic freedom for other than the left, any benefit at all to the "feelings" of Republican students and any willingness to give an inch. They know themselves to be a fortress of incipient totalitarian takeover and they cannot be dissuaded.

    There can be no reasoning with them; they embrace Marx's convenient call to complete rejection of traditional, evolved, institutions and convictions.

    Accordingly, we must abjure any hope of appeal to their good will. Their will is exemplified by Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Mengistu Haile Merriam of Ethiopia, Pol Pot, "Che", Al Sharpton and all who kneel to them. We face no less than this in the American academy. The solution? Recognize the existential threat for what it is and face the fact that only resolute resistance can defeat it. And if we don't affirmatively defeat it, it WILL destroy us, as has been its increasingly obvious intention since the '60's.

  4. Linda, yes -- scary times! San Francisco's labeling of the NRA as a "domestic terrorist organization" was a bad joke. Fortunately I think it was an embarrassment even to the Left (and that's saying something). I think of it as an in-kind contribution to the NRA...

    As for Brexit, Linda, I believe you may well be right that the current Parliament will never allow it to happen. Their strategy seems to be to delay the process long enough that either another referendum can be justified (people's memories are short, after all), or Brexit can simply be cancelled and swept under the rug. The British political elite has been plotting against Brexit ever since June 2016 (in fact, long before that). The only and best solution? An election to give Boris a big majority!

    Linda, I agree with you to a point about the silliness of "general education" requirements...but then again I wouldn't have a job without them, so maybe I should abstain. :)

    Jack, party discipline in Britain is generally strong, but it broke down completely on Brexit under Theresa May. Both Conservative and Labour MPs voted however they pleased. Boris is trying to bring the Tories on side again. That's probably for the best, although it occasions some bloodletting in the interim. My take: reasonable people can be against Brexit, but reasonable people can't say they believe in democracy and actively undermine the people's will.

    Jack, that's quite a call to arms! You may well be right about the ruthlessness that pervades the Left, but I would say it doesn't pervade all of it. Political correctness, for instance, is deeply unpopular all over the political spectrum. There is an opportunity, now and then, to shame the Left over its own intolerance, and even to win the support of some liberals for more open and balanced dialogue. When the opportunity presents itself, we shouldn't hesitate to take it. You're right, though, to ask the question: how do we "converse" with those who seek our destruction, and who have zero respect for our values or even our humanity? That debate is a non-starter. I'm afraid you're right that the academy is less and less often a place where we'll find "good will".

    Hey, when all else fails, we can retreat into the laager and attend a Trump rally! It worked for me.

  5. Dr. Waddy: You are right; when I drove to Texas in October 2016 I didn't think Trump had much of a chance. But after 10 days in the real America and seeing the astounding prevalence of Trump signs over Hillary signs I came back thinking we really had a chance. I mean sure, expected to see more Trump signs but 10 to 1?

  6. Dr. Waddy: I am amazed to hear that PC has its doubters on the left. But I know you can support it. Still, the Nazis had those of profound doubt about their convictions (eg Rommel) yet fighting full out for them. How many among Stalin's coterie dared venture in their minds some doubt? But this was as (almost) nothing against the full force of Hitlerian and Stalinist murderousness. Consequently, I would maintain that the left's consummate determination to achieve the PURPOSE it resolved upon in the '60's when it expeditiously closed its mind, remains, unsullied. Oh, they may deign to consult with us at times but we must never doubt their belief in their ultimate totalitarian triumph. The history of the war in Germany in 1945 confirms that totalitarians, despite the assurance of defeat, are yet capable of harrowing destruction.A phenomenom of German nationalism? Perhaps. But we must be resolved to beat this leftist curse into the very ground, I think.

  7. No argument from me, Jack! Victory over leftism is essential.

    I do think, however, that liberals are a varied bunch. Some are ruthless ideologues, sure, but many others are just chronically deceived. How many liberals think that way simply because the media and our cultural leading lights pound them day in and day out with propaganda? Plus, don't forget that few Americans check EVERY ideological box on one side or the other. My sense is that PC culture and intolerance and weak spots for the Left. They know that they regularly overplay their hands and embarrass themselves. If we could focus the public's attention on PC madness in the same way that the media now trumps up the issue of racism and sexism, say, we could make the Democrats a minority party in no time flat.

  8. Dr. Waddy: I think you are right and I think that the leadership necessary to focus discreditation on the PC left exists and is empowered, in the person of the courageous Donald Trump. And I think that resolute support for him is the most effective way to advance the defeat of the misguided and, tragically wrongheaded American left.

  9. Jack, PC culture has never had a more formidable enemy than Donald Trump, to be sure. He's the least PC politician we have. To some degree, though, bringing publicity to the intolerance and kookiness on the Left is not just Trump's responsibility, it's a responsibility which all right-thinking people share. A letter to the editor here, a bumper sticker there... It all helps!