Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Nixon and His Nemesis

Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show is a humdinger.  We cover New York's new law granting driver's licenses to illegal immigrants, as well as the bugaboo of "foreign interference" in U.S. elections.  In addition, historically, Brian and I talk about the origins of the Republican Party, the hopelessness of Japan's situation in the Pacific theater in World War II, the execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, and the trials and tribulations of Richard Nixon.  Don't miss it!


  1. Another great post/interview, Dr. Waddy. I don't even know where to begin...

    What was Cuomo and the legislators thinking? (I know, rhetorical--its all about getting the vote). I have been reading there is quite a back talk from the county folks who run the DMV offices. When we first got our NY licenses and later got the enhanced licenses, we had to show 3 forms of id including a Birth Certificate. I guess the illegals don't have too? Call it what is; illegal. I agree, there needs to be a special prosecutor.

    I am still in disbelief over Biden entering the race. I highly doubt he will get the nomination and agree with you and the focus of Trump and the hatred that is involved.

    Marijuana--totally agree, it should be greatly discouraged--but if one is going to legalize it-then tax it like you do everything else. I have great reservations about this--wouldn't the federal banking laws have to be changed?

    Levin-right on.

    Rush Limbaugh-I'm a little biased about Rush-love him ;). Again, totally correct.

    Day in History-I did not know that about Nixon (being a prosecutor), very interesting. I had read that about Eisenhower/Nixon having issues with one another, don't really remember where I read it. That is a very interesting topic as well. Indeed, politics is quite personable and the liberal/left leaning establishment makes it so. There are at times when I wish the Republicans would be just as ruthless. Great way to sum up the Republican party in 60 seconds.

  2. Dr. Waddy and Linda: Its bad enough that our state flouts the law by affording driver's licenses to illegals but Cuomo gloating over measures included to protect illegal licensees' consequent records from federal immigration scrutiny is just too much! Mr.President, please, take this disdainful and lawless man to task; you have the power to do so. We millions of New Yorkers who are profoundly ashamed of and terribly misruled by this reckless dictator look to you for relief.

    Japan's cause was hopeless after the Battle of Saipan, during which the Mariana's Turkey Shoot took place. The new Japanese carrier Taiho was sunk there by one torpedo (because of necessarily overhasty training in damage control). It was the one Japanese carrier roughly equal to the WWII American Essex class, of which approximately 20 were built. They had no chance after that in a naval war.The Battle of Saipan also displayed, once again, the brilliance of overall commander Admiral Raymond Spruance, the perceptive hero of the Battle of Midway. He was a "blackshoe", a surface warfare man, rather than a "brownshoe", an aviator. Yet, he directed two critically important largely air victories.

  3. Amen Jack about Cuomo and I would like to add those dems/folks who voted this in--time to take it to the woodshed. I for one, would vote NYC to be cut off from the rest of the state--since they get to decide an election (that's another story, right?).

    Thanks Jack also for the history lesson in regards to Admiral Raymond Spruance.

  4. Thanks, Linda! That's a great point about the IDs that illegals will need (or not need) to obtain a driver's license. It wouldn't be the first time that they were given preferential status by the Dems...

    At first I thought Biden was likely to prevail, but I'm starting to doubt it. He's not a very disciplined candidate, and the Democratic Party is, as you say, ruthless about destroying even its own, when ideology is on the line. They see an opportunity to "transform" America into the socialist paradise they've always craved, and they know Biden won't be the one to get them there.

    Should Republicans be just as ruthless as the Dems? That's a toughy. We need to be strong and aggressive, yes, but I'm not sure we need to be as childish and personally vicious as the Dems. Maybe there's a middle way.

    Jack, dittos! The federal government and its lawful authority are being consistently undermined by Cuomo and his ilk. If this goes unpunished, we can expect even worse to come.

    Jack, it's hard not to feel sorry for the Japanese, who were taking it on the chin in 1944-45. Talk about biting off more than you can chew. Give them credit, though -- they didn't make the same mistake twice. They learned their lesson and became members in good standing of the Western alliance.

  5. Linda: There are, I think, times when majority rule, though a very stabilizing general principle, produces injustices. The establishment of the electoral college was accomplished partly by arguing this possibility. New York City is a great town but they don't "know from" us upstate. Though established legally, their now dictatorial dominance of that part of the real America which resides in NY, especially in the person of a Governor who, at best, patronizes us and, at the worst , often displays,with withering contempt for our values and an unshakeable determination to force his dreams on us, a casually presumptuous and unmistakablely dictatorial bent, amounts to oppression and our shame before our country. An NYC free "West NY" would still have problems with liberals but so do the many midwestern and mid southern states our upstate so closely resembles.None of them would empower such as Cuomo. For one thing, I don't doubt that the North Country, a region with longstanding experience of Albany (as the state Capitol simply a suburb of NY)heavyhandedness, would not seize on an opportunity to go off on its own. They REALLY have grievances against NY.They populate possibly the most down to earth region of our state, along with the Southern Tier. So I would be 110% behind a movement to bid goodbye and good speed to NYC. No harm to them but LEAVE US BE. STEP OFF!

    Spruance is a wonderful figure from our history. Life for a career mostly peacetime Naval officer is not easy and their life's work can be concentrated in a few fateful minutes. It takes great fortitude to face this possibility (imagine decades of completely faithful and unglamorous service at stake, not speak of thousands of lives and a nation's fate). He had a now aging destroyer class named after him but I think he deserved an aircraft carrier.

  6. Dr. Waddy and Linda: We must derive some consolation, I warrant, from the fact that, beyond state borders, we of the real America in the benighted NYS still stand with our fellows in the common sense majority and look to our eventual reuniting with the real America.

  7. It is a sad fate, living as we do in one of the most conservative, patriotic, wholesome parts of a very urban, blue, progressive state. Lots of Americans are in a similar situation, though -- many of them in red states. That's the way the cookie crumbles. I personally don't think we'll start redrawing state boundaries until our democracy really goes south -- so...soon?

  8. Dr. Waddy: That is a very good point about people of liberal convictions residing in red states. State boundaries were the result of 18th and 19th century realities. Maybe they should be redrawn? But you are right in saying its unlikely presently and maybe, as you suggest, that's the way the cookie SHOULD crumble and is a testament to our fundamentally democratic polity.I am loathe to afford any advantage to what I consider the murderous left but the "governing" dynamic of U.S. politics may provide the soundest remedy.

  9. Jack, I say redraw state boundaries so no red-blooded American ever has to live under blue tyranny again! Better yet, go back to the good ole days when rural areas dominated most state legislatures. Then Peoria will dictate terms to Chicago, and Elmira to NYC... Or, how about combining all blue areas into one state -- the State of Misery, we could call it -- while red areas would be subdivided into several hundred states. Think of how sensible the Senate would become! I'm full of ideas, no?

  10. Dr. Waddy: I think most likely is a separation of red and blue. Don't know if this would follow established state lines. If it were done in a relatively amicable way it might allow for obviously red areas like our Southern Tier to join with our kindred real America. If not, well . . .?

    We cannot abide these people constantly undermining our values from their blue fortresses like NYC. Something has to give.

  11. Hmm. Something has to give. On that we can agree. The question is...what? For the last several hundred years, the fairly consistent answer has been: liberty. I hope someday that will change.