Saturday, June 1, 2019

It's About Time!

Friends, it will come as no surprise to those of you who have read my articles faithfully that I fully support President Trump's decision to slap tariffs on Mexico to motivate that country to stop the flow of illegal immigrants across our southern border.  I suggested exactly that approach months ago.  Make no mistake -- the Mexican government will be offended.  The Washington establishment will be offended.  The corporate elite will be offended.  Naturally, the media will be incensed.  Trump will be under HUGE pressure to abandon these tariffs.  He should not.  They can and will work, if we stay the course.

Could Google be broken up?  I wouldn't be saddened if it were to happen.  "Big tech" is problematic both in terms of its monopolistic role in the U.S. economy and its stealthy (and sometimes not-so-stealthy) support of left-wing causes.

Lastly, this is an interesting analysis, if somewhat prone to hyperventilation.  I don't expect U.S. higher education to evaporate anytime soon, but the loony leftism of academia is jeopardizing its social utility, its credibility, and its relevance.  Either some semblance of non-partisanship and pluralism will need to be restored to American higher ed, or the decline of these venerable institutions will accelerate.  Sooner or later, Americans will question the wisdom of spending vast amounts of money on degrees that signify little other than elitism and political correctness.  The federal government too should rethink its practice of funneling billions to colleges and universities in the form of student loan subsidies and research grants.  Repent, academia, before it's too late!


  1. Dr.Waddy: I agree with you and I think the President's intent to turn up the heat if necessary is courageous and canny.

    Many nations would react to the incursion into their borders of ANYONE from another land with decisive military force. Imagine trying to enter China or Russia sans license!

    We can mobilize wealth through the voluntary will of the majority of Americans, not through government fiat, and direct it to the aid of the wretched. But this cannot succeed, no matter who the donor, without the true cooperation of those entities which control the homelands of the truly unfortunate. We cannot sacrifice our American integrity, with all it realizes historically.No country would. But if "El Jefe" would curb his greed, we can do very much material good. We can be asked no more than this; most nations would scoff at such "presumptuous" demands.That we have demonstrated, through the fundamental conflict this issue has engendered in our country, an undeniable devotion to and cognizance of, how it really is for those born into hopelessness anywhere, is to our credit. We cannot but have our limits, though. Political reality within our nation bids us beware of the destructive and totalitarian intent of those who would open our borders to all. They are, either, ignorant of the historical social processes which build a viable country, with all the benefits thereof,extended even to those citizens who would destroy us, or they are, with unparalleled and tragic cheek, breezily dismissive of that which has afforded them lives of unimaginable comfort.

    The shameful toadying of powerful corporations to leftist bullying is the product of a familiar dynamic. The high ups want no disruption of their material benefits. The lower downs fear for their futures, especially in light of children, mortgages and the first hints of age. So, like amoral water, they take the path of least resistance. The answer to this is: PROVIDE resistance, plenty of it.

    I rejoice at the expression of the New York Post author of doubt in the future of the American university. That is because I have advanced such a view and am glad to see it manifested in such a creditable and widespread setting. I love the university and its exaltation of the dignity of academia. I've been on four Ivy League campuses and was smitten by their beauty and by the thought of the redeeming discourse they have hosted. But their tragic capture, together with those of their intellectual avatars all over our country, by the bigoted and prospectively murderous American left, is as pervasive as to warrant an all out political attack on the American academy, having as its object whatever it takes to marginalize and contain this cancer.

    The article suggests that financial support for this incipiently and viciously antiAmerican institution will be decisively cut in alumni and popular reaction to its America hating excesses. Let's hope so. They wouldn't all be driven under but they may be "learned" some respect.

  2. You're absolutely right, Jack, that so many nations look on our borders with disdain, when they would never allow their own to be so cavalierly violated. This is what "America First" is all about, in my view.

    How to help the people of Central America -- short of allowing the whole populace to relocate to Los Angeles -- is a vexing question. One of the best things we could do is stop buying their drugs, or legalize their drugs. Either option would destroy the drug gangs that are terrorizing many in Latin America.

    You're right that corporate America will only resist leftist bullying insofar as they perceive equal or greater threats in other quarters. We have to make those threats materialize, and quick, or else the Left's dominance of corporate boards will become as ingrained as its dominance of Hollywood and the ivory tower.

    For understandable reasons, I'm not ready to give up on academia just yet, nor do I think its demise is imminent or feasible, but I can well understand why many would be questioning its future. My hope is that, by capturing the political kingdom, and then the corporate world, and then the media...the next domino to fall will be academia. But we will need to keep our eyes on the prize if any of this is to happen.

  3. Dr. Waddy: Your suggestion about legalizing their drugs is one of the best arguments I've seen for the same. I do much fear that the monsters who run the drug cartels would find some other illegal enterprise to pursue with their characteristic sociopathy but that's yet to be seen.

  4. Jack, as Jesus said, the poor will always be with us -- and so will the gangsters. I think Jesus's remark is more apropos, though, because poverty is the real reason thousands of Central Americans are hoofing it to California and Texas. Reducing drug crime would have only a marginal effect on migrant flows, in my view. As long as the door is open, people will come through it. Ergo, the door must be shut -- to ILLEGAL immigration, at the very least.