Thursday, August 30, 2018

Pope Francis: Holier Than Thou?

Friends, in my latest appearance on the Newsmaker program, hosted by Brian O'Neil, we delve into the top issues of the day, including: Lanny Davis and media bias, the politics of grief surrounding the death of Senator John McCain, the fate of Paul Manafort, judicial activism and the subversion of legislative control over Congressional redistricting, the nomination battle surrounding Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and the debate over Pope Francis's role in the alleged coverup of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church.  As always, we leave no stone unturned!


  1. Dr. Waddy: I also greatly respect the Catholic Church; I think it the most important institution in Western history and in today's stew of moral relativism, a pillar of indispensable human responsibility. The present scandal is acutely painful for those who love the Church and terribly traumatic for the honest victims. Those accused must be afforded due process and that would be denied them by the many who rejoice to see the Church under what they hope will be a final and decisive assault, resulting in its dissolution. They hope in vain. The Church will survive and reform; if not under the stewardship of Pope Francis then under one who will do what must be done. The Church is historically proven far too positive and resilient to go under.

  2. Amen (no pun intended)! I'm 99.9% certain that the Catholic Church will outlast the Washington Post, and if I'm right then there's still hope for humanity...

  3. Dr. waddy: Great comment. Its the sublime vs the presumptuous and fatuous.