Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Those Dems Just Don't Know When to Stop

Sometimes the self-delusional heights to which lefties ascend are, well, downright funny.  Some liberals, believe it or not, still haven't given up on the Clinton campaign.  This joker has formulated a way for Hillary Clinton to replace Trump in the White House...  Priceless!  The fact that so many leftists are inclined to believe this nonsense only makes it more uproarious.  Enjoy!


  1. Dr. Waddy: I think it impossible for Bill or Hillary to make anything "clear" to anyone, including each other. She may run again, she may join an Ashram, who can say? I think our President will beat anyone who runs against him; he's the real deal.

  2. I agree, Jack. Right now Trump is competing against "Other" in the polls, and that's always a hard slog. When he faces a flesh and blood leftist, however, I like his chances!