Monday, October 30, 2017

The Left's Doomsday Weapon: Lawyers!

Behold, my latest article, published in Morning Consult (thanks to the editors!), which concerns the newest front in the left's ongoing campaign to subvert democracy.  That's right -- I said it -- the left wants to subvert democracy.  They can talk all they like about phony Russia conspiracies, but the simple fact is that liberals have no compunction about overruling the will of the people and accomplishing their goals through the courts.  Indeed, they think, and are not shy in saying, that the law and the constitution are "ever-changing".  Friends, that means that the left gets to reinterpret the law and the constitution as they please to suit their agenda.  It also means that when people like Donald Trump win elections, the left will use the courts to prevent them from exercising power.  We saw that just today, with a federal judge's injunction against President Trump's order excluding transgender people from the military.  Now, every American can decide for themselves what they think about the issue on the merits, but shouldn't the elected representatives of the people, and not unelected judges, have the final say?  Well, liberals think not.  My article is about leftist efforts to sue the pants off of energy companies, which they blame for climate change, and don't think that they'll stop there.  Gun manufacturers -- liberals have their eyes on you too.  President Trump can expect to be confronted with a Great Wall of judicial activism and obstruction as long as he's President.  The Supreme Court will have to work overtime to clear away some of this judicial troublemaking.  As conservatives, we'd like to think that winning elections will guarantee us the opportunity to accomplish our policy goals, but with the courts, lawyers, the media, the education system, Hollywood, and corporate America largely arrayed against us, nothing comes easy.  Brace yourselves, therefore, for a long, hard slog!


  1. Dr. Waddy: In my opinion, this is the fruit of the '60's and the consequent rise of the Critical Legal Studies school of mandatory legal doctrine which dominates many law schools. Some of their grads are high (so to speak) in the judiciary now and the result is the situation you describe. They believe themselves unfettered by the demonstrated necessity, through research into settled law and proven sound decisions, of providing creditable authority for measures they enact from the bench. Current concepts of social justice, derived from the leftist dominated American academy outside the esoterica of legal discourse , are their standards because they regard the painfully evolved fundamentals of the British and American legal system simply to be means by which elites protect their power. Since they exalt in their unquestionable moral nobility , they think it meet that they now exercise this power. The answer is, as you say, a long hard fight to preserve our worthy legal tradition by advancing the investiture of judges who cherish that precious heritage and fully appreciate the horror of presumptuously discarding it.

  2. Here here! So far, Trump's judicial picks have been one of the brightest spots of his presidency, in my estimation.