Saturday, October 14, 2017

President Trump Defends the Flag

President Trump's radio address this week was an eloquent defense of Old Glory.  It seems incongruous that a U.S. President should have to explain why, in America, we ought to respect our own flag, but these are the times we live in...  Fortunately, in the NFL, we seem to be winning the battle.  The real litmus test will come if a Dallas Cowboys player decides to defy Jerry Jones.  Then the rubber will meet the road...  Stay tuned!


  1. Dr. Waddy: Thank you for forwarding this, especially the painting. I have participated, as a reenactor, in 18th century style colors ceremonies and that one looks authentic to me. Just imagine the courage it took to do that when the King's troops threatened. Our President, advances his incipient greatness as he makes this declaration.

  2. Thanks, Jack! Symbols are important, as we all know, and liberals should understand that as well as anyone, since they're obsessed with superficialities, and would gladly destroy a (conservative) person's career and reputation for the most trivial breach of PC etiquette...