Friday, November 17, 2023

Delightfully Diverse, But Dumb as Rocks


Friends, the decline and fall of objective testing has been confirmed, once again, by New York State's decision to scrap the requirement that students pass Regents exams before they can become high school graduates.  Apparently, not everyone passes, and we can't have that!  Personally, I can't think of any downside to socially promoting every moron right out of high school and into the workforce.  Heck, this raises the question of why we need objective testing as an entrance requirement for, say, law school or medical school -- and why, come to think of it, lawyers and doctors need to demonstrate competence of any kind...  Isn't "competence" just another word for white supremacy???


In other news, a Colorado judge has ruled that Donald Trump is an insurrectionist, but he should be allowed to stay on the presidential ballot anyway.  Kind of a Pyrrhic victory there, huh?  Expect much more to come on this front. 

Finally, the commercial assault on Twitter/X is accelerating, based on vague concerns about "hate speech".  Of course, hate speech flourishes all over social media, but don't expect advertizers ever to flee from Google or Facebook.  Those platforms at least make all the right noises about hating the haters, except of course the haters who hate conservatives, who are totally cool.



    What! Trump an insurrectionist? Does this mean that reactionary and counter-revolutionary no longer apply to him?

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: The US is lucky to have NY state available as a laboratory for loony antiamerican left experimentation . Our local newspaper in this common sense island in NY prints weekly descriptions of the accomplishments of outstanding high school students. Heck, one kid's merits took up a page long column. Such elitism(not so much the columns as the deeds themselves) must be denounced even unto a sequestered graduation ceremony for these insolent overachievers, whose only motivation is the infliction of lasting emotional upset on those with C+ averages. Oh and the practice of placing those condescending "stickers" on the diplomas of the "privileged" will have but a short life. Progress after all!

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I would think the decision by the Federal District Court Judge would have the most immediate importance in that it appears to render the 14th Amendment section on denying office to "insurrectionists" moot. Its a "Nonjusticiable political question" the Judge ruled, probably because there ain't no Confederate veterans still with us. (Its now eligible for the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals where would garner more notoriety).Yeah well, I think the antiamerican left sensed this anyway and since their only purpose is to use any pretext to muddy the waters for DJT, they could give a tinker's damn.Its probably to their advantage to prolong this cynical charade.Perhaps this case or a mandated consolidation of the state cases will get to Scotus, where I think, the reasoning of the plaintiffs will be judged frivolous if not purposely counterintuitive in the extreme.

  4. Ray, rest assured that ALL pejoratives still apply to DJT, and presumably always will. I'm still waiting for Trump to be sued by a woman who claims that Trump raped and murdered her in a J.C. Penney changing room in 1979... Her testimony will be riveting! I expect CNN and MSNBC to offer blanket coverage.

    Jack, I'm sorry to hear that star students are still celebrated in your neck of the woods, when they should be harnessed like oxen to the most dim-witted of their classmates, so as to pull them over the academic finish line by hook or by crook. Above all, they must be reminded of their WHITE PRIVILEGE, especially if they have the temerity not to be white.

    Jack, to be clear, the ruling in Colorado was by a state judge, not a federal judge, so it really doesn't signify anything about how the federal judiciary may or may not choose to interpret the 14th Amendment. I still expect SCOTUS to have the last word, even if that word is "PASS!"

  5. Dr. Waddy from Jack: True and since the "nonjusticiable political question" case was Federal it has the jump on the Federal ladder over any of these state cases.