Sunday, November 5, 2023

Could Sleepy Joe Be Ready to Nod Off for the Last Time (Politically)?


Friends, Joe Biden was never a prize pig, even in his salad days, but he's been steadily running out of gas as president (don't you love all those mixed metaphors?).  The American people's patience and enthusiasm for him is waning too.  The latest New York Times swing state polls have Biden losing in almost all of them, and not by insignificant margins.  Bill Kristol, Trump-hater extraordinaire, is now calling on Sleepy Joe to make discretion the better part of valor and let someone else carry the Democratic Party banner in 2024.  On the other hand, the closer we get to campaign season, the harder it gets to change horses midstream.  One wonders whether Biden takes any of this seriously, and has he ever had a conversation with someone close to him about whether it would be best for him to retire?  My sense is that Biden still has the ego of a young buck, and they'll have to drag him kicking and screaming from his race for relection.


In other news, RFK, Jr. looks more and more like he will be a major factor in the 2024 campaign and could draw a lot of votes, potentially even helping the Democratic candidate stay competitive with Trump.  So why would the Biden Administration continue to deny Kennedy Secret Service protection?  It's hard to think of any rational answer to that question.  One suspects that irrational hatred has to be the main factor. 

That execrable rag, the Washington Post, has a new editor.  One has to wonder whether the paper's far-leftist editorial line will thus be softened, and whether it might even try to appeal to some independents and Republicans.  I won't hold my breath.


Finally, Elon Musk has unveiled his own A.I.-powered chatbot, called "Grok", which is designed to be saucy and sarcastic.  How fun!  Musk does predict, however, that in the foreseeable future we will all lose our jobs because of A.I.  I guess the good news is that unemployment will give us more time to spend with our new pal, Grok! 


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Close upon a Biden withdrawal we must expect a tsunami of support for a dem frontrunner anointed by the msm. DJT's lead would temporarily disappear as the msm gloms onto the sensational "comeback kid" story of much wronged Hillary vs her tormentor.Then it would settle down to a bareknuckles brawl as Hillary's haughty disdain for America comes once again to the fore, despite her best effort to conceal it,further motivating Trump nation.

  2. Dr. addy from Jack: Perhaps it would better if the Washington Post persisted in its antiamerican leftist bigotry and unprofessional presumption ( then again, the journalism profession has been so disgracefully degraded by its obsequious prostitution to political correctness since it got Nixon that it is now the very antithesis of a profession; now it is a function only).It truly represents a national capitol the permanent ambience of which is unrelenting hostility to any views insolently contrary to those of incipient totalitarians. Yes, American administrations and Congresses sometimes sit but they are regarded as despised interlopers, hardly to be endured by the denizens of the reeking leftist swamp.The antiamerican left's drive for complete tyrannical power accelerates and grows ever more obvious apace. Let the Washington Post continue to be its herald!

  3. Jack, maybe it's your inner demons talking, but if it makes you feel any better you are more or less alone in expecting Hillary to seize the Dem mantle in '24. She doesn't even register in the betting odds: I wouldn't entirely count her out, but she's barely younger than Biden himself, so I doubt the party would fall at her feet.

    Maybe you're right that it's for the best if everyone knows where the WaPo stands. Once upon a time, it did the Devil's work with a little bit of subtlety. Now, it wears its devil horns as a badge of honor.

  4. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I earnestly hope you are right about her chances because I yearn to see the day when Wmerica is free of the malign presumption of the Clinton curse. You are right too in that it is only my gut telling me that she has an electoral chance.

  5. Jack, if the movies have taught us anything, it's that a monster isn't truly dead until you've shot it fifteen times, decapitated it, and driven over it with a tank. Hillary, I should imagine, would be even harder to slay than your average monster... So, in short, you're wise to stay on your guard.