Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The Biden Follies

Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show is stimulating, to say the least!  It might even curl your toes.

In terms of current events, me and Brian concentrate on the exciting prospect of the resumption of Made-in-America human spaceflight, thanks to Elon Musk's SpaceX.  We also talk about Biden's recent statement that black voters who aren't already sure they're voting for him "ain't black"!  I diagnose it as typical liberal entitlement and contempt for dissent, rather than dementia, although no doubt there's a little dementia thrown in for good measure.  We also discuss the question of whether all voting should be done by mail.

In "This Day in History," Brian and I hash over the plight of Jewish refugees in the 1930s, Sweden's outrageous support for the Viet Cong, FDR's machinations to provoke war between the U.S. and Nazi Germany in 1941, and President Nixon's arms control successes.

It's a great show.  It'll be even greater once you become a part of it!


  1. Dr. Waddy: Biden is a DRIP, plain and simple. He seems to have learned nothing from Hillary's disgusting and patronizing reversion some years ago to "down home" lingo in a bumbling attempt to get down. Biden's cringe worthy front was of a kind with that. My guess would be that many black peole were insulted by it.

  2. The fact that a damn fool like Biden is running for President of The United States of America is a GREAT INSULT to the vast majority of the American people of all races!

  3. Dr. Waddy and Ray: A few leftists are honest, eg Bernie and then there is Biden, who cannot help giving us an honest look at him through his uncontrollable gaffes. He is a consummate fool, all things considered and I thank the Dems for handing him the standard. It is insulting to the real America but the Dems think themselves licensed for any manner of outrage if THEY think it worthy.

    Dr.Waddy: No surprise that a Luddite like Obama would bloc the space program. After all, he said NASA's main mission was to get along with Islam. And anything advanced by private enterprise was to him as garlic to the vampire.

    I'd say the years since the moon landings have been very productive, though certainly not as dramatic and I'm glad to see the manned deep space voyages resume. Everybody garnered a wealth of beneficial experience in near Earth orbit and we have the space station too. And we are only 65,960 years from the nearest star instead of 66,000 when the Voyagers launched.

  4. Dr. Waddy; Dear real America: Why sure you can trust us not to abuse a mail in election system. Our enthusiasm for it should be taken only as public mindededness (think what you will, you have to admit we are VERY PUBLIC minded)and any thought that we see partisan advantage rearing its discreditable head is, well, as Dear Leader Cuomo sniffed about criticism of his pandemic policies - "trivial". Sincerely, Brer Rabbit, President Pro Tem of the "Democrat" party.

  5. Dr. Waddy: No matter how the election turns out we can expect a hyperbolic reaction from the emotionally ruled Dems. If they lose, fasten your seat belts because they will go purely bugs. If they win, get ready for a tsunami of vindictive measures seeking satisfaction for their unbearable exile.

    An interesting thought that FDR might have used escort-Uboat clashes as a pretext for war on Germany sans Germany's alliance "justified" declaration after Pearl Harbor. Might have been a hard notion to sell and its possible Hitler might have backed off had the US not been challenged by Japan. Britain was still suffering perhaps unsustainable losses to the Uboats; an imminent collapse of Britain might not have been enough to bring us in, though it would have been best.

  6. Dr. Waddy: The Swedes: They effectively warded off the threats of both the imposing neighboring dictatorships in the 20th century by maintaining strength and the willingness to use it; they were not unaware of the danger.

    You are completely right in pointing out that humanitarian aid to a totalitarian state like N. Vietnam will certainly and cynically be used to any advantage, including military, it chooses. Perhaps a majority of Swedes hoped for that and its lamentable because they cannot have been unmindful of the lessons of WWII which condemned the nickle and diming of amoral monsters like the Commies. Perhaps it can be attributed to the passing insanity of the '60's, comparable maybe in its influence, both considerable and negligible, to 1848 in Western Europe(?).

    No matter how touchingly idealistic the "anti war" movement, both in the U.S. and elsewhere was it had only one effect: immeasurably tragic yet avoidable Commie victory in S.E. Asia, to the ruin of millions of innocent lives. Consider that, 1972 Sweden , in your "ice water mansion" far from the tropical horrors the US took on, even for your benefit!

  7. Dr. Waddy: Nixon was, I think, a skilled international politician. Its sometimes suggested that only a proven conservative can enact perceived liberal policies. Nixon was fully aware of the evil of Mao when he shook hands with him. He was doing what he thought was best for his country and I think history has borne him out. He created much willingness in the Soviets to be conciliatory and that was best for the world. Communism was eventually discredited and marginalized both in China and in Russia and Eastern Europe, to the benefit of many millions and we have fought neither one since, thank God.

    No matter what he did, had he ascended to heaven and ruled from hence, Nixon could not have moved his detractors to relent. Why? Because they were consummate, unregenerate fashionistas and snobs and consequently incipiently totalitarian in intent. Communism post war was their darling and Nixon, correctly recognizing its threat, external and internal, excited their visceral enmity. He was of course courageously correct on Hiss and is thereby cleared of any suspicion of spinelessness in his Presidential diplomacy with the Commies. He knew what he was dealing with and he knew how to game it! And he had the guts to do it.

  8. Dr. Waddy: President Trump faces an at least comparable campaign of vicious calumny. His offense?In 2016 he denied the left their undoubted due: a woman President, any woman, regardless of her obvious and glaring personal flaws. He blocked their ascension to the decisive point from which they would swing the American political balance, inexorably, to their totalitarian takeover, justified by their OBVIOUS righteousness. Understandably, they had no doubt that as wounded ,vindictive elitists they had been WRONGED and Trump has, as did Nixon, earned their everlasting antipathy.

    Obvious in this is their totalitarianism since such a stance can only be sustained by unassailably closed minds and wills ineluctably devoted to complete dominance. That is what they promise us; that is what must expect of them. Our purpose is crystal clear. DEFY THEM, DENY THEM!

  9. Keep your eye on the ball, I am telling you, Biden will not be the nominee come Convention time. Seriously? You really think he will be? Ok, and I admit, I probably will have to amend my thoughts. We shall see...I see HRC is busy running her mouth.

    I am not very happy being forced to vote by mail. Although, I see Steuben County will open for in person voting for this upcoming school board vote.

    Totally agree Jack, "resident Trump faces an at least comparable campaign of vicious calumny."

    1. The DemoCROOKS will rig the elections! I'm sure Trump's people realize this, but will they be able to prevent it? The DemoLIARS will not tolerate a second Trump term, and will do anything (however illegal) to prevent it. The elections in November 2020 will not be honest elections.

  10. Jack/Ray, I couldn't agree more: it is shocking and offensive that Joe Biden is the best that the Dems could come up with in 2020. And keep in mind that they view defeating Trump as probably the highest imperative their party has ever faced -- and BIDEN is the A-Team that they deploy to accomplish this sacred mission??? Maybe our country really is done for.

    Jack, you're right that our knowledge of space has advanced enormously since 1969, and we've acquired much of the technological know-how that would allow us to reach for the stars, even if manned spaceflight has been in the doldrums for a spell.

    Jack, I agree that FDR would have had his hands full dragging us into the European theater. Frankly I believe that would have been true even WITH the attack on Pearl Harbor but without Hitler's declaration of war. Hitler really was a boob when it came to diplomacy.

    Frankly, the best possible light I can cast on the Swedes' support for the Viet Cong is that they were cynically purchasing the minimal good will of the Soviet Union, their menacing Baltic neighbor. But I think the truth is that the Euro-socialists admired the VC for taking on the crude Americans, who belched their way through the Cold War. I mean, sure, we saved Western Civilization, but did we have to be so gauche about it???

    Jack, you are so right that Nixon's genius was in enticing the Soviets to come to the table and begin negotiating a de-escalation of the Cold War. That was the beginning of the end of the Soviet empire. Reaching out to the communist bloc in economic and cultural terms may have been just as important as the diplomatic and strategic overtures too. Nixon was playing a long game -- and we won the game, thanks in no small measure to him.

    Linda, I agree that the Dems would be wise to find a substitute for Biden...but they would have to be ruthless, brave, and imaginative to arrange it. I'm not sure they can manage the last two. We shall see. The ball is in Biden's court, in any case. By minimizing his gaffes, he can earn his ticket.

    Linda, in-person voting is still a thing. If that's your preference, you can do it.

    Ray is right that the Dems will pull put all the stops in 2020. Since many purple states have blue Governors, you can bet they'll try to ease the path for vote harvesting and other dirty tricks designed to steer the results their way. I fear that, whomever wins, the results will be contested and widely discredited. The Supreme Court could easily end up handing the prize to Trump -- with predictable consequences for Trump's legitimacy (not that he has much now, as far as the Left is concerned).

  11. Dr. Waddy et al: We face a dreadful prospect in that should the election revert to the House then the Dem wins automatically.