Saturday, May 30, 2020

The Best and Worst That America Has to Offer

Friends, what a strange time this is in our nation's history.  On one hand, today we witnessed the first ever launch of a crewed spacecraft by a private company: SpaceX.  We also saw the USA get back into human spaceflight -- on our terms -- for the first time since 2011.  Frankly, I believe that, for all our self-pity and theatrics, the coronavirus pandemic will be a tiny footnote in history...but the dawn of the age of private sector space flight will be remembered for as long as humans inhabit the Earth (and a few other planets besides?).  We crossed a threshold today that could transform our species from a planetary phenomenon to a galactic one.  That's the definition of a "big deal"!  Only in America, as they say...

On the other hand, even as we celebrate this milestone, many of our inner cities are smoking ruins, and the media is whipping up unprecedented hatred and paranoia among many black citizens.  Any CNN or MSNBC viewer would think that white racism was at an all time high, and that the GOP puts the KKK to shame in terms of its advocacy of white supremacy and racial oppression.  Of course, none of this is true, and black America has made many strides, not the least of which is the achievement of legal/political equality and, in most cases, membership in the middle class.  Does residual racism exist?  You bet, but the simple fact is that black people have never been less oppressed than they are in early 21st century America.  They have precious little reason to labor under a sense of utter despair, therefore, and even less reason to attack one another, the police, and private businesses and infrastructure in their own neighborhoods.  Every American is entitled to protest -- no American is entitled to run riot and to harm others.  Enough is enough.  Most of all, we need to see an end to the incitement of racial grievances by the Left and by the mainstream media.  Every assault, every act of arson, every epithet hurled at law enforcement, and, yes, every life lost in the past few days, and in the days to come, is and ought to be on their conscience.  Shame on them!  Here's hoping that America will someday be one, and that those who profit by dividing us will be left in history's dust.


  1. As we get closer to the general elections in November 2020, you can be sure that the left will be encouraging and instigating more of these race riots. The elites who control and manage the left media could care less how many people are injured or killed in these riots. The only thing that matters to them is that it accomplishes one of the goals in working for a Marxist Dictatorship. Like the virus, they will blame President Trump for these public disorders and his inability to maintain control. The Left never sleeps, coming to you since the "Communist Manifesto" was published in 1848, without fail.

  2. Apologies for being negative, but if the DemoS***S get back in power, that space program won't mean anything.

  3. I think both my son and held our breaths when the capsule launched, actually we were yelling, "Go, go, go!" I think I told you before, we went to the last shuttle launch back in 2011. I'm not much of a science person, but that Elon Musk finally did something right. I have to tell you, you must put that on your bucket list, you will not be disappointed (visiting NASA).

    Sigh...I'm married to a former military policeman who was trained to use the knee in the neck. Major arguments in regards to this. He also has strong feelings about the stand down in regards to the National Guard and the police station's. We totally agree with Ray's comments. You know what really personally set me off? Rioters at the White House. That's the people's house; ignorance at its best (or is it worse?). I'm afraid, Ray you are correct.

    Thank you for your kind comments about the job situation. I know something will come along.

    1. I see where people are also rioting in Washington, D.C. and tearing the place up. My understanding is that they were headed to The White House but were stopped by Secret Service and other forces. What do you think they would have done had they not been opposed? You know the answer to that of course. All this because someone was killed in Minneapolis, Minnesota. So, this is an excuse for rioting and looting across the country? I understand some of the rioters were not even from the places they were rioting in. And if you get a close look at rioters on the news, likely you will find more than a few are having the time of their lives wreaking havoc. See a lot of laughter and smiles there on those close ups? Do you think that if the person who was killed in Minneapolis were a White Man, or Hispanic, or Asian, or some other race of people other than African-American that any of this rioting would be taking place? This sort of thing has been going on for decades now, by the way. Do you really believe that the rioters give a damn about the dead guy in Minneapolis? Then again, of course you know that our leftist media will somehow blame all of this on President Trump, somehow. Do you think that the people at our leftist controlled media give a damn about the cadaver in Minneapolis? Ha! Ha!

  4. So, is all this concentration on the rioting some sort of a planned diversion by The Left? What else do The Leftist dregs have cooked up for us? Stayed tuned folks.

  5. Dr. Waddy et al: I know its off the subject but I have to vent and it does deal with lawlessness: How about Cuomo saying about people who open their businesses before he dictates permission: "Its not up to you when you open; you have to follow the law. . ." That's rich coming from him; he openly flouts Federal Immigration law and publicly celebrates his unlawlessness.But violate his law?! That's just the way dictators think and speak. C'mon President Trump and Tom Reed too, call him out on it; he's got a nerve he does.

  6. Dr. Waddy et al: Back to the subjects at hand. Our space program has always been one of the most redeeming features of US civilization and the ascent of free enterprise to decisive participation in it proves once again the consummate worth of our economy's soul and the necessity to defend it at all cost from presumptuous and proven wrong headed and murderous leftist totalitarian incursion. Silly Obama did no more in his insipid and limp handed assault on it than to alert us to the dangers posed by leftists infinitely more purposeful than him, like Hillary.

    The power of our confirmed economic essence will launch our space program to heights perhaps imaginable best by those of us who witnessed the first stage, 1961 to to Obamanik hesitation.

  7. Dr. Waddy et al: First: I think one appreciable element in the intensity of these protests is the pressure built up by the pandemic and its restrictions. That said;

    I maintain that the image of consummate antipathy towards" people of color" in law enforcement, is false. I worked in corrections for 20 years, with very deep and intensive contact with inmates (2/3ds of whom were minority) and never once saw an instance of police brutality, let alone blatantly caused by obvious racial animus! Was such animus present? I know it was in some people but in the "police" I worked with hand in hand, Corrections Officers, though some did resent minorities, were bound by draconian and job ending restrictions against enactment of the same. So too are today's police and even more so because of the efforts of police hating leftists (now why do they hate the police?" Because the police are the bete noire of the criminal revolutionary class the left cultivates to help it to totalitarian sway and the police are of course, a problem at ANY rate." Of course, after we take over the police will enjoy a very healthy revival- our police that is!"

  8. Dr. Waddy: Very, very obvious among those doing destruction now are those of the anarchic thug element which always seizes upon opportunities to loot and riot for the fun and profit of it. Of those of good will who also participate, thinking it to be a manifestation of complete despair at their demands for justice: I ask them, what, just what do you expect?. Complete surrender to that element which thinks our country deserving of "complete transformation" as per your silly mouthpiece, detached and casual Obama? Sorry, we reject those who disingenuously claim our country has made NO progress, let alone incipiently practicable and accomplishable racial justice! Nobody can reverse the unreversible realities of the 16 to 1800's and sorry, we will not endure your forcing that obligation on us, those you seek to blames for present racial inequities, I think you must seek evidence elsewhere, even in your own communities. In this consideration I do not suggest any measure of agreement, only that you consider. The seriousness of the dialogue is undeniable.

  9. Ray, I don't doubt that (as I argue in my latest article) the Left has instigated much of the unrest we're now seeing in our big cities, BUT I'm not convinced that riots are their preferred outcome. They want people of color to be angry and paranoid, sure, but ideally they want them to vote en masse for Democrats, not necessarily to burn down half the country. Riots have a potential upside for Dems, yes, but they're also a big risk. They could easily blow back on their proponents -- that's my main point here. It's happened before. If Trump is smart, he can win in 2020 just as Nixon did in 1968: by promising a return to law and order. Of course, by November the riots and the pandemic may both be distant memories. Contemporary politics moves at warp speed.

    Linda, I agree -- every American should visit the Kennedy Space Center. And you're right that the attacks on the White House are outrageous. For the media, though, it's no big deal. Can you imagine, by contrast, if right-wing radicals had tried to storm the White House when Obama was President? The media would be howling that it was the Beer Hall Putsch all over again.

    Linda, you may well be right that the knee on the neck DID NOT kill George Floyd, but let's be honest: none of the Dems and leftists care either way. The arresting officer was white. Ergo, he is guilty and must be destroyed.

    Jack: agreed. Humanity is poised to ascend to remarkable new heights...just as many of us are sinking to new record lows in beastliness. That's homo sapiens for you: full of contrasts, and never a dull moment!

    Jack, I abhor the demonization of the police by the radical Left. You know that already. But I think it's instructive that it really doesn't matter if liberals and people of color take over as mayors, police chiefs, or even as the police themselves, because the Left's contempt for law enforcement is baked in. They are actually calling for government to "defund" the police! Who do they think will protect them from violent criminals? The Left's position on law enforcement is totally out of touch with the reality of who most policemen are and what moves them to protect and serve. That much is clear.