Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Killing the Pope

Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show is a tour de force.  Historically, Brian and I cover the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II in 1981 and its Cold War ramifications, the Mexican-American War of 1846-48 and U.S.-Latin American relations, the missed opportunity in the U.S. as we neglected to commemorate V-E Day, and the legacy of Watergate.

In terms of current events, we discuss the steadily unraveling frame-up of Michael Flynn, Elon Musk's brave defiance of Alameda County public health authorities as he reopens his Fremont, California factory, Dr. Fauci's warnings about the prospects for a resurgence of the coronavirus, and more!

Listen in and share your thoughts...


  1. Some time ago I saw a satirical article describing what religious people (Catholics in this case), who liked Pop Tarts needed, and it was "Pope Tarts". Each package of sweets would come with a mini biography of some Pope, until you had all of them down to Pope Francis. If you happened to get a special package you might also get a Papal Encyclical or even the Pope's autograph. Great idea, but somewhat irreverent of course. However, no more irreverent than the do nothing Pope Pius XII who never said anything when 6 million Jews got gassed.

    1. Hey, don't give Pop Tarts a bad name, grin. (just teasing you)

  2. Dr. Waddy and Ray; Popes have been hounded, intimidated, captured and even deposed by secular Princes. Pius might have been given to understand that the Nazis and Fascists would tolerate no Papal questioning of their doings.

    Was not some connection of the assassin to Bulgarian government established? It is credible to suspect the Communist world of consummate dread of this very great Pope. H e was the death of them, though not as literally as would have been just (there should have been Commie Nurembergs)."The Pope? Why how many divisions does he have?". Stalin's successors lived to rue that flippant remark, didn't they! They comprehended the power this saintly, world historical man had the moment he set foot in Poland.

  3. Dr. Waddy: The weighing of the negative effects of the virus vs the certainty of widespread social and economic pathology is an ongoing governmental and political process which is yielding telling results. The fact that the left sees this as perhaps a once only chance to impose complete government dominance over our public and private (sic?)lives is well supported by the continuing reluctance of thoroughgoing leftists like Cuomo and Newsom to relinquish ANY of their emergency presumed powers. It is also plain in the intent of the Pelosi administration's 3 trillion dollar take over bill, replete with policy provisions like the release of all Federal prisoners over 50 years old and/or with diabetes. We can assume the benefits of this unthinkable deluge would be afforded only to those who pass the test of political correctness.

    For my own part, being quite vulnerable due to age, diabetes and hypertension, I will under any circumstances use caution in personal conduct, as of course will anyone with a lick of common sense. Assumption of personal responsibility is of course unthinkable to the left, except in "justifying" their onslaught on President Trump.

    I'm glad you mentioned that empirical evidence is already available on the dolorous impact of this shutdown of our economy and your observation that the MSM pooh poohs it is very creditable. The left's consummate bad will in this crisis is fully to be expected. As always, its only concern is its assumption of totalitarian power.

  4. Dr. Waddy et al: General Flynn: His redemption has made my day for several days now. Much thanx to Fox for covering thoroughly. What an ordeal this has been for him and his family and how undeserved! I am so SICK of leftists trashing our military, which they have been doing since the '60's. It was shocking then and it still is; "General Betrayus" - what sneering ingratitude on the part, of course, of a Clinton. At least the spitters know they can't spit on returning service members; they would like to do it still but they know the public would not stand for it, as it did so very shamefully in the '60's (the source, by the way of much of the bitterness still felt by some Vietnam vets). Hooray for General Flynn. Most of these pusillanimous leftist prigs could not have endured the first day of his distinguished career.

  5. Dr. Waddy: I know you know alot about Latin America; would be very interested in your criticism of my opinion. My prison work exposed me to hundreds of Latin Americans from what I understand to be the numerically dominant classes below middle class there. I think the dysfunctional political culture of the region is attributable in large part to the tradition of "El Jefe". I know it was dominant in Latin American inmates and I see much evidence for it in the history of the region: eg. Castro, Batista, Maduro, Chavez, Chedi Jagan, Peron, Allende, Mexican strongman after strongman, ad nauseum. Democracy seems never to have a chance to take root but it is overpowered by cynical,evil monsters. If you think this is so, to what is it attributable? Spain?

  6. Dr. Waddy: I think your observation that so many in Latin America want very much to come to America is right on point. Ithink the result of the following hypothetical poll of Mexican Americans - "What if you could change history so that Texas, the Southwest and California was to this day part of Mexico? Would you do it?" NOT!, I think and for obvious reasons. It can be argued then that the Mexican War eventually bettered the lot of millions. Of course Latin American Marxists despise the U.S. They are typical detached leftist elitists; they know the U.S. is Communism's demonstrated bete
    noire and having typical Marxist contempt for the "masses" have no hesitation in making anything other than their proven terribly misguided principles and their murderousness, the perceived problem. The will be sure to exempt themselves from all the madness they would perpetrate.

  7. Ray, I hope you got a patent on Pope Tarts. Don't let a great idea like that go to waste!

    Jack, my impression is that the connection between the Bulgarian government, the KGB, and the assassination is based largely on the deranged ramblings of the assassin himself -- so not very reliable.

    I'm glad you're going to exercise caution, Jack. As you say, that's sensible for someone in your position.

    As for Pelosi's grab bag of proposed spending, it speaks for itself! There is no form of political opportunism which the Dems would eschew. "Shameless" doesn't do them justice.

    Jack, the Left wrapped itself in the flag when Col. Vindman shared his testimony on the Hill, but their respect for the uniform evaporates completely where General Flynn is concerned. Frankly, though, I fault President Trump in part. He fired Flynn, which fed the bear of the Left's Russophobic delusions. Had he stuck with Flynn, the Russia nonsense might have gone away.

    Jack, I really don't know a great deal about Latin American history and the tradition of despotism there, but I know a little about Latin America today, and it just isn't the same. Democracy is the norm nowadays, and caudillos are few and far between. Democracy has made great strides all over the globe, in fact. Many of our long-cherished assumptions about the developing world are being slowly proved incorrect. I think it's clear that the Third World is becoming more and more like the First every year -- and vice versa, for what that is worth.

    Yes, Marxists are almost always America-haters, for obvious reasons. For most of the same reasons, journalists hate the USA too, and they have done and continue to do tremendous damage to our image abroad.

  8. Dr. Waddy: On Latin America and the assassin, I stand corrected and glad to be so. My experiences in the Vietnam era and the outrage I still feel about how some of the returning vets were treated closed my mind permanently on Dems and the military. Its antiintellectual probably but aside from someone like Tulsi Gabbard I denounce the idea that the Dems are anything but ferociously anti our armed forces. Without them though, how they would bleat, unregenerate cowardly ingrates as so many of them are!

  9. Dr. Waddy: Dems (leftists; same same as they say in the Philippines) "Shameless" for sure EXCEPT when they visit it upon those insolent enough to doubt their justice and prescience. They are faithful disciples of Alinsky in their blithe use of ridicule, the public progenitor of much shame. Ruthless, single minded, completely committed to their own acquisition of unassailable permanent executive power;all completely justified by their undoubted righteousness ,the certainty that this, applied to any present or future problem (and all "problems" will be their oyster then)will result in justice and the consummate perfidy of any who oppose them - all of these are ever their conviction. And it shows in their conduct in this crisis; does it ever. Real America take heed; You can stop them at the ballot box upon which you retain a tenuous right; you must come through!