Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Impeachment Special -- Yum!

Friends, don't miss today's impeachment special, courtesy of me and Brian O'Neil -- it's all the impeachment you can eat for just $4.99.  You won't find a better deal in talk radio!

Brian and I cover the impeachment brouhaha in exhaustive detail, including the latest developments in the hearings, Democrats' political strategy, the polls, the Nielsen ratings, and the sheer madness of it all.  In addition, Brian and I preview tonight's all-important Democratic debate, which I fully expect to be the most vicious yet.  Brian and I also talk about Catholic theology, the Russian counterattack at Stalingrad, and the 72nd wedding anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.  Don't miss it!


  1. 'Waddy Wednesday' love it. So, I have the 'vapers' over this ((grin)). I'm sorry, Vinderman, is a rat. Call it what it is. R-A-T-he sought out the whistleblower and the Republicans even got him to admit he was working for himself and the protection of Ukraine and not the good of the our country. He should be ashamed of himself and the uniform that he wears. That is a problem; career officials and eight years of the former president who projected the military as a social experiment. I know you don't approve of this thought--but being married to a former military man, I just have a different take on it. One never ever goes against the chain of command, never. This guy clearly did. I think these people have forgotten who the boss is and that includes the military.

    Sondland-I had time to listen today. I think Sondland has a 'Sondland' problem. Meaning, I found his testimony bordering on perjury. He sure thinks he is all that...and I feel bad he and his family are getting threats, which are uncalled for.

    Debate-I have really no thought on this. In truth, I am rolling my eyes, and I bet you they do not discuss the impeachment inquiry as I just don't think it is going well for the Dems.

    I have never watched the Crown. Happy Anniversary to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip.

  2. Hi Linda! I trust the end of the semester is a breeze for you? Ha ha. We can dream, right?

    I haven't watched any of the hearings, but I was amazed that Vindman was offered the position of Ukrainian Defense Minister. That certainly does suggest divided loyalties. It bears repeating, though, that the DC establishment was never that loyal to "America" in the first place. They think America is a wicked, racist, sexist, greedy place that needs to change and accept the "new world order" constructed by brilliant lefties like them. The idea of building our foreign policy around "America First" principles must bemuse them!

    To me, the upshot of the hearings is that the reasons for the delay in the delivery of aid to Ukraine are murky. No one has a smoking gun on that front -- and the legitimacy of Trump's concerns about Ukrainian corruption and the Bidens was never even explored. The Dems prefer not to go there.

    I still predict it will be tough to get a majority in the House to vote for ANY article of impeachment, though they might manage it. Obstruction of Congress would be their best bet.

  3. Ugh on the end of the semester; currently writing/typing three separate 18 page papers. No worries, looking forward to the Directed Study on the Ratification of the 19th Amendment for Local History next semester for the Senior project-- then I am outta' there, LOL. I already have a job waiting thanks to my internship.

    I have been reading there is quite a dissent in the ranks of the democrats. I also think the dems don't want to talk about the corruption because many other factors are involved. I would argue that Obstruction of Congress is a far reach for impeachment, I wish them well, truly I do.

    I agree the DC establishment has never been loyal to this great country of the United States. I am also happy that you seemingly didn't take my statements about Vindman as rude. Indeed, he is a Patriot, however, I think he has lost his way with this thought of "Globalism" and nation building. He sure had a air of superiority that grated on my nerves. I can't help but watch the hearings as this is a hot topic in the American Revolution class. One has to be on "her" game if she wishes to be part of the discussion that Dr. O. puts out there. Believe me, it's not easy arguing with a California liberal dem. Although, to be fair, he is sponsoring my Directed Study and we do have great conversations.

  4. Hi Linda. I'm very glad to hear that you're finding left-wing academia stimulating...and that left-wing academia hasn't made you walk the proverbial plank. :) What's this job you have lined up? That's awesome!

    I haven't listened to Vindman speak, but I've seen the supercilious expression on his face. Enough said!

    I agree -- obstruction of Congress is a weak charge, especially since no one likes Congress to begin with, but it at least has the virtue of being true: Trump hasn't been very forthcoming with the impeachment inquiry. I hear "abuse of power" is another charge they're batting around. That one might fly too. It's endlessly vague -- just what they're looking for.