Monday, November 18, 2019

More Waddy = More Power!

Friends, check out my recent letter to the editor of the Albany Times-Union, in which I come to the defense of natural gas as a source of power and heat for New Yorkers.  New York politicians and the "green energy" crowd seem determined to drive us back into the Stone Age, but I'm not having it!

In other news, check out this spirited analysis of the impeachment fiasco.  Note the low Nielsen ratings for the impeachment hearings.  I'm not surprised.  Surely, only the true believers could sustain interest in the latest farcical attempt to undermine President Trump.  Everyone with sense knows these hearings are a waste of time.  As the article points out, minimal public interest means it's unlikely the polling numbers for impeachment and removal will change much -- and in fact I believe it's more likely that support for these radical steps will gradually soften.  Mark my words!  Impeachment is going nowhere, and I give the House only a 50/50 chance of passing a single article of impeachment, at the end of the day.


  1. Dr. Waddy: I was unable to access your letter; I'll try it thru email. Cuomo's depradations will never end while he is in office. He's showing us what we avoided nationally in denying Hillary. NY becomes increasingly unliveable for people with common sense and there is no end in sight for the state unless the Feds take it in hand, as they did in the South. For individuals, the only relief is to move and I wish we could.

    I couldn't watch the hearings; I don't have the patience. But being a guest in a liberal home, I did see Schiff's laughablely histrionic preroration as he wielded the final gavel. Well!

    The only answer I'd give him is "William Clinton". The results of this powerful nonsense are all that matter and your prediction of those is plausible.

  2. I didn't watch a single minute of the hearings either. Ordinarily I like a good political drama, but it seems to me there's no drama here. The constant attacks on Trump were boring three years ago. Now they're just a waste of time. More importantly, the hearings were never going to have much of an impact, because no one watched...