Wednesday, February 7, 2024



Friends, once upon a time, Adam and Eve were exiled from the Garden of Eden because unfortunate misunderstanding, exacerbated by feminine wiles.  Now we have to ask the question: will a smiliar fate befall American conservatives, as an inevitable leftist dictatorship inflicts a form of "civil death" on us to punish us for our manifold sins?  Civil death is an interesting concept explored by the article below.  While I hate to give the lefties ideas, there are many ways to pull the rug out from under  a potential opposition or dissident movement.  The use of violence against political enemies, and their incarceration, are only the bluntest and least imaginative tools available to be a would-be tyrant.  Why not practice greater subtlety and censor one's adversaries instead -- or, better yet, expel them from social media altogether?  If that doesn't work, target their reputation, their finances, their family members, their livelihood, etc.  A lot of conservatives talk as though we're already living in a left-wing dystopia, but, believe you me, things can and will get a lot worse, if the neo-Marxist Children of Light have anything to say about it.  Remember, you're a "MAGA extremist", so you deserve the very worst that life has to offer.  Frankly, you deserve to die, but, in the meantime, you deserve to writhe in agony, and, if the "progressives" ever get their way, you will!


And here is some absolutely fascinating data on the changing demographics of those who support the Democratic and Republican parties, respectively.  Many of the most recent trends look positive for Republicans, but we should bear in mind that the fortunes of the GOP and the fortunes of Donald J. Trump, while linked, are nonetheless distinct propositions.


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I think living in NY state gives one a partial preview of how "american" totalitarianism would be. We saw in Mao's China the madness of relentless "continuing revolution" and arbitrary dreams forced on a completely subjugated people. In a sense not yet as murderous as that, we NY non leftists are subjugated too: every year when the legislature meets we dread to think of what new mandates will be forced on us as the dominant neomarxists turn up the heat (for example., ironically, by running use of readily available and practical natural gas out of our pristine clime). Because of our electoral minority we cannot prevent these outrages; i.e. we are dictated to. Cuomo, before he was purged for especially politically incorrect offenses, opined that gun owners who resisted his attacks on the 2nd Amendment were "just a vocal minnahrity, not real New Yawkas - they should just leave".(I mean no offense to the multitudes of NYC people who are of common sense ,in mocking his accent). At least he was frank. Believe me, having worked in NY government, I saw first hand the dominant disdain there for any who do not toe the leftist line. Criminals are seen as a useful "revolutionary class" and are literally freed to work mayhem as Mao's Red Guards were. We are forced by taxation to pay for a state university system much of which enables and encourages the "fundamental transformation" of our kids into far left automatons and then esconses them as teachers in our elementary and secondary schools to enlist youth into the never ending struggle against imperfection. It readily empowers America haters like AOC in adopting their hyperbolic and unproven "environmental" anxieties into state law which casually works increasing economic hardship on NYers. Its chief law enforcement officer , the AG, arrogates to herself the right to work ruinous sanctions on the conservatives she loathes. Could be any of us! Take heed America; today this happens here because lala land NYC enables these dictators. Those of like totalitarian mind, guided by their bywords "by any means necessary" are fullout determined to bring "NY" to your home and, hand in hand, complete the journey to marxist hell in the by then former America. We can't stop it here in NY, we just don't have the numbers, but you can, IF YOU WILL, in your states!

  2. All true, Jack, but these leftist depredations are small potatoes compared to the horrors Hochul and her ilk would inflict if the federal court system weren't keeping them (minimally) honest. Things can and probably will get a lot worse in the Empire State.