Thursday, December 15, 2022

Saint Joe Welcomes Weary Travelers (All of Them!)


Friends, Democrats believe in hospitality -- so much so that they refuse to enforce immigration laws and invite pretty much anyone to hike across the southern border, claim asylum, and take up residence here.  And the world is listening!  People are coming by the millions.  You thought we were setting records for border encounters in the first two years of the Age of Biden?  Psh!  You ain't seen nuthin' yet!

The steadily worsening situation at the border is one of the topics we cover on this week's Newsmaker Show.  In addition, Brian and I dissect the dynamics of the looming battle royal between Donald J. Trump and Ron DeSantis.  Based on the polls, it looks like momentum is shifting.  We also discuss the potential for an omnibus spending bill that would deprive the incoming Republican House majority of any and all fiscal leverage from now until September.  Now, why would any Republican agree to that?  Can you say "pork"?  Finally, when we get to "This Day in History", I suggest an important lesson that we ought to learn from our precipitious withdrawal from Iraq under President Obama in 2011.

It's the Newsmaker Show at its best -- as you'd expect, since I'm the featured guest!




And here's an article well worth reading.  It asks the truly germane question about social media censorship: when it occurs at the behest of government officials, does it violate the Constitution's guarantee of free speech?  That is, does Big Tech-Deep State collusion to censor conservatives (among others) represent a "conspiracy against civil rights"?  Now, I won't be holding my breath in terms of the goal of holding any federal officials accountable, but, unless someone is, we can more or less guarantee that there will be censorship aplenty in the years to come. 


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: We owe so much to President Trump: a sea change in Scotus which at long last denied the left this least democratic (and therefore most seemingly congenial to the left)still so very important branch ( would that we could ask any of the millions of fetuses killed after 1973 what they think of the deserved legal discrediting of Roe v Wade); there is much more to look forward to from the lawful court DJT and Mitch established. I'm DJT's age; I wouldn't want to endure the truck he invited on himself by going public.He's an hombre! "They smote me hip and thigh and right merrily did I return their blows!": John L. Lewis quoted it but it would do DJT right proud.

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: He showed that one from outside politics or retired military could become President; that may well motivate others of his cast (Elon Musk?). He bade the sanctimonious left STEP OFF in a manner making clear his contempt for their hypocritical horrified astonishment at his "crudeness". He did not shrink from giving these vicious dissemblers the thumb in the eye they richly deserve seemingly without fear of their assured onslaught. A good friend of mine said "he says what I want to say". That verity makes him beloved of the real America. DeSantis is a great prospect; if President Trump's time proves to be past, the Fla. Governor would do us the courageous service he has already done his state.

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I see an element of purposeful leftist class warfare in this unhampered border invasion.I saw on TV a woman from a border town who lamented that "our town has become unlivable; crime is rampant; I can't let my kids walk to school or be outside without me being there!" Well, says the left in reply: you are of the " have" class and those "invaders" are of the "have not class". You have simply because you are lucky; they have not simply because they are unlucky.In correcting this unendurable wrong you get hurt, well tough luck! Of course those who attest to this and act on it are careful to exempt their own material well being from consequences they blithely force on others, contrary to our country's laws. These laws were products of a democratic process graced by exhaustive consideration of the causes of injustices in the lives of those seek haven in our country .and what is possible in immigration policy.

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Do Americans directly effected by this lawless incursion enjoy tax exemption to compensate themfor our Federal gov't refusal to defend them? Ehh, no!

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: But then , they are of the "unprotected" classes the left delights in breaking.

  6. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Re Omnibaloney Bill: Time for Manchin or Sinema to say "hold up here"!


    Talking about border security is almost an "exercise" in futility.

    We do NOT have a secure border, and have NEVER had a secure border under the RePOOPlicans or the DemoCRAZIES.

    Why? Because the DemoNISTAS believe in open borders on ideological grounds, such as flood this country with people (legal or illegal) who will vote for them, and promote their American Marxist agenda. Because the RePOOPS no longer know what to do, although they yap a lot, with no action plans.

    The The TrumpALISTA wall was a nice thought, but frankly a waste, it could be blown through and walked around, period.

    SOLUTION: The Armed Forces of The United States of America should be used to protect our border and have all of the resources needed to do it. Ask the Army Engineers for starters. Any other solution is bullshit!

    Will it ever get done? You can always dream, can't you. And don't forget that there are ALWAYS corrupt politicians on the take at local state and federal levels who do want a secure border. They are being paid off to make sure we do not have a secure border, ever, because human traffic, drugs, illegal weapons is HIGHLY lucrative, trillions of dollars lucrative, and pay offs can be protected nicely.

    If this sounds like a bleak picture, that's because it is.

      Correct to read at local , state and federal levels who do NOT want a secure border.

  8. Oh, no doubt, Jack -- Trump's revamping of SCOTUS was a huge contribution to American democracy, Western Civilization, Christendom, and humanity itself. It's his most precious and honorable legacy. On the other hand, never has leftism and wokeism been as dynamic and as shameless and as aggressive (in this country, anyway), and that is partly "on Trump" as well. Did Trump tell them all to "step off"? I guess he did. They refused to obey!

    To be sure, those who have to bear the burdens of unlimited Third World immigration DO NOT have the sympathy of the Left -- mainly because they can't afford to admit that there is any downside to the flood of humanity washing up on our shores. Better to bury the story entirely, or, when pressed, to frame it all as a burden that any compassionate person would be honored to bear.

    Ray, I agree with almost all of your observations. We are highly unlikely ever to secure our border for all the reasons you cited. The best we can hope for is a modicum of Republican/conservative backbone from time to time that allows us to calibrate (briefly) the human tidal wave and enjoy a breather. Now, Ray, you might ask yourself: when we finally succumb to leftist authoritarianism and become a one-party state, THEN will we get tough on the border? We might, because then the huddled masses won't be needed politically. They'll be seen for what they are, in part: an expense and a hassle, and an affront to the authority of the federal government. Then and only then might the U.S. military be unleashed.

  9. Dr.Waddy, Ray, et al from Jack: Ray, I agree: one of the military's prime missions is defense against invasion and we are being invaded. But of course Dr.Waddy, under a leftist regime our armed forces would be directed against our country

  10. Dr.Waddy and Ray et al from Jack: Lawful control of our borders does not mean abandoning the wretched.Our immigration laws were written in part with their benefit in mind. We have had on balance one of the most humane of immigration policies. Their governments bear prime responsiblity for the well being of those who believe theyare not being treated justly.For good reasons we cannot countenance unlimited immigration. Our present administration knows that and its refusal to enforce our immigration laws manifests ill will toward its own country and resultant terrible injustice to American individuals.Again, we can help the truly needy but only under the aegis of properly applied American law.

  11. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I mispoke above: you are right:under commies our military would be used to prevent violation of our borders. 20th century proved that about totalitarians. It would be used against our populace too,, in a "New York minute".

  12. Jack, I think the truth may be that our current overlords don't think of themselves as "Americans" in any meaningful sense. They have more in common with progressive globalists and elitists overseas than they do with their poor and middle class fellow citizens. Pulling millions of potential voters of color into the U.S. by hook or by crook is good tactics, from their perspective, but demolishing national borders and even national sovereignty are noble LONG-TERM objectives, necessary for the achievement of their idea of utopia. They'll put the brakes on this transformation only insofar as they have to in order to win elections (which, as we know, they regard as an odious task entirely beneath them).