Thursday, December 22, 2022

Merry Christmas, Nicolae!


Friends, although the subject isn't all that festive, on this week's Newsmaker Show Brian and I reflect on the lessons of the Christmas Day executions of Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena in the course of the Eastern Bloc's single bloodiest revolution of 1989.  My takeaway: life sure does dish out a lot of "peaks and valleys"!

In terms of current events, Brian and I cover such topical issues as: the prospects for the prosecution of Donald J. Trump, and the potential consequences thereof; President Zelensky's self-congratulation/panhandling tour in Washington, D.C.; the political and legal ramifications of the release of Trump's tax returns by vengeful Democrats; and Elon Musk's (fading?) enthusiasm for free speech.

It's not a show you want to miss, if you care about America.  You do care about America, don't you?  I thought so!




In other news, this article asks the most important question about the Hunter Biden laptop-social media censorship scandal: what makes anyone think that, having manipulated the news cycle once -- successfully -- to rig an election, the powers-that-be won't simply do it again, and again, and again?  Ms. Morris suggests that Congressional legislation can prevent the "deep state" from perpetrating such outrages in the future.  I'll believe that when I see it!  First, a divided government will never pass such legislation, because the Dems see no problem with government sponsorship of censorship or with the kneecapping of conservative journalism.  In fact, they define pretty much every narrative that offends or irritates them as "misinformation", which is of course fair game for censorship, or worse.  Did the FBI and other government agencies stage-manage the explosion in online censorship that developed in 2020?  Sure.  They admit it.  They're proud of it!  And they'd happily do it again.  Heck, they never stopped doing it, and they probably never will.  So my guess is there won't be any legislation designed to keep deep state bureaucrats out of the censorship business, and thus we can safely assume that the Hunter Biden laptop scandal is just the tip of the iceberg.  Now, there's a possibility, albeit a slim one, that SCOTUS might try to insist on some guardrails when it comes to collusion between government and the media/social media.  That would be very welcome.  There's also a slight chance that Republicans, when and if they ever take control of the White House, will use their domination of the federal government to cajole media and social media organizations into covering some stories and ignoring others, or into amplifying some voices and silencing others.  That is, someday, we "right-wingers" might decide to play the game of politics by the questionable "rules" that the Dems are now laying down.  Wouldn't that be interesting?  Can you imagine a Facebook or a Twitter that silenced people for sharing "misinformation" about, say, Trump's connections to Russia, or police misconduct, or crime, or inflation, or "the climate emergency"?  Whoa!  That would be something!


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I'll assume that theCeaucescus, as putative marxists, disdained the "opiate of the masses" so that Christmas was not beloved of them .I know nothing about her. He was a ruthless, cynical, venal opportunist - a pipsqueak Stalin and though it may be unChristian to note ( and I do not lightly gainsay Christian mercy at this most holy time; how presumptuous that would be of me) they did receive instant dispatch. Even the supremely civilized Israelis set aside their understandable national animus for capital punishment and hanged Eichman; most communist dictators deserve the same, I dare say but God's will be done.

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack :On the broadcast you said dems / leftists (same same) released President Trump's tax returns out of hate for him; I was going to react that their main motive is their fear of him and their consequent desire to finally defeat him. But further on you noted that the possible indictment of him might boost his electoral chances and that some dems know it. That is possible and the same for the release of his tax returns. So such dems ,as is so typical of the emotionally captured left, DO have hatred as their main motive for their onslaught on him, I agree.

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Your notation of Rush's observation that PresidentTrump for most of his life was a private citizen understandably determined to pay as few taxes as possible to our punitive, confiscatory tax system and that career politicians tend to avoid the opprobrium that might otherwise bring them, is well taken. The US Tax code is so bloated and byzantine that in it may be found probably any reason to excuse anyone of paying or of the same person being taken to legal task for violation, even maybe for the same act.It is a legal monstrosity , beyond the full comprehension of anyone and of which we ought to be ashamed and which the dems are using with characteristic cynicism to destroy DJT and the real America which says of him "he says what I want to say".

  4. Jack, I know precious little about the Ceausescus myself. They certainly inflicted much suffering on their compatriots, but on the other hand they must have been so insulated from reality by the end that they might have had little comprehension of how the "proletariat" lived.

    Yes, Jack -- I doubt the Dems believe that Trump's tax returns will move the dial politically much. I mean, if there was truly damning stuff in there, we would have heard about it by now. My guess is, 1) they hate him and that's enough to justify any action that might hurt him, even slightly, and 2) they assume that he's in the process of dying (politically) by a thousand cuts, and this will add one more to that thousand, and why not, from their perspective? Does it trash yet another norm? Sure. They've proven over and over again that they couldn't care less about such things.

    True: our tax code is a mess. Partly for that reason, it's highly unlikely that DJT had a significant role in the preparation of his own returns. In that sense, this latest "revelation" tells us practically nothing about Trump, the man. It tells us more about his accountants, and who cares about them?

  5. Dr Waddy et al from Jack: But all that aside: best wishes to all forthis fine old season. This wild weather can put us in mind of that great and lasting hymn, "Good King Wenceslas".

  6. Is that what it puts you in mind of, Jack? I think it puts most people in mind of some pretty vile expletives... Ha!

  7. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Ahh, perfidious blasphemy!