Friday, June 22, 2018

When All Else Fails, Liberals Turn To..."Demons Of The Infernal Realms"???

Friends, if there's one thing I love about liberals, they're just so adorably absurd! Witness this article about a planned campaign to rid the world of President Trump by a mass invocation of witches' curses against him. React as you deem suitable: guffaw, pray that God may protect and guide our President, shake your head at the lofty heights of self-righteousness to which the leftist mind can ascend... What a world we live in, eh?  I'll say this for Donald Trump: his detractors are a rogue's gallery of wingnuts, demagogues, and socialists. That makes me doubly glad I voted for him, and doubly thankful that he won!


  1. Dr. Waddy: Leftists - what extraordinary torments have been theirs since "the Fall". I remember how upset I was as a Vietnam vet, when draft dodging Clinton was elected. For awhile I thought I had no country. Their agony at their unimaginable rebuff is driving them to fantastic depths.

    In all probability this curse is powerful nonsense but I believe in the power of prayer (I think I have experienced it) and with that in play, I am even more confident our President will survive and prosper and so will America.

  2. Good point, Jack -- if prayers (and curses) are effectual, then we have to like Trump's chances, because his supporters are far more prayerful than his detractors...

    I felt similarly when Clinton was elected. A draft dodger who went on the "peace train" to Moscow? Really? That's the new face of America? Again, it all comes down to the media, in my view. They can conjure "normalcy" out of almost anything. It's all perspective.