Wednesday, June 20, 2018

No Child Was Harmed In The Production Of This Radio Broadcast

Friends, you won't want to miss my latest interview on WLEA's Newsmaker program hosted by Brian O'Neil.  We talked about the family separation controversy at the U.S. border, tariffs against China, Facebook, Governor Cuomo, and more!  Prepare to be amazed...


  1. Dr. Waddy: I understood you to say that a reckoning with China has been delayed but must be done. That's highly plausible but I think it best to consider what this may mean to China, especially in remembering the humiliations of the past. U.S. gunboats once freely plied their inland waterways, with all that symbolized and they are a deservedly proud civilization. We should not shrink from standing up to them but we should be aware of the, frankly, hatred we may be reawakening in them, I think.

    Makes perfect sense to me that the left desires free and unlimited immigration. They want to destroy our country.

    Cuomo blusters that he would not " allow" the NY National Guard to go to the southern border. President trump should immediately order one unit of the NY Guard to the border. I think Cuomo is flirting with treason. His confrontation of VP Pence was telling; a histrionic self righteous demagogue contrasted to one of the most dignified and loyal people in government - an exemplar of the traditional values for which Cuomo has only the most withering contempt.

    Certainly the left's disdain for the rule of law (except for "their" laws) is perhaps no more blatantly obvious than in their flouting of immigration law. I trust that were they to gain unassailable sway that would change swiftly and with a vengeance.

  2. Jack, you may be right that the Left plans further weakening of our immigration laws...but then again the law seems fairly redundant to how they govern. They will always find a pretext for whatever actions they deem necessary. That's their specialty!

    You're right that we need to tread carefully in dealing with China. I don't believe Trump has been insulting or disrespectful to the Chinese leadership at all. In fact, he's praised their cunning! I would hope we can be tough and fair at the same time.

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