Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Just When You Thought the NFL Was Recovering Its Sanity...

Friends, the kneeling and black power salutes have abated somewhat, but what price is the NFL prepared to pay to keep a lid on its un-patriotic players?  Check out this article, which details the NFL's plans to steer its charitable giving to radical leftist organizations linked to George Soros.  Sadly, this is a common ploy on the left: essentially, businesses and organizations are given an ultimatum either to donate to leftist causes (and institute quotas) or face unending charges of "racism!", "sexism!", etc etc.  Jesse Jackson was a master practitioner of this form of P.C. extortion.  It's sad, needless to say, to see the NFL succumb to these tactics.  In the end, the only way to defeat them is to fight fire with fire.  By that I don't mean to fight extortion with extortion, but rather to use the power of the purse to motivate organizations like the NFL to straighten up and fly right.  In short, if fans refuse to watch the NFL, or attend games, or buy merchandise, advertisers will in turn pressure the league to show more respect to the flag and cease patronizing radical groups.  This can be a winning strategy, but in all likelihood it will necessitate canning Roger Goodell.  When that happens, we'll know the tide has finally turned.

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