Wednesday, December 27, 2017

And It Begins...

I wrote recently about Tom Steyer's ad blitz designed (at least superficially) to promote the impeachment of President Trump.  In fact, as I opined, Steyer's real objective was to promote himself.  Below you will find the first article I've encountered making the case for a Tom Steyer Presidential bid (!).  Why mess around with the Senate or the governorship of California when you can go straight to the top?  Steyer has doubled down on his impeachment outlays, and that's no surprise -- he is indeed getting traction with angry liberals (is there any other kind?).  Conservatives should take this threat seriously.  My best guess is that 40% of the country will believe ANY negative story or claim made about Donald Trump.  By no means is "Russia collusion" the worst they can dream up.  In my view, there ought to be a vigorous counterattack taking place against the impeachment zealots, and against the loonier elements in the Democratic Party.  Republicans and conservatives never win anything by default.  The left is organized and motivated, and we need to match them, stroke for stroke.

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