Monday, November 13, 2017

A Brave New World

Friends, you didn't think for a moment that the transgender movement was the endpoint of liberal wackiness, did you?  Oh no.  There's more to come.  Much more.  Witness this article about a man who is, in addition to being transgender, "transracial".  He was born white, but identifies as Filipino.  Now, here's where it gets interesting, because the law is very clear about who can be defined as "white", "black", "Hispanic", etc., based on ancestry, because, lest we forget, many tangible benefits provided by government are based on one's race or ethnicity.  Thus, we can't have (loathsome) white people redefining themselves as (noble) minorities willy-nilly, now can we?  Moreover, as this man admits, he fears being accused of "cultural appropriation".  In other words, people of color sometimes jealously guard their cultural uniqueness, which they are unwilling to share with unworthy white people.  Issues like these, needless to say, tie up liberals in knots.  You might recall the white woman who redefined herself as black, and became, for a while, the head of the NAACP chapter in Spokane, until she was laughed out of town.  Why, you ask, is every transgender individual to be celebrated to the nth degree, while people who are "transracial" are suspect, in liberals' eyes?  You would think, given that gender is much more rooted in biology than race is, that it would be easier, not harder, to make a claim of bring transracial, but such is not the case.  The question, as always, is one of leftist sensitivities.  Leftists like the transgender crowd.  Years of propaganda have convinced them that transgender people can be permitted into the hallowed halls of victimhood, and thus every transgender person, even if they betray their country, is a hero.  Perhaps in a few years liberals will feel the same about transracial folks.  I doubt it, though.  Much as liberals profess to disbelieve in the reality of race, it is such a defining characteristic in their eyes, and minority status is so precious to them, that they will be loath to share it with anyone who doesn't make the grade.  Mark my words: the political and legal definitions of gender and sex will get slipperier and slipperier -- but race will remain inviolate.


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  2. Interesting read! Encouraging to know there are still people with common sense. I am so tired of hearing Tom Steyer's nonsense! Thank you for your stand!!!

  3. Thanks so much for the positive feedback! I will indeed continue fighting the good fight.