Saturday, September 9, 2017

Ruling Conservatives "Out of Bounds" is What Liberals Do Best

I'd like to recommend this article to you, about the Southern Poverty Law Center's frequently cited lists of "hate groups".  Conservatives have long claimed that these lists are padded with well-meaning, law abiding groups and people that have simply run afoul of leftist orthodoxy.  Here we learn exactly how this process works:

Leftists seem obsessed these days with fixing increasingly pejorative (nay, apocalyptic) labels on as many conservatives as possible.  The laughable attempts to describe sundry right-wingers as "Nazis" is just one case in point.  The common denominator seems to be the liberals' view that their ideological antagonists are so vile that no one should listen to anything they have to say.  The last thing liberals want, it seems, is a conversation, because that would serve to dignify conservatism as a valid point of view.  Heaven forbid!

Be aware, incidentally, that the SPLC also keeps track of a growing list of "black separatist" hate groups.  You haven't heard about them, and you probably never will, because, for the mainstream media, "hate" is an exclusively white phenomenon.  Of course, sensible people know better.


  1. SPLC's approach is vintage left - bigoted, hate filled and utterly convinced of its own righteousness and consequent license to employ any method to suppress those with the moral turpitude to oppose it. Dialogue with it is preposterous and since it has demonstrated,beyond doubt, that it understands only power, it must be overpowered, decisively and finally.

  2. Luckily, it seems that conservatives are tackling the SPLC head on, and I'm impressed by their audacity. Usually, conservatives go hide under a rock whenever "racism" comes up. Now they appear to understand that the best defense is a good offense...