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Friday, November 24, 2017

Trump's Asia Trip and the Need for Missile Defense

Recently, as you will know, Trump hit Asia like a typhoon, uprooting complacency everywhere he went.  His firm and unapologetic adherence to America First principles, coupled with unswerving respect for the peoples and cultures of Asia, were just what was needed.  My most recent article praises Trump's accomplishments during his Asian tour, and repeats my earlier call for a strengthening of U.S. missile defense capabilities, to give President Trump maximum leverage in dealings with rogue regimes like the one in North Korea.  More importantly, missile defense gives the USA the ability to defend itself from nuclear attacks -- and in that sense every component of our missile defense systems is worth its weight in gold!  Luckily, though, these systems aren't made of gold -- in fact, they're remarkably cheap, given what they can do.  All the more reason to make them stronger.

Here's the article, which has so far appeared in American Greatness and the Lockport Union-Sun and Journal:


  1. Dr. Waddy: Its great to see our President's performance judged fairly. I'm sure the hard ball players of this world can see that he is nobody to trifle with. The Dems will eventually learn this too. I'm going to guess that the subhuman regime in Pyongyang will attack us while real Americans are in the driver's seat only if they see their imminent fall and consequent extermination to be assured - much like Hitler's insane intentions once he knew it was all over. I see Bernie is an odds on early favorite for the political death ride in 2020. Kumbayaa to the max. I actually sat around a campfire in the '60's and participated in rendering that unjustly maligned song.

  2. I tend to agree, Jack -- the North Koreans are 96% hot air. Still, the 4% that is pure, genuine craziness does give me pause. Bernie in 2020? Assuming he's still ambulatory, I wouldn't rule it out. He'd have a headstart on the rest of the yahoos in the race.