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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Climate Theatrics

Friends, there are two constants in the world of "climate change": 1) politicians, journalists, and academics never tire of hectoring the public about the cataclysm that higher global temperatures portend, and 2) global carbon emissions keep increasing, despite the blather of these sanctimonious elites.  If leftist piety could defeat climate change, this war would have been won a long time ago, but in fact all this talk is mere, well, hot air.  In the meantime, ordinary folks like ourselves have to wonder: are our prospects really as bleak as the opinion leaders suggest?  The upshot is that they are not.  Climate change introduces substantial uncertainties and challenges, but mankind is, as best as we can tell, quite capable of meeting them.  Consider the arguments of this fine article, and indulge yourselves in a big sigh of relief:

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Trump: A Work In Progress?

Hey, nobody's perfect, right? My latest article examines the first two years of Donald Trump's presidency and some of the missed opportunities for this administration. Ideally, these missed opportunities can turn into important lessons for Trump and his team. Fighting his way to reelection will be tough, but Trump is the epitome of tough, and he can be quick on his feet too. I sincerely hope he takes some of my sage counsel to heart, because, if he does hone his message and improve his tactics, there's no limit to what he can achieve. We need four -- well, six -- more years of Trump (at a minimum)! Let's make sure we get it.

And here's some bonus wisdom: a great analysis of the "climate change" boondoggle:

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

A New World Order

Friends, in my Newsmaker interview this week with Brian O'Neil, we pay tribute to our 41st President George H.W. Bush. I analyze his invaluable contributions to the end of the Cold War, a seminal moment in global history that has ushered in a dramatically freer and more prosperous world. This week's show also covers the "yellow jacket" riots in France, Mueller and the unequal justice meted out to Democrats and Republicans, the rise of socialism on the Left, Democratic obstruction of the enforcement of our immigration laws, and much more!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The Elephant in Harvard Yard

Friends, today I recommend to you this excellent article about the state of affirmative action in higher education.  Very soon the Supreme Court might consider this issue anew, and I sincerely hope they will end affirmative action for good.  You don't hear much about racial preferences in the media -- because to draw attention to them or to question them is not politically correct -- but, as this article describes, the extent of their use, both in higher ed and in the business world, is vast...and very troubling.  Millions of Americans are being negatively impacted by these preferences: whites and Asians who are denied opportunities based on their race, and blacks and Hispanics, who are, in many cases, given these opportunities, but do not have the background to be successful in their new roles.  The alternative -- to judge people based "on the content of their character" and on their abilities, rather on than their skin color or ethnic background -- seems not to occur to many leftists, but it's one that conservatives, and most Americans, support.  Let's end affirmative action for good, therefore, and let's call race preferences what they are: a form of racism that has no place in 21st-century America.

And a quick reminder: media bias has been with us for a long time, and the dearly departed President George H.W. Bush was a frequent victim of it.  Take all the after-the-fact praise of his legacy that you see in the press with a grain of salt, therefore.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Godspeed, President Bush!

Allow me to join in that great chorus of voices that is praising the honorable service and accomplished life of former President George H.W. Bush, who died yesterday.  I was always a big fan of his.  For many years, in fact, there was a life-sized cardboard cutout of President Bush that adorned my room.  Granted, Bush was a moderate, and in 1992 I was sorely tempted to support the insurgent candidacy of Pat Buchanan (for all the obvious reasons), but I never lost respect for Bush the man.  He was a patriot, a gentleman, and a consummate public servant.  It is to the everlasting shame of this country, if you ask me, that we replaced Bush with...Bill Clinton, of all people, in 1992.  We traded a war hero for a peacenik draft-dodger.  What a deal!  That's water under the bridge, though, and Bush himself never bore a grudge.  Can you imagine an officeholder graciously accepting defeat, in our present climate?  Well, times have changed, and not always for the better.  Mark my words: you'll see a lot of news stories in the next few days to the effect that the real lesson of Bush's life is...that Trump sucks.  I respectfully disagree, although I understand why the Bushes find Trump's style so odious.  They're entitled to their opinion.  I'm also entitled to mine: I think George H.W. Bush was a fine man and an excellent President.  By all appearances, he was a great family man too.  He will be missed.