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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

So What If The Russkies Beat Us To It?

Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show is Grade A analysis, as always!  Of course Brian and I break down the unrest in America's cities, and I lay the blame right where it belongs: with the leftist politicians and journalists who have been whipping up reverse racism and hatred of the police for decades.  So many Americans have been hoodwinked by leftist/Marxist delusions and genuinely believe that they live in an oppressive police state.  Now we're reaping the whirlwind of those delusions.

In "This Day in History", Brian and I cover the marriage of the Duke of Windsor in 1937 and the sacrifices that royals have to make to fulfill their public duties; the first American spacewalk in 1965 and its connection to the first private sector human spaceflight last Saturday; the Chicoms' crackdown at Tiananmen Square in 1989 and how little it affected U.S. policy towards the PRC; and the fate of Paris in WWII.

You won't want to miss a single second!

Monday, June 1, 2020

Anarchy vs. America: It Ought To Be A Simple Choice

Friends, when the forces of anarchy run riot in America's cities, you'd think that all "responsible" voices would unite in condemning the lawlessness and calling for it to end.  Not so!  Many leftists are praising the rioters, and defending the unrest as a legitimate response to black America's long list of grievances (some real, and some imagined).  In many cities, liberal mayors are forcing police to stand down and let the hoodlums have their fun.  President Trump has been restrained so far in his response, as have many Governors, but it's time we all joined forces and said: "Enough is enough!"  My latest article, though, isn't about what lies ahead.  It's about how we got here, and, as you might expect, I lay much of the blame on the American Left.  Read on, and see if you and I are on the same page.

Let's Be Honest: Racial Grievances are the Lifeblood of the American Left

Politicians all over the political spectrum are finally coming around to the commonsensical conclusion that, regardless of how unwarranted, scandalous, and illegal police officers' treatment of George Floyd may have been, there is no justification for the campaign of looting and organized violence that has been unleashed on America's cities. Violence is rarely the solution to violence, and crime is never the solution to crime.

We also should be candid about the fact that the mass protests, civil disobedience, and even the acts of arson, assault, theft, and murder we are witnessing in cities nationwide is the product of careful cultivation by the American Left and a complicit media. 

For years, these charlatans have been selling to people of color a delusion of gargantuan proportions: first, the idea that America in the early 21st century is one of the most prejudiced and oppressive places that has ever existed; and, second, the idea that it is progressively getting worse. 
Neither notion is remotely true, but careful editing of news coverage, as well as indoctrination in the schools, higher education, and in virtually all facets of our popular culture, has convinced racial minorities (and many whites) that racism is the defining feature of the American experience. 

Not freedom. 

Not opportunity. 


The recipe is simple: ignore all prejudice and violence that emanates from people of color and from liberals, and trumpet all prejudice and violence that emanates, or can plausibly be claimed to emanate, from whites who have not knelt before the gods of progressivism. 

Thus, every time a white American is rude to a black person, or displays bias, and the incident is caught on tape, it is, perforce, national news. If that white person inflicts any type of violence on people of color, so much the better — such a storyline fits the agenda of the Left and the media to a tee. Bias and/or violence that flows from the wrong sources, however, the Left and the media feel they have a solemn obligation to cover up, because even to acknowledge these phenomena would “reinforce” America's “original sin”: white racism.

The result is predictable: people of color are bombarded with messages, from politicians, pastors, movie stars, pop singers, sports heroes, teachers, and news anchors, that draw their attention to white racism, and which explain virtually all dysfunction and misfortune in communities of color as the product of such racism, both on the individual level and in “institutional” forms. 

Moreover, as we see in so many guises these days, the standard of evidence for proving the presence of racism has been steadily lowered. No longer does one need to demonstrate clear racist intent to be labeled a racist. A mere slip of the tongue, or a failure to demonstrate sufficient enthusiasm for the causes beloved of self-declared “anti-racists”, is more than enough to mark one as racist trash, destined for the dustbin of history. 

Likewise, no longer does an organization or institution have to intend to discriminate against any group to be accused of racism — merely failing to produce the “equality of results” that leftists desire will suffice to prove that “implicit bias” must color the policies and leadership of the relevant party.
Put simply, racism is the default explanation for everything of which the modern liberal disapproves. The burden is on each and every white American to prove that he or she is not racist, and only complete submission to the agenda of the Left can accomplish this (provisionally, that is, or rather until the Left decides to make one of its own a sacrificial lamb to social justice, which it often does).

The upshot of this sad state of affairs is that the Democratic Party, which is the political embodiment of the American Left — even though most leftists hold the moribund Dems in contempt — has embraced with aplomb the strategy of race-baiting its way to victory. The use of racially-based dog whistles is now de rigueur among Democrats, and the thought that ordinary Americans, much less people as odious as Republicans, are entitled to the benefit of the doubt has long since been dismissed as fanciful and naive.

And now, in our smoldering streets, in the wreckage of countless stores, in emergency rooms where the victims of mob violence are being patched up, and in the dingy morgues where the fatalities from street brawls are accumulating, we see the Left's philosophy of racial grievance taken to its ultimate conclusion. 

Liberals cultivated fear, anger, and despair, because they expected to profit from them. They did profit from them, in fact, but America as a whole has paid, is paying, and will continue to pay a steep price for the leftists' gravely irresponsible and short-sighted conduct.

And the saddest part is this: we were so close to healing many of the racial divides that now threaten to swallow us whole.

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears weekly on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.

And here it is at WND: 

Saturday, May 30, 2020

The Best and Worst That America Has to Offer

Friends, what a strange time this is in our nation's history.  On one hand, today we witnessed the first ever launch of a crewed spacecraft by a private company: SpaceX.  We also saw the USA get back into human spaceflight -- on our terms -- for the first time since 2011.  Frankly, I believe that, for all our self-pity and theatrics, the coronavirus pandemic will be a tiny footnote in history...but the dawn of the age of private sector space flight will be remembered for as long as humans inhabit the Earth (and a few other planets besides?).  We crossed a threshold today that could transform our species from a planetary phenomenon to a galactic one.  That's the definition of a "big deal"!  Only in America, as they say...

On the other hand, even as we celebrate this milestone, many of our inner cities are smoking ruins, and the media is whipping up unprecedented hatred and paranoia among many black citizens.  Any CNN or MSNBC viewer would think that white racism was at an all time high, and that the GOP puts the KKK to shame in terms of its advocacy of white supremacy and racial oppression.  Of course, none of this is true, and black America has made many strides, not the least of which is the achievement of legal/political equality and, in most cases, membership in the middle class.  Does residual racism exist?  You bet, but the simple fact is that black people have never been less oppressed than they are in early 21st century America.  They have precious little reason to labor under a sense of utter despair, therefore, and even less reason to attack one another, the police, and private businesses and infrastructure in their own neighborhoods.  Every American is entitled to protest -- no American is entitled to run riot and to harm others.  Enough is enough.  Most of all, we need to see an end to the incitement of racial grievances by the Left and by the mainstream media.  Every assault, every act of arson, every epithet hurled at law enforcement, and, yes, every life lost in the past few days, and in the days to come, is and ought to be on their conscience.  Shame on them!  Here's hoping that America will someday be one, and that those who profit by dividing us will be left in history's dust.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The Biden Follies

Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show is stimulating, to say the least!  It might even curl your toes.

In terms of current events, me and Brian concentrate on the exciting prospect of the resumption of Made-in-America human spaceflight, thanks to Elon Musk's SpaceX.  We also talk about Biden's recent statement that black voters who aren't already sure they're voting for him "ain't black"!  I diagnose it as typical liberal entitlement and contempt for dissent, rather than dementia, although no doubt there's a little dementia thrown in for good measure.  We also discuss the question of whether all voting should be done by mail.

In "This Day in History," Brian and I hash over the plight of Jewish refugees in the 1930s, Sweden's outrageous support for the Viet Cong, FDR's machinations to provoke war between the U.S. and Nazi Germany in 1941, and President Nixon's arms control successes.

It's a great show.  It'll be even greater once you become a part of it!

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

"The King" Says: Get Off Your Duff, America! See the Sights!

Friends, my latest article is a must-read...but let's be honest: aren't they all?  This piece is about why, given the steady retreat of the coronavirus, the time has come for Americans to get out and about and to start traveling again.  Our tourism and hospitality industry has been decimated, but there's no reason why it needs to stay that way.  Read on to learn why...

Monday, May 25, 2020

What I Learned From Watching "True Grit" (1969)

Friends, the WaddyIsRight movie club is still going strong, and yesterday I watched True Grit.  It was another superb choice.  Here's what I learned:

1.  Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.  A girl scorned is almost as bad.

2.  In the Wild West, a "waddy" was slang for a cowboy!  How about that?  This must explain why I'm so rough-and-tough and fond of denim.

3.  If you take a switch to the behind of someone else's teenage daughter, you're apt to get your head caved in with a rock.  Don't do it!!!

4.  Rooster Cogburn is one of the toughest hombres around.  He may not be easy to get along with, but he gets the job done!

5.  Revenge is sweet.

6.  Don't take a rifle to a poker game.  A pistol, maybe.

7.  Women aren't prone to violence, but they sure are the reason for a lot of it!

8.  Even a fat old man has his moments.

And there you have it.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find a lot of your other top picks online, so keep those movie recommendations coming.

Also, I've penned another exquisite op-ed, which you can anticipate here on the blog tomorrow.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Half the Country is Rooting for the Virus...But We're Beating It Anyway

Good news, friends!  First, I'm back in action here at WaddyIsRight!  Who knew someone on vacation could be so busy, huh?  Second, we're seeing more and more evidence that the lifting of lockdowns all over America (and the Western world) is NOT producing disaster, as leftists predicted, and as they continue to predict.

Georgia, for example, is doing just fine, despite getting back to normal at a rapid clip that disturbed even President Trump:

Meanwhile, the CDC is admitting that the disease is far less deadly than initially claimed, and for people under 65 without serious health problems, it seems probable that lightning strikes and car accidents are a greater threat:

Lastly, here's a thought-provoking article on the toll that the lockdowns are taking on our collective humanity:

Personally, though, I'm optimistic, because, despite the doom and gloom that the media is spewing, most people are getting back to normal life.  Common sense, in other words, is prevailing.  Only a Democrat could be chagrined at the sight of young people cavorting in the sunshine, but these gloomy Guses are losing out.  They were hoping that they could keep us cowed and cowering indefinitely.  Not so!

Oh, and I almost forgot the best news of all.  In the whole history of humanity, only three nations have developed the capacity to send men into space: the U.S., Russia, and China.  Well, next week you can add a corporation to the list: SpaceX.  President Trump will be there to witness the feat.  Keep in mind that our country has been INCAPABLE of manned space flight since 2011, thanks to you-know-who.  This is a huge step forward, for America and for private sector space exploration.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Will China Ever Pay a Price for Unleashing the "China Virus" On the World?

Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show is not to be missed!  Brian and I talk about whether the U.S. government will ever pursue serious sanctions against China because of its role in spreading the coronavirus.  I pronounce myself skeptical, because of the PRC's tentacles of illicit influence that reach virtually everywhere in our political system (and beyond).  In addition, Brian and I analyze the Left's obsession with nailing Mike Flynn on what amount to trivial violations of the law.  I put this in the context of the Democratic Party's subservience to foreign interests more broadly.

In "This Day in History," Brian and I discuss Charles Lindbergh's historic flight from New York to Paris and what it portended for transatlantic travel, "Hamburger Hill" and the politics of the Vietnam War circa 1969, and the Germans' lightning assault on France and the Low Countries in May 1940.

Don't miss a single second!  Not even a millisecond!

Monday, May 18, 2020

What I Learned From "Thunderbolt and Lightfoot"

Friends, last night I went on a pop culture fact-finding mission by watching the Clint Eastwood classic Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, upon the recommendation of the senior statesman from the great state of Kansas, whom you all know and love.  I enjoyed the film.  It was a real piece of Americana!  I would describe it as a hybrid of a buddy film and a heist movie.  Here's what I learned:

1.  Robbing banks is generally a bad idea.  It doesn't work out well for the vast majority of perps.

2.  Of the cars in the film, my favorite for style and roadworthiness was the Buick Riviera.  The Trans Am was cool and well worth stealing, I'll grant you.  But I guess the upshot of the film is that when you've "arrived" in life you drive off into the sunset in a Cadillac Eldorado.  I'm in no position to disagree!

3.  The best way to pick up a hot lady is to trick her into getting in your car and then drive off with her.  If you throw in a bowl of chili, she'll offer you one of her friends in return.

4.  Montana isn't called "Big Sky Country" for nothing.

5.  The 2nd Amendment sensibly protects our right to bear a 20mm cannon.

6.  When you lose the use of the left-hand side of your body, seek medical attention.

Here endeth the lesson.

If you haven't already seen it, folks, go out and watch Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, released in the Year of Our Lord (and of my birth) 1974.  Amen.


And here's a must-read article on the true fatality rate of the coronavirus:

And check out this article.  Pretty damning stuff!

Friday, May 15, 2020

Could Kamala Harris Be Sleepy Joe's Least Bad Choice?

Friends, my latest article reflects my desire to start putting this coronavirus business behind us.  Frankly, I'm tired of hearing about the stupid virus, and the last thing I want to do is write yet another article about it.  Maybe you feel the same way?

My latest piece is about Joe Biden's all-important choice as to who will be his running mate, and therefore who will potentially be our Vice-President and even our President, should Sleepy Joe kick the bucket, as seems increasingly likely.  My pick for Joe is Kamala Harris.  In fact, I believe I'm giving Biden some very solid advice here -- I always have the Dems' best interests at heart, after all -- but the good news is that he probably won't listen to me.

Anyway, check out the article, soon to appear at Townhall:

Pick Kamala, Sleepy Joe

There is a persistent myth in American politics that a superb running mate can push a presidential candidate over the top, either in terms of the popular vote or in the electoral college. There is precious little evidence from history to indicate that this is so. Vice-Presidents simply aren't that consequential in our system of government, and the strengths and weaknesses of the presidential candidate himself (or herself) therefore determine the outcome, along with external factors like the state of the economy, war versus peace, natural disasters, pandemics, etc.

What a running mate can do, however, is to become a drag on the ticket. Sarah Palin is the most famous example of a potential vice-president whose missteps — and whose unfair vilification by the media — proved to be a distraction from the messaging of, in her case, John McCain. And that is the scenario that Joe Biden must avoid at all costs: a running mate who adds to the long list of headaches, liabilities, and burdens which his campaign already shoulders. 

Presumably, Biden and his key advisors feel that, because of the historically high disapproval ratings of President Trump, what they need to do to win in 2020 is avoid making horrendous mistakes. That may be slightly optimistic, but no one can say for sure that this low-risk strategy will not work. Step One, therefore, is to choose a running mate who doesn't stink.

To that end, I would like to suggest that Sleepy Joe shake himself awake long enough to consider the attractions of California Senator Kamala Harris at a potential vice-presidential nominee.

First, Kamala Harris has the experience, intelligence, and gravitas to be a credible President of the United States, if Sleepy Joe should someday soon opt for eternal rest. This is key, because a selection like Stacey Abrams, although exciting to some progressives, would leave Biden open to the charge that he is thrusting a neophyte onto the national stage and possibly even into the Oval Office. Voters would perceive the obvious risk. Harris, by contrast, as a former California Attorney General and as a sitting Senator, is ready to roll.

Second, Harris can plausibly claim to be both moderate and progressive. Her record is long enough that it includes areas of vulnerability, yes, but it is also multifaceted enough that Democrats and liberals will be able to see in it what they want to see, which will vary from voter to voter. Harris is also smart and wily enough to pivot from the center to the left, and back again, as circumstances demand.

Third, Harris has proven that she can admirably fulfill one of the most important roles that a running mate has: that of attack dog. Harris excels in this regard. She made her only real splash as a presidential candidate by viciously attacking the record of Joe Biden himself on the issue of busing. Harris, however, had the good sense not to press those attacks, because she (rightly) foresaw that Biden could emerge as the nominee, and she did not want to jeopardize her political future. As Biden's running mate, Harris would not be similarly demure. She would be unleashed to savage Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and the whole GOP over and over, while Biden smiled politely (some would say vacantly) and played the role of unifier and Mr. Nice Guy.

Fourth, Harris is black(ish), which means a lot in today's Democratic Party. To mollify feminists, Biden already had to concede that his running mate will be a woman (for some strange reason, he didn't specify a non-man, which would have been more “woke”, but I digress). The truth is that, if he chose a white woman like Elizabeth Warren, he would still be seen as an agent of white privilege by many leftist firebrands. A considerable portion of the Democratic Party is, to be blunt, done with white people in general. By picking Kamala Harris, Biden would demonstrate that, although in the short term the party's standard bearer is a tired old white guy, in the medium term the Democrats are ready to turn the page in terms of race and gender.

It should go without saying that elevating Harris, a woman of color, to the role of president-in-waiting will also provide the Democrats with the opportunity to brand any and all attacks that Republicans make against her as VILE RACISM! We know from past experience that, the more nervous Democrats become about the viability (including the mental capacity) of their candidates, the more likely they are to fall back on charges of racism and sexism in order to motivate their base. Given the glaring vulnerabilities of Joe Biden, we can expect that the 2020 campaign will be the most grievance-laden and “intersectional” of all time. Harris is ready to play her part.

So, Sleepy Joe, as you can see, the merits of Senator Kamala Harris as a potential running mate are legion. If you want to win in 2020, first do no harm, and choose a vice-president who will refrain from tanking your campaign — that, after all, is your job. If possible, choose a running mate who can add some dynamism and a little soaring (or searing) rhetoric to your yammerings, but don't expect to win because of the woman standing next to you. That just never happens.

If, then, you want to win, Sleepy Joe, choose Kamala. She'll give you a fighting chance.

Since, however, I don't want you to win, please don't choose Kamala. Instead, I recommend dusting off the reanimated corpse of Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton (whichever one agrees to undergo “gender reassignment” surgery first gets the prize).

What could go wrong?

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears weekly on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480.

And here it is at Townhall: