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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Jim Acosta and the Media's Sense of Entitlement

Friends, my latest article addresses CNN's ridiculous lawsuit, by which Jim Acosta is trying to force his way back into the White House, so he can disrespect the President to his heart's content. Outrageously, Fox News is voicing support for CNN and Acosta. Is it time for conservatives to change the channel, or chuck their TVs into the nearest well? I leave that up to you...

Fox News Should Be Ashamed Of Its Support For CNN And Jim Acosta

Conservatives are rightly shocked and dismayed by two recent decisions by Fox News, an allegedly Republican-friendly organization. First, Fox decided to ban President Trump's anti-illegal immigration campaign ad after CNN decided it was “racist”. Note that Fox, NBC, and other media outlets didn't discover this racism on their own. No, they needed that paragon of journalistic integrity, CNN, as well as a Twitter mob, to find it for them. Hardly a profile in courage or a sign of sound judgment on the part of Fox News.

Now, Fox News has compounded its sins by filing an amicus brief supporting CNN's recent lawsuit against the White House. The lawsuit aims to force the Trump administration and the Secret Service to restore the press pass of legendary blowhard Jim Acosta. The White House terminated Acosta's access to the White House grounds after he refused to surrender the floor during a recent press conference, and in fact he refused to give the microphone back to a White House intern who was attempting to reclaim it. This was the last straw for Sarah Sanders, who decided that some semblance of order had to be restored to the interactions between the administration and the media, and some standard of professionalism, respect, and courtesy had to be enforced on White House journalists.

Amazingly, CNN alleges in its lawsuit that Jim Acosta's constitutional rights have been violated. His rights to free speech, press freedom, and “due process” apparently entitle him to question the President, at whatever length he deems appropriate, on national television. The audacity of this claim is breathtaking, but that Fox News would subscribe to this specious logic is a bitter blow to those conservatives who thought that Fox, at the very least, could be depended on to give Donald Trump a fair shake. Not so.

Consider the facts: Jim Acosta is a free man in a free country. He has been lavishly criticizing Sarah Sanders and Donald Trump, on Twitter and by other means, continuously – before, during, and after the infamous press conference. No one is interfering with his right to free speech in any way, and nor is he unable to work as a reporter. In fact, more people are listening to the siren song of Acosta-ism now than ever before. One might even say that the...volume of his speech has been turned up dramatically, courtesy of the President's low opinion of him.

Despite this, Acosta and CNN claim that the Constitution guarantees them access to the President. Now, keep in mind that a pass to gain entrance to the White House grounds is technically irrelevant to Acosta's ability to pose challenging questions to the President of the United States. Trump can always refuse to call on Acosta at press conferences, even if the “rude, terrible person” is present. 
Or perhaps I speak too hastily: perhaps CNN feels Acosta is entitled not just to stroll the White House grounds, but also to buttonhole the President (and Sarah Sanders) as often as he wishes. Perhaps Acosta is even entitled to favorable camera angles, a glass of cool, refreshing water before each of his tirades, and a good night's rest before each foray into rudeness... After all, each of these factors bears on Acosta's ability to deliver his harangues effectively, and to scrutinize the President and his administration in a suitably public way. One wonders, in fact, whether Acosta and CNN are also entitled to high ratings for their broadcasts of presidential dressings-down? Could all Americans refusing to tune into CNN during White House press conferences also be guilty of constitutional violations? It's a question no American should dismiss lightly, given the creativity of liberal lawyers.

The truth, of course, is that, in a free country, every person is entitled to free speech, but they are also able to decide for themselves to whom they will speak. To put it in the starkest possible terms: the Fifth Amendment states that even those accused of a crime, even those self-evidently guilty of a crime, are not required to speak to the court that will hold them in judgment. And yet CNN (and its media acolytes) asserts that the President of the United States must, according to the Constitution, submit to the disrespectful and unprofessional “journalism” of Jim Acosta. Trump must allow Acosta to pontificate in the President's own house, and, presumably, he must give answers that satisfy Acosta, who otherwise will feel entitled to unlimited follow-ups, in pursuit of “the truth”.

The absurdity of CNN's position is transparent. CNN takes the view that President Trump, in his capacity as President, has no rights at all. He is merely a creature of the press. He is a punching bag, and it is for the Fourth Estate to decide how hard and how often he will be hit, and by whom. Ridiculous!

I encourage the White House in the strongest terms to fight CNN's lawsuit, to stick to its guns and deny Jim Acosta renewed access to the White House, and, in future, to issue clear and strict standards that will govern the expectations for other reporters covering the Trump administration.

The White House press corps is by no means required to support President Trump or to ask him only softball questions, but it is, or ought to be, required to show basic respect, decency, and professionalism in its conduct. And, if the journalistic luminaries in the White House Correspondents' Association don't like being held to the same standard as any other guest in the White House would be, well, they can vote for President Trump's opponent in the 2020 election.

Of course, they were already planning on doing that anyway, as we all know.

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears weekly on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Is Merkel's EU Army Coming for...YOU???

Friends, don't miss my latest interview with Brian O'Neil on WLEA's Newsmaker Show.  This week we dissect the midterm results, including the Florida recounts and the Sinema victory in Arizona, we talk about the 100th anniversary of the Armistice that ended World War I, and we discuss the potshots that European leaders have been taking at President Trump.  I also assess Angela Merkel's absurd claim that the EU needs a "true" army of its own.  If you ask me, the EU would be better off sticking to its core competency of promoting free trade.  The more it gets into foreign policy and military affairs -- and the more it asks right-thinking Europeans to give up control of their borders -- the less likely it is to survive in the decades ahead.  My prediction: Britain will be the first country to leave the EU, yes, but it won't be the last.  And an EU Army?  A pipe-dream!  Nothing more.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Pyrrhic Victory

Friends, my latest article explores the double-edged sword that is the new, very slender Democratic majority in the House.  Enjoy, and thanks to Townhall for publishing it!

Thursday, November 8, 2018

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Friends, the midterms are now in the books, and Republicans can celebrate some big wins in marquee matchups: Florida Governor, Georgia Governor, and the U.S. Senate races in Arizona, Texas, North Dakota, Missouri, Florida, and Indiana, for instance. Still, Democrats won the House, albeit narrowly, and this is certainly not what I expected or hoped for.  My latest Newsmaker interview with Brian O'Neil gives you my general opinion on the midterms, which I will also analyze in a forthcoming article.  Here is this week's Newsmaker Show:

Meanwhile, I invite you to take a gander at these important stories.  First, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been fired (not unexpectedly), and this means that the Mueller investigation has a new overseer: Acting Attorney General Matt Whittaker.  What does this portend?

Secondly, CNN's Jim Acosta has had his pass to access the White House revoked, after behaving deplorably towards a White House intern and more importantly President Trump. If you ask me, Acosta is a buffoon, not a journalist, and his disrespectful brand of "journalism" would never have been tolerated if it was directed at President Obama. Simply put, no one is required to like President Trump, but a White House reporter is and ought to be required to show basic respect to the Office of President. Acosta has failed in that regard, so he should find a new line of work, or a new "beat" as a reporter.  I strongly believe the White House should stick to its guns on this issue, regardless of whatever whining comes out of the press corps.

Lastly, winning the House does not seem to have put the far-left in a better mood.  They descended like jackals last night on the home of Tucker Carlson and implicitly threatened him and his family.  You'll see a lot of journalists howling about the fate of Jim Acosta -- you'll see very few lift a finger to defend Tucker's constitutional rights, not to mention the safety and well-being of his family.  It's a shame that the Left wasn't held more accountable for this kind of behavior in the midterms, but at least we can presume that Tucker will keep fighting the good fight...

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Decision Time for America

Friends, I'm sure I don't need to remind you to vote, but I will remind you that we're very blessed to live in a country where We the People get to decide who will lead us. I anticipate a great night for Republicans, yes, but more to the point I'm 100% sure that America will keep on ticking, as it always does, and our divisions will subside, sooner or later. One Nation Under God, Indivisible, With Liberty And Justice For All! Take a little time today to be thankful, if you please.

Here's a very interesting analysis based on some sophisticated number crunching.  I don't agree with the conclusion, but I think the article does a good job of revealing just how challenging it will be for the Democrats to take control of the House...

Monday, November 5, 2018

The Grand Finale: Depression on the Left

Friends, today American Greatness has published the last installment in my four-part series about the Democrats' likely reaction to defeat in the midterm elections. I see CNN today has doubled down on its prediction that the Dems will prevail by 13 points. Ha! They sure do have a sense of humor! I jest, of course -- liberals have no discernible sense of humor, and if the "blue wave" doesn't come to pass you can bet they will be distraught, to say the least. The last part of my analysis considers the question of how many will descend into a deep depression...and how many may give up on the Democratic Party or the liberal movement altogether. The number need not be high to guarantee President Trump re-election in 2020. See what you think...

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Anger on the Left: America's "New Normal"

Ah, Howard Dean. Remember when this guy was the favorite to win the Democratic nomination in 2004, but crashed and burned, partly because he was seen as too "angry" and extreme? Well, Democrats and liberals have undergone an evolution since then. They are now so apoplectic about the Trump presidency that no bad behavior, no fit of vituperation, no incidence of harassment of Republicans, seems out of bounds. In fact, the liberals are seemingly competing with each other to earn the title "Biggest Trump-Hater of All-Time". Think Trump is a fascist? NO! He's a Super-Nazi! Think Trump is soft on Putin? NO! He's a Putin stooge and an epic traitor! Think Trump is a ruthless businessman? NO! Actually he's guilty of every white collar crime in the book, ipso facto, and most non-white collar crimes too. Why not? And, lastly, think Trump supporters were wrong to vote for him? NO! Every Trump voter is as racist, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, Earth-hating, and generally monstrous as Trump himself! Death would be too mild a punishment for such swine!

That, unfortunately, is how the Left has come to see the world. It isn't pretty. Part Three of my four-part series on the likely leftist reaction to a failure of the "blue wave" is about ANGER, and how liberal rage will intensify in some frightening, but ultimately counterproductive (to the Left), ways after November 6th.

Here it is in American Greatness (it was also featured on RealClearPolitics!):

Saturday, November 3, 2018

The Dems Are In Denial, And It's About To Get Much Worse

Friends, it's no secret by now that the Democrats will do anything to avoid the awful truth that they straight-up lost the 2016 election.  Oh no, they say -- we were cheated.  In fact, the whole Trump presidency is an illusion, a mistake, a passing fancy, a criminal conspiracy which will soon unravel. In short, Democrats are in denial, and once they lose on November 6th their condition will dramatically intensify. Read all about it in Part Two of my "Stages of Grief" analysis:

Friday, November 2, 2018

Whammy the First: A Brief History of TDS

Friends, today the first in my four-part series of articles appeared in American Greatness. The topic is a very important one: what explains liberal derangement since the election of President Trump, and more importantly how will this derangement change or intensify after they lose another election on November 6th? I have by now made it clear that I believe the "blue wave" is destined to fail, and thus we cannot but be curious how the Left will react. They have, by all appearances, been flirting with lunacy for two years now, so will they be able to absorb the shock of another setback, another rebuke from the American people?  My guess is that the 2018 election will produce a major earthquake on the Left, and the Democratic Party and the liberal movement may be permanently hobbled by the resulting chaos. I analyze the prospects for liberal self-destruction using Elisabeth Kubler-Ross's Five Stages of Grief as a model. Today's installment is just an introduction -- a brief history of Trump Derangement Syndrome, if you will -- so the real "meat" of the analysis and my more detailed prognostications will follow on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Don't miss it! America's future is on the line.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Democrats: The End is Nigh! REPENT!

Friends, in a further sign that Democrats may want to dust off their applications for residency in Canada, data continues to pour in documenting the failure of the "blue wave". Today I bring you three articles that confirm, in the main, that 2018 may not be as great as 2014 for Republicans, but arguably the position for the GOP in 2018 is better than in 2016, and 2016 -- in case you've forgotten -- was something of a banner year! Now, maybe independent voters have turned against Republicans in a big way. Maybe there's some wave of young or minority voters who Democrats plan to spring on us at the last minute (a sort of strategic reserve). None of this seems very likely. An election in which Republican voters turn out in record numbers, and in numbers that are proportionally similar to previous elections in which they did well, hardly sets the stage for a rout. My sense, therefore, is that we're still on track to turn Trump Derangement Syndrome into Trump Psychosis. Be of good cheer, Republicans!