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Monday, October 19, 2020

Trafalgar Expects Every Republican To Do His Duty


Friends, this article is a must-read, because it could directly impact the result of the 2020 race -- or rather it could predict it.  It's about the Trafalgar polling firm that is regularly publishing polls showing Trump with the edge in several battleground states.  Why is Trafalgar the outlier?  Read on, and see if you think there's method to their madness...


In other news, the Dems have decided how to respond to those pesky Hunter Biden emails: blame the Russians!  Old habits are hard to break, I guess.  The bad news for them is that they're whistling Dixie: there's no evidence that the Russians are involved.  No matter.  A couple more weeks of obfuscation should get them over the finish line, or so they hope! 

This article examines the question of whether our democracy has already stepped over the line into "banana republic" territory.  Eek!


More good news: we're just one step away from creating a quota system for grades in our public schools.  In the meantime, giving students a pass for being late or poorly behaved sounds like a great way to fight racism, no?

Friday, October 16, 2020

The Desert Fox Gets the Axe


Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show with me and Brian O'Neil will scratch each and every political and historical itch you may have.  For starters, we break down the Vice-Presidential debate, the polls, progress in battling COVID-19, and the prospects for Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation as the next Justice of the Supreme Court.  We also ponder the Democrats' flirtation with the concept of court-packing.  There's a very good chance that, if the Dems win the White House and the Senate in November, the independent judiciary will be no more.  The consequences for our constitutional system of government would be grave, to say the least!

Historically, Brian and I cover the Battle of Hastings, the Normans' contribution to the English, and the English contribution to America; we consider the legacy of Martin Luther King, and how it might have been different had he lived beyond 1968; we ponder the strains on U.S. servicemen created by modern wars, from Vietnam to Afghanistan and Iraq; we exult in our good fortune in escaping the Cuban Missile Crisis un-irradiated; and, finally, we lament the demise of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, who was compelled to commit suicide after the failure of the plot to kill Hitler in July 1944.

Whew!  From 1066 to 25 minutes or less!  Where else can you get that?


While you're at it, check out this article, which exposes a critical flaw in the Dems' reliance on mail-in ballots in this election cycle:


And here's some good news on early voting, which you certainly won't see in the MSM: 

And, finally, when the polls and the election prognosticators fail us, we the cookies!  The cookies shall light the way:

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

If the Dems Had a Sense of Humor, They'd Be Laughing At Themselves


Friends, my latest article is a history lesson.  Surprise surprise!  Right now the Democrats are claiming to be the defenders of American democracy, the stewards of election integrity, etc etc.  They say that President Trump's refusal to guarantee a "peaceful transfer of power" (to them) is outrageous, and no one should question the results of a U.S. presidential election, even for a moment!  Perish the thought. 


Well, all that is hogwash, as I attempt to demonstrate.  The fact is that the Dems have been undermining confidence in our elections for decades...and in 2020 (irony of ironies!) it may be President Trump who reaps the benefits.

See what you make of it.  It'll be appearing soon at World Net Daily.


In 2020, the Democrats May Reap What They Have Sown

Perhaps to distract from their own sinister plans to pack the Supreme Court with pliable left-wingers once they (inevitably, in their eyes) win the 2020 election, Democrats and their progressive allies in what passes for the “press” these days are pestering Republicans, including President Trump, with gotcha questions about a “peaceful transfer of power”. Trump, rightly, has said the obvious: he will accept the results of a fair election, but not an unfair one. Duh!

The Democrats' preference? It should be they and their media acolytes who get to decide who the winner is in 2020. President Trump should thus be forbidden from declaring victory, even if he has more votes, and the counting, and the litigating, of the election returns should continue until such time as Joe Biden is the victor.

Just as Al Gore wanted to drag out the process in 2000, because every time the votes were counted he seemed to gain a few more, so Democrats today assume that a combination of gamemanship, lawyerly cunning, procrastination, and a whole lot of mail-in ballot irregularities can guarantee them the White House in 2021..and, who knows, maybe indefinitely thereafter.

And, unless we're very careful, they may be right.

Let us pause for a moment, however, to consider the audacity and the duplicity of the Democrats' position.

Democrats are claiming that voter fraud is so rare as to be inconsequential. They suggest that Republican concerns about the integrity of the mail-in ballot process are baseless. They and their pet journalists assert that President Trump's allegations of election fraud are “false” and there is “no evidence” to back them up. They assure us that millions of ballots sent out, unsolicited, to people who may or may not still be registered (or alive), at residences that may or may not be theirs, are hardly a cause for concern. Our elections are bulletproof, after all! To temporize about whether one would accept the results of a U.S. presidential election, therefore, is beyond the pale...

Consider that this is the same party that practices ballot harvesting — the collection of ballots by “helpful” activists — on an industrial scale in places like California, but nonetheless argued that a Congressional election in North Carolina in 2018 should be invalidated because similar techniques were used (illegally, in that state) by a Republican operative. In other words, our ballot process is bulletproof, say the Democrats, except when Republicans refuse to play by the rules — which, in their eyes, is often!

Consider that Democrats regularly charge that Republicans engage in “voter suppression” and gerrymandering to “steal” and “cheat” their way to victory. Requiring voters to present IDs, for example, is a racist plot designed to prevent black people from voting. (Driver's licenses, by contrast, are not a racist plot to prevent black people from driving. Go figure.) Likewise, efforts to “purge” voter rolls of people who have died or moved to a different precinct, city, or state (such purges are required by law, for obvious reasons) are similarly inspired by “white supremacy”. In other words, the election system in this country is, to borrow a word beloved of Democrats, “systemically” racist, discriminatory, and unfair...but surely we should always trust the outcomes of our elections. Yeah, right!

Consider that Democrats routinely allege that our elections are compromised by “dark money”, authorized by the supposedly illegitimate 2010 Supreme Court ruling Citizens United. (Never mind that Democrats themselves are swimming in dark money in 2020, and they rode unlimited contributions and super PACs to victory in 2018.)

Consider that Democrats spent most of 2017 and 2018 pursuing a witch hunt against President Trump and Republicans, trying to prove that the Russians manipulated the 2016 election and that they still maintain illicit influence, and possibly direct control, over President Trump and his lieutenants. And keep in mind that the Russians' main contribution to the 2016 election was to release damaging emails (never disavowed by the Democrats) that proved that the DNC was “in the tank” for Hillary Clinton, and plotting against the campaign of Bernie Sanders, from the start.

But hey, democracy is alive and well! No, really.

Consider that one of the darlings of the Democratic Party is Stacey Abrams, their candidate for Governor of Georgia in 2018. She narrowly lost, but rather than concede the race, she continues to allege that Republicans stole the governorship by means of illegal “voter suppression”. She could have contested the results, of course, but knew her legal case was weak, so decided to carp and moan instead.

And this shameless tactic of refusing to concede even when you are beaten lives on in Hillary Clinton. To her credit, Clinton did accept the inevitable in 2016, but in 2020 she is urging Joe Biden never to concede “under any circumstances”. Not even, presumably, if more people vote for Donald Trump! Minor detail, right?

Consider that the Democrats, despite their supposedly limitless confidence in the American voter and our electoral system, have retained phalanxes of lawyers, ready to do battle in any of the states where the results can be contested in their favor.

Consider that the Democrats have been trashing the Electoral College, the means by which we choose our presidents and vice-presidents, for years, on the grounds that it is anti-democratic, racist, and an artifact of the era of slavery. Translation: the Democrats would prefer to rely on the national popular vote, rather than the Electoral College, because they believe they have a greater chance of winning the former.

Consider, moreover, that Democratic doubts about the validity of U.S. elections are not a recent phenomenon. The majority of Democrats believed, in 2016, that Donald Trump won the presidential election because Russian agents tampered with the results. And, as far back as 2004, Democrats alleged that George W. Bush's victory over John Kerry was illegitimate, because, among other supposed irregularities, the voting machines in use in the crucial state of Ohio were manufactured by a company with ties to Republicans. Obviously, therefore, the machines were to blame for Bush's reelection, not the good people of Ohio.

Consider, lastly, that only weeks ago Democrats were claiming that the post office was plotting against American democracy, and a failure to pump tens of billions of dollars into the postal system constituted a Republican conspiracy to impede mail-in voting.

Add all this together, and how credible are the Democrats' claims to be ardent believers in the reliability and integrity of our voting system? How seriously should we take their saccharine love letters to American democracy? Not very!

The truth is that the Democrats and their left-wing allies in the media have been undermining confidence in U.S. elections for decades. They do so when it suits them, which is often, and they playact the role of saintly champions of election integrity when that species of mendacity suits them better.

Democrats, in short, are consistent in only one regard: they respect elections that they win, and they despise and disparage elections that they don't. We can expect the same in 2020.

If Donald Trump wins in 2020 via a contested election, therefore, and many of the ballots for Joe Biden are ultimately disqualified, we can thank the Democrats themselves for helping to demonstrate, over many years, the flawed nature of our election system. In truth, we couldn't have done it without them!

For, when you cry wolf time and time again, it's possible — just possible — that people might begin to believe that wolves exist.

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears weekly on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.


And here it is at WND: 

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Lies, Damned Lies...and Statistics


Friends, articles like this one give us an interesting perspective on the 2020 election.  It's a piece from the New York Times, so it's a given that it's full of crap, but mixed in with the crap is some genuine insight.  You'll see a lot of articles like this one in the next few weeks, moreover.  The upshot is that Democrats have an early lead.  Something like 8 million Americans have already cast ballots in the presidential election, and it's highly likely that most of them have voted for Biden, not Trump.'s curtains for Trump, right?  Not so fast!  For one thing, this is a very odd election: for the first time ever, massive numbers of Democrats are determined to vote by mail (and ASAP), following the advice they've received from their own party and from pandemic-obsessed journalists.  Republicans, by contrast, are wary of mail-in voting, even absentee voting (at which they usually excel), because of President Trump's warnings about the unreliability and outright fraud in our mail-in system.  Democratic conspiracy theories about postmen run amok probably don't help either.  So what that all means is that more Democrats than ever will vote early and by mail this year.  The die-hard Trump haters will, needless to say, be highly motivated to cast their ballots the second they are able.  Fewer Democrats than ever, however, will show up in person, especially on election day.  Note that this article says that areas thick with white liberals, like Madison, Wisconsin, are showing stratospheric levels of early voting.  No surprise there.  Heavily black counties in North Carolina, by contrast, are showing anemic levels of early voting.  Plus, a lot of Republicans are still voting early and by mail, keeping the GOP competitive in these categories, even as the GOP, with a finely-tuned turnout machine already humming, seems poised to win in-person voting and election-day voting by a landslide.  What does it all mean?  Not a hell of a lot, except that we don't know for sure who's going to win the election...and the Dems who say they've read the tea leaves, and Biden is a shoo-in, are full of it.


Meanwhile, there are other sets of tea leaves to read.  Sean Trende at RealClearPolitics has been studying them assiduously, and here's his take.  He's forecasting a close race. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Resolute and Refined


Friends, there's never been a Vice-Presidential debate that had a significant impact on the outcome of a U.S. Presidential election, and probably what we saw tonight will maintain that trend, but I nonetheless congratulate V.P. Mike Pence on a stellar performance.  Pence reminded us of why President Trump chose him as his running mate back in 2016: he's steady, he's articulate, he's unflappable, he's loyal, he's patriotic, he's devout, he's honest and straightforward, and he's knowledgeable and experienced.  He's everything one could possibly want in a Vice President and in a standard-bearer for the Republican Party.  I think he successfully made the case that a Biden presidency would mean higher taxes, more job-killing regulations, no meaningful policy changes in our response to COVID-19, the betrayal of law enforcement, and a radical, anti-capitalist approach to environmental protection.  What I hope will be the big takeaway from the debate, however, is that Kamala Harris continued the Biden campaign's refusal to respond to questions about court-packing.  Court-packing, if it happens in 2021, would literally demolish the separation of powers on which our democracy is based.  It is the epitome of extremism and authoritarianism.  Plus -- think about it! -- packing the Court only makes sense if you are reasonably confident that your party will never again lose control of the White House and the Congress.  For, if you did, the other party would simply pack the Court in response.  For my money, therefore, court-packing is on the Democratic Party's agenda for 2021 -- Democrats just refuse to admit it.  Moreover, the Dems see a compliant Supreme Court as their ticket to permanent domination and, in fact, to a one-party state.  In that assumption they may well be correct.  That ought, then, to be the headline for tonight, and for weeks to come!  Our constitutional system is in peril, and the Democrats have thrown down the gauntlet.  If we elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in November, American democracy will never be the same again.  Please bear that in mind.

Risen From Ruins


Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show with me and Brian O'Neil covers much ground, as per usual.  We begin by breaking down the first presidential debate, and where we stand at this point in the race.  Can the pro-Biden polls be trusted?  Anyone who remembers 2016 might say, "Uh, no!"  In addition, Brian and I talk about the sheer brutality of the fighting in the Pacific theater in WWII; the second Kennedy-Nixon debate, focused on foreign policy, and the complete absence of foreign policy as an issue in the first Trump-Biden debate; the soundness (or lack thereof) of our decision to invade Afghanistan in 2001, and how electing Biden increases the danger of "regime change wars"; the foundation of East Germany in 1949 and the purposes it served in the Eastern Bloc; the fall of the Berlin Wall; the persistence of Marxism in the ideology of the Left; Palestinian terrorism in the 1980s; and abortive attempts to deport John Lennon in the 1970s.  You might say we cast a wide net?  Yeah, I think so!



And please read this outstanding analysis of the stakes in the 2020 election.  It's extraordinary that the questions that arise here aren't being asked of either major candidate.


Lastly, check out this article, suggested by that indefatigable voice for truth, the one and only Ray.  Professor Grudem makes a great deal of sense, does he not? 

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

It's On! The 2020 Electoral Roadshow Comes to Salt Lake City


Friends, your hero and mine, Vice President Mike Pence, is about to go toe to toe AND head to head with Senator Kamala Harris of Hollyweird, Mexifornia.  It's going to be an interesting match-up, to say the least!  One doubts that it will turn into a rhetorical food fight, like the first presidential debate, but both VP candidates will no doubt be spinning like crazy.  Expect phrases like "law and order" and "socialism" and "worst President ever" to come up repeatedly.  There are so many attack lines that Pence could deploy, in fact, that I'm flummoxed when asked which ones he should prefer...  At this stage, though, my gut tells me that painting the Democratic ticket, and especially President-in-waiting Kamala, as left-wing wackos is probably the way to go.  There's plenty of material there!  Best of luck, Mike!

Speaking of the Vice Presidential debate, check out this Sputnik News Agency article that quotes yours truly.  See if you agree with my point of view.

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Big Tech=Big Trouble


Friends, my latest article examines the threat to our democracy -- nay, our civilization! -- posed by Big Tech, and social media, in particular.  I also explore a potential fix to the market domination of many of the social media conglomerates: antitrust consent decrees.  It's increasingly obvious that something needs to be done about social media.  The question is...what?

Friday, October 2, 2020

A Speedy Recovery


Friends, all of us here at the WaddyIsRight family -- so, mainly me -- wish President Trump and the First Lady a speedy recovery from the coronavirus.  All the breathless "reporting" about the President's looming incapacitation aside, we all know that The Donald is highly likely to fight off this virus in record time.  In the meanwhile, his enemies might actually find a few nice things to say about him, or to him!  That will make a refreshing change.

Politically, I don't see how this can be anything but a positive for the Trump campaign.  I hope the President will address the nation soon and demonstrate what we all know him for best: strength and resolve!

God Bless you, Mr. President.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

The Expectations Game


Friends, assume with me for just one moment two things: the presidential election will be close, and it will be contested.  Seem likely?  I'd say so.  In that case, there's a key ingredient that could determine the winner: expectations.  Why?  If President Trump is ahead on election night, many Americans will assume he's won...even if, in the days and weeks that follow, Joe Biden pulls ahead in the vote count (fairly or unfairly).  That's important!  What's more, if the American people expect Trump to win, and then he appears to have won, it will be very difficult to persuade them otherwise.  The Dems are counting on winning this election by dribs and drabs, but, by the time they can muster a "lead", it may be too late.

To that end, check out this poll.  Yes, it's nice that President Trump's approval rating is up.  It may be even more significant that a clear majority of Americans expect him to win the election.


Could it be time to move to the Magnolia State?  You be the judge... 

Finally, California is taking a big step towards slavery reparations.  Incredible!  If you ask me, Republicans should be making a big deal about reparations in this election cycle.  They ought to be running ads about them.  It is just plain bonkers to suggest reparations for something that happened in the 19th century!  Let's point this out, shall we?