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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The China Syndrome

Greetings!  As many of you know, I am concerned, like so many Americans, about the rise of China, and I wholeheartedly support President Trump's agenda of recasting our relationship with China to protect U.S. interests and American jobs.  We should anticipate, however, that many big corporations will be more concerned with their bottom lines than they are with U.S. national interests.  Qualcomm is a case in point.  It is increasingly becoming a Chinese company rather than an American one.  The stakes are high, because Qualcomm, and companies like it, possess technology secrets that underpin American strategic and economic dominance.  We cannot afford to see these advantages compromised.  Luckily, President Trump is showing a lot more vigilance in the protection of our national interests than any President in recent memory.  That's no reason for complacency, though.  Read my article, and you'll have a better understanding of the dangers that we face:


  1. Dr. Waddy: I think you've pointed to one of the advantages of having a canny successful businessman in the White House. We defeated the Soviets despite massive espionage on their part but they cannot hold a candle to East Asian entreprenurial experience and skills. The half joke that WWIII will be fought between 15 year old hackers may have much credibility. I've seen three miracles in my lifetime: the exploration of space, the fall of the Soviet Union and the rise of India and China from destitution and hopelessness. I'm so glad for their people but we will have to be ready to play hardball with them. Luckily, Trump understands that and is an old hand at it.

  2. I agree, Jack -- Trump is well positioned to engage in hard-nosed negotiation, although unfortunately diplomats will do most of the heavy lifting, and they're presumably the same discredited crew from before. Trump will need to be vigilant. It worries me too that so many of the strengths of our economy are based on knowledge...and never has knowledge been easier to steal/buy.